Lie Detector: Physical Signs that he is Lying

We all know that most of us choose to lie from time to time. It can be in the form of white lies or serious lies. As humans, we like to avoid being lied by someone we love. Honesty is what we want from them. As much as possible, we are trying to figure out if our instincts are accurate when it comes to judging their credibility. Good thing, there are physical signs that he is lying, a list of signs for you to know if he is telling the truth or not. 

They tend to cover their mouth 

How to tell if a man is lying? According to a study, they are lying when they cover either their eyes or their mouth when letting out their untruth words. This is their way to cover up their dishonesties. Whether they are covering their mouths with their whole palm or with their fingers, still the meaning doesn’t change. 

They touch their nose 

Looking for signs of deception and lying? Well, this one is another addition to the physical signs that he lies. You can notice that after covering their mouths, they quickly touch their nose. You can easily differentiate the normal touching of the nose due to itchiness because it can be a little scratching or scrubbing unlike from the nose touch, which is a sign of lying.           

Repeat what they are saying 

A pathological liar is one of those people who are expert in concocting stories. You can notice that most of them are repeating the words that they say. Stammering is also a way of showing signs he’s lying. You have to differentiate their normal way of talking to their speech when they are lying. But you must also keep in mind that some people have a disability in speaking like stammering too much, this is not an indication of lying. Be knowledgeable enough whom to judge of dishonesty.

They make the eye rub gesture 

Eye rubbing is the easiest way to tell if someone is lying. It is one of many physical signs that he lie. You can notice that men do this forcefully, while women are gently doing this in a short period of time. 

Blinking is not their thing 

Someone who keeps lying is the person who doesn’t blink and stare at you while you two are talking. Since they are knowledgeable about the meaning of eye contact, they tend to pretend to look at your eyes to show their sincerity while talking. Keep in mind that this is one of the physical signs that he lie. They wanted to cover up their nervousness through intense eye contact. But also watch out for rapid blinking! 

They pause a lot while talking 

“I know he’s lying to me if he pauses a lot when we are talking”. This is true! Another addition to the physical signs that he is lying is pausing a lot before answering your question. This is more noticeable when the answer should be yes or no or just a simple answer. This is an indication that they are trying to support their lies by keeping track of what they have said before. 

 Improvising or making excessive details 

How to detect a guy is lying? You can notice this when he is improvising excessive information to convince you with his story. He tends to exaggerate the story with his additional details that someone who is telling the true story wouldn’t think of adding. 

Too much-provided information 

If you are thinking of ways on how to spot a compulsive liar, then you must watch out if he provides too much information although it is not needed. When you ask him a specific question, and he goes on with too many answers even when it is not requested, then there is a bigger chance of lying. Liars believe that the more they talk, or the more they provide information, the higher the likelihood that people will feel them. 

Looking at their watch 

One of the signs of a deceitful friend is looking at their watch or towards the door to leave your untruthful conversation. Keep in mind that when we are uncomfortable telling something, we look at the door signaling that we want to go out and leave the conversation. The same goes when a liar want to end your communication. You can also notice that he tends to look at their watch, which means they don’t want to spend more time talking about the topic. 

How to deal with them? 

When you feel like someone is lying to you, confronting them in a gentle and proper way is a great technique to deal with them. But it is also essential to take note that you don’t have any power to change the body language of a liar man, but you can help him by telling the truth. How to make someone tell the truth? Help him by dealing with them, assessing their problem and tell them the truth about their personality. 

Here are the proper ways on how to deal with them: 

  • You need to know when he is lying. Get to know more of his personality by knowing how he acts normal and their actions or facial expressions when lying. 
  • Research if they have a painful past that makes them embarrassed. Some people are uncomfortable telling the truth because of their embarrassing experience, that’s why they tend to create another story and makeup lies about him. 
  • You have to know if their lies are harmful. You have to figure out how the lies can affect the liar, and other people involved. 
  • Talk to him privately. It is always better to keep everything in private. Confronting him is not about changing his attitude, but it is more about helping him to know that you are already aware that he is lying. Discuss everything in private to avoid embarrassment on his side. Also, avoid saying that he’s a liar and a cheat.  
  • Recommend some treatments if necessary. You can tell him that excessive lying is something that needs to be treated. You can encourage him to ask for help before everything gets worse. 

People have different reasons why they lie. It is sometimes out of insecurity and fear. It tends to be someone’s defense mechanism. You have to deal with them by knowing the physical signs that he is lying. It hurts to know someone is lying to you. Its effects are leaving a foul taste in our mouth. Lying is a violation of trust. Everything between the two of you can be devalued, and worst, it can damage your relationship. Because at the end of the day, it is still the honesty which makes people a good man.

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