Love Advice Dating a Broken Man

Love Advice Dating a Broken Man

Dating is one of the most exciting things in a relationship. It’s the part where you get to know a person and discover a lot of amazing stories about him or her. We date people because we like them and we want to be with them. It might be one of the most expensive things entering the relationship because you have to go all out and impress your future partner. It is considered as one of the happiest moments in relationships because both of you are always excited to see each other and go to places you’ve never been to. 

As we go through our lives, sometimes things happen in an unexpected matter. We all encountered a woman who has been broken and men eventually dated ladies who have been damaged. But what are the odds if suddenly you date a broken man? Dating a broken man might be new to other people. We usually see guys as brave, courageous and have a strong personality. But dating a broken man can change the game. Have you ever ask yourself sometimes why do men pull away after falling in love? Reasons can vary from the time they got hurt up until this. Consider these possible signs of why a man has been broken. 

Why a Man Gets Broken

Perhaps there are reasons why he became broken in the first place. At this moment, you need to fully understand what he may have gone through the previous days or months. The following reasons might be a sign of why he has been broken for some reasons:

  1. Someone ghosted him – Ghosting is a millennial term for those people who suddenly left their dating partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever relationship you may have with the one. It is usually the scary part. Most of you might encounter this haunting scenario. A person can be traumatized when this happens. to them. Traumatized in the sense of being scared to fall in love again and to try jumping into a relationship.
  2. A trust has been lost – Trust is an integral part of a relationship and also when the two of you are still dating. Why do you think it is one of the most important? Simply because trust is one of the pillars of love. You love because you trust that person. No matter what happens in life, you tend to expect them to be there for you no matter what happens. You expect them to present in any kind of event that might sooner or later in your life. Trust that builds a relationship not only for both of you but also for a connection outside your circle. Like your friends and family. When trust is damaged, it is not only the value that loses itself. It’s also a connection with these people. Rebuilding trust in a relationship is hard, but there are still ways to get on track. 
  3. He struggled during the past – He may encounter someone in his past that greatly affects his current situation. It may also be a struggle he encountered with his family. Generally speaking, being broken doesn’t only define that it is all about love. Sometimes, broken people go through some phases in life because they may have lost a loved one or fought for a battle and eventually loss. We’ll never know how strong that struggle may have impacted his life but for sure it is something unforgettable.

Tips for Dating a Broken Man

There is a probable chance that you could date a broken man. Dating a broken man has never been so easy. Men got hurt too and that is through the most possible reasons that a girl can do to a boy. But would dating a broken man be that hard or tough for girls? We’ve got a list and guideline for you in tips for dating a broken man.

  1. Know where he’s coming from – Don’t just simply jump into conclusions just like you knew him before. Remember that you are still in the getting-to-know each other stage and still discovering a lot of things together. If you know that he has been broken from his previous relationship, it is important to know where he is coming from and what kind of trials did he encounter. This will let him feel that you are ready to comfort him and be there for him no matter what happens in life.
  2. Understand him at all costs – He may act like he doesn’t care from his previous breakup, but being broken is not easy. We need to understand such kind of person at their toughest times. Cheering them up will help them feel better and okay. This will also ease their pain gradually and can help them recover to the things they’ve been through. Understanding them through communicating and telling stories to them might boost their confidence back and help them climb to the top spot and self. Most likely, things are miserable when they have given everything out and they have nothing left. This is the best time to understand them and help them get themselves together. 
  3. Let him heal – Through the process, let him heal. This is one way of healing him that you are also willing to wait for him and you are willing to be there for them no matter what happens. Healing will never be an easy step to move forward and it will have to take him many days and a couple of months to get over everything and stand up again. Don’t rush him to into falling in love because he might still be emotionally unavailable. But for sure when everything’s alright, it will be worth it that you ever think of. 

How to Overcome from Dating a Broken Man

Look into the bright side – You will always have to look on the brighter side no matter how negative or positive the situation will be. At this point, you have to be strong for a person who needs you. You may encounter some challenges and trials that may cause you to give up, but if you truly love someone you’ll find ways and help things to get better. All this kind of struggle shall pass sooner or later. 

Enjoy the good things in with him – Sometimes the only way that we could escape through the challenges and trials that we encounter in life is through enjoying it and living life to the fullest. It’s not easy to bring that emotion and boost it up most especially if things are still fresh. 

Go out and spend some time together – A fresh air will be nice to relax and drive away your emotions for the meantime. Let both of you enjoy each other’s company and go out somewhere. It’s not only him who’s going to be happy but for sure you will also enjoy the moment. 

Summing up

Dating a broken man may not even be hard at all. Each one of us encountered different stories and struggles in our lives. We have become broken because someone rejected us from the past or we didn’t have a successful relationship back then. Signs that he is afraid of getting hurt again can be easily drawn to his gestures and through his words. But then again,  it all boils down on how you’re going to communicate and overcome dating a broken man. In some ways, maybe you will be one of the reasons why they have moved on in their life. 

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