Love and Romance: What Makes Love and Romance Different?

Love and Romance: What Makes Love and Romance Different?

Love and Romance

What is love? What is romance? The definitions of love and romance are most of the time interchanged because they are closely related to each other. However, love and romance are not similar. Let us find out why.


Love is usually an intense feeling of attraction or attachment to another person. Some people also define love as the feeling of security, companionship, devotion,  loyalty, faith or commitment. Moreover, love can also be characterized as a powerful attraction, personal commitment, and sacrifice. Love is not about romance because love is not only about humans but it is also extended two other things like animals, things, emotions, and thoughts. 


What is romance to you? On the other hand, romance can be defined as the actions in a relationship. Romance is done and seen as an expression of someone’s affection towards another person. It is also a tool to deepen the bond between two persons. Furthermore, romance also develops romantic love in a couple and keeps the connection between them. With romance, the love of a couple can be improved. 

A Subtle Difference between Love and Romance

A Subtle Difference between Love and Romance

Most of the time, people were mistaken about the definition of love and romance. Love and romance can actually refer to the feelings that are felt but they differ from each other. However, it is a must that we understand that both love and romance are personal and we have to experience it for us to understand the deep meaning of these two. 

What is love? Love can just happen and it can’t actually be forced or asked for. Thus, love is a feeling that lasts for a lifetime. One can feel unconditional love towards another person, a pet, a form of art like music, dancing, reading, writing or any other things. Love is also a commitment. It is not a thing that we can feel towards every person we met because it happens only once. Love is often associated with sacrifice and it is made for our loved ones to make them happy. 

What is romance? On the other hand, romance can be fading. Romance can transform to love or it can also end when a person feels that he/she is not reciprocated. It is more of an expressive form that helps individuals express what they feel. Romance can help couples form true love but relationships that are only based on romance and physical attraction may not last long. 

Love and Romance Differences

Love and Romance Differences

Romance and love can be combined. Romance can be the initiator of a relationship where love can be built as time goes by. However, we should also be aware of the differences between love and romance. Here are the five differences between love and romance

Love is unconditional and Romance is a feeling

“You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’

Whoa, that lovin’ feelin’

You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’

Now it’s gone…gone…gone…Woah” – The Righteous Brothers

Based on the quote, one of the differences between love and romance is that romance and feelings can go but love stays unconditionally. Also, research suggests that we lose the “lovin’ feeling” or our passionate feelings at around eighteen months to three years. However, love can last for a lifetime. 

Love is the content while romance is the act

Romance is important to love even if it’s based on feelings. Romance is the one that keeps love from becoming satisfied. One of the examples of romance that keeps love alive is when couples celebrate every month together or celebrate Valentine’s Day. Also, romance is when you give gifts to your partner, write them letters or poems and go on dates with them. It is an act, a way to express your love for a person. 

Love serves while romance can be selfish

Robert Johnson, a Jungian analyst wrote once, “The passion of romance is always directed at our own projections, our own expectations, our own fantasies. It is a love not of another person but of ourselves.” Romance obliges to the needs and expectations of a person. Girls are attracted to a guy that meets their expectations. What does romance mean to a man? A guy goes overboard when a girl has made their wildest dreams come true. 

On the other hand, marrying your best friend can be called love. Love is a constant companion even when your expectations are not met. If you love a person, you care for him/her every time and not only when they are sick, heartbroken or angry. 

Love lasts for a lifetime but romance does not

Romantic love is often viewed as the moments and situations in a relationship towards an individual who contributes to maintaining a significant connection within his/her partner. Romance may look like the peak of an intimate relationship while love is the constant one. In romance, the thrilling and exciting moments are there but it can only last for a moment but in love, the feeling lasts for a lifetime. 

Moreover, romance is the part of love that offers excitement and intense feelings while looking for a perfect partner. However, attachment requires deep communication, long-lasting sharing, and rapport. 

Love is practical while romance is carefree

This is one of the most obvious differences in love and romance. Romance can happen for a box office story but it’s often responsible for divorce among married couples as well. When the chemistry, attachment or attraction dries up, people often decide to go on separate ways. On the other hand, true love is commitment and discipline that makes the relationship among couples survive. 

The Bottomline

Love can continue without romance but always remember that romance is a part of love. Love is a strong feeling that makes you attached to your loved one. It is a strong and deep feeling that can’t be expressed without romance.  Romance is one of the ways to express your feelings and make your partner realize how much you care, admire, and love him/her. Also, romance can’t last for a life-time without love. Your romance towards your partner can decrease when you finally have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of love. To have a good and long-lasting relationship, love and romance must exist. 

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