Love Dictionary a List of Romantic Words with Meaning

Love Dictionary a List of Romantic Words with Meaning

Saying romantic words to your loved one will never go out of style. Make your partner feel good by using romantic words for him or her.

Running out of words to describe feelings of love or to describe your special someone? Check out our list of romantic words with meanings. You can use these words when you write love letters, or when you simply want to use romantic phrases or sweet words of love to your partner.

Words to describe your partner:

  • adventurous – a person who is willing to take chances and not afraid to try new things. When you are in love, don’t be afraid to be adventurous to make your relationship much more interesting.
  • affectionate – if your partner is affectionate, he or she is someone who shows tenderness toward you.
  • alluring – someone who is highly attractive. You can use this word to compliment your girlfriend and wife. They will appreciate it.
  • amazing – means causing astonishment or great wonder or surprise. An amazing partner will never cease to surprise you. To feel amazed is one of the most wonderful feelings that you can have in a relationship.
  • beautiful – aside from having a pleasing appearance, someone beautiful may also have a kind soul. Being beautiful can be seen not only from the outside. It’s nice to fall in love with someone who has a beautiful face and body, but it’s more wonderful to be with someone who has a beautiful soul.
  • breathtaking – extremely beautiful or exciting, so as to take your breath away. If you want to know how to meet a girl’s heart with words, you can use this to describe her.
  • captivating – able to attract and hold the attention or interest of a person.
  • caring – someone caring shows concern or kindness to his or her partner.
  • extraordinary – exceptional.
  • eye candy –something or someone that is pleasing to the eyes or is attractive. These are some words to make him smile.
  • gorgeous – very beautiful. Call your girl “gorgeous” and you’ll be rewarded with a great smile…and perhaps something more.
  • handsome – attractive or good-looking. Guys also love compliments, so telling him that he’s handsome can make him feel good about himself.
  • honest – truthful; sincere.
  • intoxicating – exciting, thrilling.
  • irreplaceable – cannot be replaced. This is one of the unique romantic words that can be used to describe your special someone. It tells your partner that he or she is so important that no one can replace them.
  • kind – generous and thinking about other people’s feelings.
  • loving – someone who shows a lot of love and affection.
  • loyal – someone who remains firm and faithful.
  • lucky – when someone is lucky, good things happen to them.
  • mesmerizing – If something is mesmerizing, it means it is so attractive that you don’t want to look at other things.
  • one-of-a-kind – someone who is not like any other person; someone unique. This is one of the romantic words to describe him or her that will make them feel extra special.
  • passionate – means having very strong feelings. This is a very romantic word associated with love and romance.
  • radiant – very happy; shining brightly.
  • selfless – someone who thinks less about himself or herself and more about others. This is one word to describe someone special.
  • supportive – someone supportive likes giving help or encouragement.
  • trustworthy – reliable and honest.
  • understanding – sympathetic and considerate. When you and your partner are understanding, it can help make the relationship work because you can accept and settle your differences.
  • wonderful – extremely good; great; marvelous.

Words to call your loved one:

Here’s another list of romantic words that you can use to call your special someone:

  • beloved – means greatly loved. People use “beloved” to refer to their special someone.
  • darling – an affectionate a term which means dearly loved.
  • dear –  another affectionate term which means loved or liked very much.
  • sweetheart – someone you love like a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife; a term of endearment.
  • soulmate – someone special who you have a strong connection with. Couples love using this term to emphasize that their partner is the one who completes them and the only one who is meant for them.

Other romantic words:

Finally, here’s another love words list that you can use to describe your relationship or other things related to it:

  • blessed – means to be lucky. When you feel “blessed” because of your partner, it means you feel like you’ve been given a wonderful gift.
  • committed – to be committed is to be loyal. It means you are willing to dedicate your time to your partner and your relationship.
  • crazy – while “crazy” may have another meaning, in love it means extremely or passionately, like when you say “I’m crazy in love with you”.
  • dream – something cherished like aspiration or ambition. So when you tell your partner that he or she is a dream come true, it means you’ve been hoping or praying to meet and be with someone like them.
  • everlasting – means lasting for a very long time.
  • exciting – very happy or enthusiastic; exhilarating; heart-stopping.
  • fantasy –  a pleasant situation that you enjoy thinking about. When you tell him he’s your fantasy, you are already saying something seductive to turn him on.
  • forever – for all time, eternally. One of the most popular words that you’ll see in love quotes, this is what you want to happen to your relationship. You’d want it to last forever.
  • genuine – something real and true; someone sincere
  • happy –  glad; pleased; contented. Making your partner happy should be your priority when you are in a relationship.
  • kissable – a characteristic of a person that makes other people want to kiss them. We usually use this word with “lips”.
  • magical – something that has a mysterious quality that makes it beautiful or wonderful. When your relationship is magical, it makes your world beautiful even though it may be imperfect.
  • special – not ordinary; better or greater than usual. This is one strong romantic word that you can use to describe your partner or your relationship.
  • treasure –  something very valuable and precious. We can tell our partner that they are our biggest treasure to let them know that they are precious and that you will take good care of them.

Hopefully, you enjoy our list of romantic words with meanings. Don’t hesitate to use these words to make your loved one feel more special.

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