Magical Moment: Romantic Proposals with Family

Are you looking for surprise proposal ideas with family? Well, you are in the right place. These romantic proposals with family can surely catch the heart of your other half. We know how hard it is to create memorable proposal ideas, that’s why we came up with the idea of creating a list of a family involved proposal to make your partner say yes

Proposal for your family vacation 

One of the best romantic proposals with family is to do your proposal during your family vacation. This is one of the simple proposal ideas that you should add to your list. This is also considered as a great opportunity to continue the celebration for a week. All you need to do is to give your family a heads up and ask them for some details. You can propose on the beach while the other family members are watching from the beach house. 

Make your proposal over the holidays 

Another addition to the romantic proposals with family is making your proposal over the holidays. This is considered as the best way to propose to your significant other since everyone in the family is off for work. Isn’t it romantic to propose in front of her beloved family? Aside from this, holidays mean celebration so foods and happy moments are surely overflowing. 

Making your proposal while you are on a hike 

If you are looking for adventurous proposal ideas, then proposing on a hike can be a great option for you. While you are at the end of the trail with her and other family members, bend one of your knees and get your engagement ring. You will surely make her cry and win her heart. The breathtaking view and the presence of your family can make your proposal more romantic. 

Drone proposal 

One of the best romantic proposals with the family that you should consider is the drone proposal. You can do this proposal while you are on bonding with your girlfriend and family in a park or garden. You can use a drone with the ring attached to it. You will need your acting skills in this proposal since you will need to act as if you are curious about what is attached to the drone. Bend your one knee and ask your other half the life-changing question. This is indeed one of the best proposal ideas for men. 

Sweet Serenade 

Are you in love with music? If yes, then a sweet serenade can be an excellent choice for you. You can ask for help from family and friends. You can sing a song which is specially made for her while the other family members are playing the drums and guitars. You can do this romantic proposal in her favorite coffee shop or in the place where you first met. 

Hot air balloon proposal 

Are you looking for engagement proposal ideas with friends and family? A hot air balloon proposal can do the magic. This is one of the most romantic proposals that you can add to your list. This is a classic and timeless move that you can share with your true love. 

Public proposal 

If you want to include both of your family and your girlfriend’s family in your proposal, then a public proposal can be an excellent decision for you. When you are doing this kind of proposal, you need to hide your family nearby. As soon as you ask the life-changing question, make sure that they will emerge with the banner, flowers, and balloons. You can choose your favorite park, garden or beach to ensure that your family can hide very well since you are already familiar with the place. 

Getting married and proposing to the love of your life is an interesting, magical and romantic feeling. Imagine, after all the hardships that your relationship has faced, you are finally entering another stage of your life. This list of romantic proposals with family can help you catch the heart of your significant other and will make her say yes. Your marriage proposal will surely become the most memorable and romantic story of your life. 

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