Make Her Say Yes with your Proposal

Marriage is the most important part of a couple’s relationship. Being in a relationship for several years, a man’s proposal should always be the most memorable for a woman. If you want to make her say yes, you must think of the most romantic ways to ask for marriage. There are simple ways to propose but there are also genius proposal ideas that men can use to make his partner say yes. Of course, memorable proposal ideas come with a marriage proposal speech.

When you think of romantic ways to ask for marriage and search along with different websites, you can find several ideas. There are several ways like private proposal ideas, outdoor proposal ideas, ways to propose at a restaurant, and proposal ideas at home. If you have a huge budget you can also consider the unique beach proposal ideas or adventurous proposal ideas. However, if you want to keep it simple, there are also low-key proposal ideas for you. In this article, several ways are gathered and listed to give you different ideas on how to ask her for marriage if you haven’t thought of something.

Nostalgic proposal

Women often remember firsts. Having a nostalgic proposal is one of the most memorable and most romantic ways to ask for marriage. Take your partner to the exact place where you two had your first date. When you arrived at the place you had your first date, you can start your speech by saying: “We had experienced a lot on our journey together… Now I think I am ready to take the next step in our relationship with you… Will you marry me?”

Holiday proposal

Holidays are also one of the most romantic times to ask for marriage. You can hang the box like an ornament on a Christmas tree or put the box like a gift below it. When the last present has been opened, you can say that there is still another present then get the box or ask her to find it. After finding the box, you can start your speech and propose it.

Surprise message proposal

You can spell out the question in someplace you partner isn’t expecting to see it. You can use letter refrigerator magnets, writing using lipstick at the mirror, using glow-in-the-dark letters at the ceiling or magazine cut-outs taped on the wall.

Proposal using trail of flowers

You can create a path using flower petals going to the place where your partner will see the engagement ring. For example, you can scatter petals from the front door to your bedroom and you can use more petals to spell out your question. If you don’t want to use petals, you can also you candles to form the path.

Sweet notes proposal

You can place sweet notes in different parts of the house where your partner is not expecting to see it. You can write something about your memories together or compliments for her. You can also write short messages leading her to where you are and when she reached the place, you can kneel down and propose to her.

Favorite place proposal

You can also choose her favorite place; her favorite place can be a fountain, a park, a rooftop, her former school or a place significant to both of you. When you arrived at the place, you may ask someone to take a picture of you together but instead of posing with your partner, you can face her and kneel then start your speech.

Band or choir proposal

You can hire a band or choir then take her to a park or public location. The choir or band will suddenly show up for the performance once you arrive at the place and you can kneel to propose. You can also ask the performers to add your partner’s name on the song to make it more personal.

Underwater proposal

You can take her to an ocean park and ask divers at an aquarium to put on the show. You can give them a sign that forms the question “Will you marry me?” to show to your partner. You can also ask her to join you on scuba-diving and while you are underwater, you can get the ring in your pocket and ask her.

Scavenger hunt proposal

If you want a unique or funny wedding proposal, scavenger hunt proposal ideas are perfect for you. You can also send your partner to a treasure hunt which ends with when she found the ring box. After finding the ring box, you can kneel in front of her and start your marriage proposal speech.

Children proposal

Having kids can happen before marriage and if you think it’s the perfect time to ask your partner to marry you, you can do proposing to a woman with kids. You can seek the help of your kids to hold letters that form the question “Will you marry me?” or you can just kneel in front of her and your kids then ask her.

Photo proposal

You can print photos of you together and hang it on balloons or you can tape it on your walls for your partner to see it. After your partner had seen the photos, you can start your proposal speech.

Jigsaw proposal

You can have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your picture together along with the words “Will you marry me?”. During rainy days, this kind of proposal is perfect and sweet. You can ask her to solve the puzzle and when she is almost done with the puzzle, it’s time for the marriage proposal.

Song or message on her playlist proposal

You can add a custom song that you composed on her playlist asking her to marry you. You can also record yourself singing or saying a message for her with the question at the end, “Will you marry me?”

Video presentation proposal

You can create a video presentation for her with all of your photos and memories together. You can prepare a projector in a dark room and ask her to go inside and when she entered the room, play the video. Before the video ends, get down on one knee and ask her.

Simple proposal ideas are always available if you want to keep it low-key but memorable. However, you can always put your personal touch on it. Lastly, always keep in mind that asking your partner nicely and respectfully to marry you is the most important thing to do.

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