Missing your Ex Here’s What You Should Do!

Missing your Ex Here’s What You Should Do!

We all know that breaking up with someone we love is something that we don’t want to happen. It is something that we can least expect because we don’t want those butterflies in our stomach to finally end. We want the fire to continue burning and never stop. We want to fall in love with the same person over and over again and grow old with them until the last minute of our breath. All of these can be felt at the beginning of your relationship where both of you are still very in love and committed to each other. But as time passes by, you may wonder why the hell are you getting cold treatment from someone who tells you they love you?

You may ask yourself why he/she doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore and not making enough effort to make you feel special. Something is really wrong if you want to have a little chit chat with him or her on the phone but it takes hours for them to pick it up. The reason why? You are not important to them anymore. You are not their priority. They get bored when they talk to you. And if this happens, they will start to disappear in your life without any valid reason. Well, as much as you like them to stay, there will really come a time that both of you will realize that you are no good for each other. The laughter you’ve shared and the memories you had will no longer be appreciated and this is going to be the saddest thing you’ll ever encounter in your whole life.

 Months have passed after the breakup, you’re starting to feel better. You’re not thinking about him/her anymore. You’re busy making your own agenda such as spending time with your family and friends and improving yourself by going to the gym. This time, you can finally say that you finally moved on from the heartache you never want to experience again. You already accepted that you and your ex were not really meant for each other.  But what if one day you see your ex walking down the street with another girl and you realized that after all these days, you still haven’t moved on yet from your past relationship with him/her? Is it okay to miss your ex? What will you do when you feel like talking to them again? Here are 7 tips for you.

1. Take a certain distance

When you know that your ex has finally moved on from you and started seeing another girl, you must understand that chasing him or communicating with him again is the most awful thing you could ever do. Keep distance from your ex and give importance to their privacy. That means you have to step back and do your best to make it mature and give it some space. They want their freedom to be respected as much as you want it too.

2. Think about a bad memory you’ve had with him.

When you find yourself stalking your ex again and trying to make contact with him/her, try to remember the bad memories you had with him/her and the reason why you agreed to end your relationship. Use these reasons to keep going and never look back.  Don’t keep coming back to the person who was insensitive enough to hurt you. Because if you do, you are just going to give him the benefit of hurting you again.

3. Focus on your self-improvement.

Self-improvement is not always about achieving goals; it can also be about doing more of what you love and reflecting on yourself more. Look at all the things you want to do, build some solid targets, and then come up with a plan that approaches it in smaller chunks. You may learn something new in the process, and you will undoubtedly grow as a person. Find time in the day to prioritize your hobbies, and you’ll probably feel better about it. Now ask yourself, is it okay to miss your ex at this point in your life?

4. Meditate and give yourself a short vacation.

Take a few minutes when you get home in the evening to be thankful for anything you’ve done, or anything that went well that day. And if you have achieved a major goal, take some time to rejoice.

Planning a vacation can make you feel better, especially when you are going through some difficulties from moving on. It gives you something to look forward to, you’re going to be excited and you will be focused on your trip instead of missing your ex. Sometimes, the best thing to do when things get stressful is just to get out. You don’t run away, you just take some space. Go to new places, see new places, and experience new stuff. Travel can be used in the grieving process as a means of coping and finding new ways for healing. And who’s going to even miss the loser ex when there’s so much to see?

5. Unfollow your ex on social media.

The first time you pull up their profile may be innocent enough, but all of a sudden, you found yourself checking their account over and over again, looking for any clues that might let you know what they’ve been up to. Let me remind you that the two of you broke up for a reason, so by looking over their social media posts and getting upset by it will just prolong your agony and will make things harder for you. When you know that you are more susceptible to heartbreak and more vulnerable than the others, hitting the unfollow button as soon as possible is particularly important for you.

Final thoughts

It takes time to overcome a traumatic breakup. So, is it okay to miss your ex? Well, it is not advisable to pressure yourself to just forget about your ex and not to miss them because it will only be more difficult to do so. Just as we encourage wounds to heal on their own, the best thing you can do to mend your heart is to acknowledge the pain, accept the reality, and hope for the future.

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