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The road in achieving one’s dream may be hard to navigate, sometimes you will encounter mountains and oceans and valleys. Because of pressure, there are times you may feel like giving up or quitting. Just keep in mind there is no shortcut to success and if greater things are coming, you may need to climb, crawl or act before experiencing the victory. Below are great motivational quotes as your compass to success.

“Believe in your abilities and yourself yet with reasonable and humble confidence. Because depending on your strength won’t bring you joy and success.”—Norman Vincent Peale

You need to have faith in your potentials, to the things you can do. But, please keep a humble character and you will find joy in the success that you achieve.

“Whatever you can dream, you can also do.” —Walt Disney

What your mind can perceive, you can achieve as long as you will work and give your best on it.

“There is always a way if one is willing if you are allowed to do something do it, although it’s one in a million chance. Pray the door will open or if possible wedge your foot in to open such door. “—Pauline Kael

If you are given a chance to act on something give you very best. Do whatever it takes, never miss such a chance for it might not return any more.

“Don’t wait for perfect timing, for it may not come. Just begin with whatever tools and or resources you have at your hand and as you go along you can find much better tools.”—George Herbert

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Don’t spend so much time grumbling of the tools that aren’t available at your hands. Instead, act according to the present resources, and later on your journey, you may find much better ways.

“Press forward and never stop, don’t idle in your journey, yet strive what has been set before you.”

 —George Whitefield

Don’t spend too much time on something and end up being stagnant, you have to keep moving and keep striving.

“Only those who trust in the beauty of their dreams have a great future ahead.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

If you dream of something you need to believe that it will be realized in the future, because if you don’t then it won’t.

“Aim for the moon, because you may hit a star in case you miss.” —W. Clement Stone

Don’t settle for something less, be wise enough to leap of faith.

“Do what the clock does, keep on going, don’t just look at the clock.” —Sam Levenson

Whether you like it or not, the time goes on regardless of your idleness or business. So, better be fruitful than doing nothing as time passes.

“There will be obstacles, doubters, and haters along the way, but you’re limitless with hard work.”

 —Michael Phelps

You will never know how far you can go unless you try and do it with full hard work and dedication.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, while your feet in the ground.” —Theodore Roosevelt

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There are many motivational quotes you may encounter but this one is priceless. This means there is nothing wrong with dreaming high as long as your feet stay on the ground.

“Aim above the mark to hit a certain mark.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

You should be limitless in dreaming.

“The constant goal is a channel to keep the momentum going.” —Michael Korda

Keep on aiming for higher goals, never shrink back to keep the motivation ongoing.

“Don’t gamble on tomorrow, do something today without a delay and change your life.” —Simone de Beauvoir

Don’t linger too much on what will happen tomorrow, because it is a result of your actions today.

“A person who never quits is unbeatable.”—Babe Ruth

Be careful who are your competitors or opponents, if they are much hard-working than you, prepare your possible defeat.

“Start at where you are standing now, utilize any resources and do what you can.” —Arthur Ashe

Don’t wait for bigger opportunities or better tools, just where you are at what you have-start from there.

“Keep on chasing after your dreams, because it is priceless to witness the faces of those individuals who said you cannot make it” —Kevin Ngo

People always have comments, judgment seems normal. But, if you were able to get your desires, it is such precious to see how those distractors react.

“In anything, never give up for the tire will turn in the right time and place.” —Harriet Beecher Stow

You cannot be in the same disposition forever, be courageous enough to keep going, who knows the next day you are enjoying your dreams already.

“If you are determined enough to succeed, then nothing even failure can overtake.” —Og Mandino

Failures are just spices in life, these may add flavor and smell but they’re not the main ingredients.

“Good, better or the best. Never let it stay till the good turns to better and the better becomes best.” —St. Jerome

There is always a room for improvement, your good today can be better tomorrow, and be best in due time.

“The experience you have in getting your goals is much valuable than the price you get in the end.”

—Zig Ziglar

What matters most is what you have become while you are on a journey of reaching something in life, for external rewards are temporary but the internal can stay forever.

“Until it’s finished, it always seems impossible.” —Nelson Mandela

Things on the natural may look impossible, but if you will strive your best, it can be possible.

“Decide what you want and what you are willing to give up for it, set your priorities and start working.”—H. L. Hunt

Even in the very beginning, you have to be fully decided what do you want and what are your sacrifices to make it happen.

“To begin, begin.” —William Wordsworth

Unless you act on something, you can never start or begin.

“Do not wax indignant, do not weep, but understand.”—Baruch Spinoza

You need to be open-minded in things if you keep on harboring hatred you will end losing your dreams and even your hard work might be wasted.

“I always hope to learn something useful. “—Sophocles

Have a winner mindset, always think of what learning you can get out of the situation.

No one can foretell what life can offer what is about to come. But, if you have the right amount of patience, courage, and dedication, you can be one of the proponents of these motivational quotes someday.

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