Rejection is undeniably painful. We always think that it is an easy thing to handle, but when we are in a situation, we will not understand what to feel. Sometimes, it is beyond personal. But life always goes on. Nowadays, cinemas know how to help a person when it comes to rejection. There are a lot of movies about rejection out there that would make us realize a lot of things in life. A lot of movies to watch when you are sad about a guy or a girl. A lot of varieties of screenplays wanted that just get the soul of a person to keep moving forward no matter how hard the rejection is for them. Girls are even more into drama and love story films especially if they wanted to relate what they feel in a movie. 

There are also movies about a girl and a boy in a rom coms where they don’t end up together. Some movie scenes are emotional like movies about not being loved back, which takes us back into the past where we happen to experience the same when we experience rejection. If you wanted to watch a whole movie or a movie scenes about handling rejection, this article will give you an overview of the famous screenplays or movies about social rejection and the like, all over the world. You can watch this movie when you are sad and you can relate yourself to the atmosphere of tension and passion. 

Movies about Handling Rejection

In any famous screenplays, details matter. This is the list of movies about rejection and how to handle it when you have experienced such. 

1. How to Cope with Rejection (2005)

This is a funny smart film about a loser who can’t get over his girlfriend who has left him. There was a sad and at the same time a funny scene when the boy knocks on the door and when he opened it, he found out that his girlfriend was kissing another guy. The loser asked his girlfriend if is it true that they are breaking up! That was the scene when he gets rejected. But despite this rejection, the loser or the ex-boyfriend learned to cope up eventually. 

2. Drinking Buddies

2. Drinking Buddies

The characters in this film were Kate and Luke. Kate works with Luke at a brewery. Kate always had a thing for him but is afraid to show it. Then they got the chance for a weekend getaway where new emotions happened that complicates the situation. There was a rejection but the character just handled it.

3. Lost in Translation

A young American woman named Charlotte was trapped in a marriage where love never exists. Then there’s a strong bond with an older man in Tokyo. But then boundaries stop them, which leads to rejection. But they still moved on.

4. Begin Again

4. Begin Again

This is a movie about the rejection of two longtime sweethearts who happened to be songwriters. Their names are Greta and Dave. Dave is at the peak of his career where he is very famous. Fame made him cheat to Greta and broke their relationship. For Greta, it was a kind of rejection but then Greta is striving hard to find a way to move on and begin again. 

5. Wicker Park 

A guy named Matthew is head over heels to Lisa. When their relationship is going strong, Liza suddenly disappeared and left Matthew hanging. A girl next door named Alex offers Matthew help to find Lisa. But this made matters worse for the lovers. The rejection was there but they still moved on.

6. Captain America (First Avenger)

Everybody loves a superhero especially Captain America. This movie showed the history of Captain America right before he became a superhero and a super-soldier. He was a very thin and small man not fit enough to become a soldier. But despite his condition, he never stopped dreaming about becoming a soldier. He believes that being small and thin is not a hindrance to becoming a soldier. Until one day a doctor who was known to his expertise about changing a physical structure of a person. He saw how dedicated Steve Rogers was so he made him a soldier and perform a laboratory experiment where Steve Rogers became a super-soldier. Steve Rogers received so many rejections to become a soldier when he was very small, but he keeps believing until he became one. 

7. Bright Star

7. Bright Star

This is a film about a girl named Fany who wants to be with a dreamy poet named John Keats. They became close and always have a deep conversation, but Keats can’t commit to her as he is struggling in life and can’t afford to build a family yet. But that rejection for Fany is not the end, because he keeps on taking things positively that everything will be just fine. 

8. Me Before You

This is a movie about a caregiver named Luisa Clark, who fell in love with her patient, a disabled man named Will. Will wanted to perform the euthanasia as he feels very sick every day and that he believes that there is no treatment for his illness. However, Luisa was trying to convince him to just live his life even if it’s hard. But nothing can stop Will, even his feelings for Luisa. He still decides on giving up his life. For Luisa, it was a kind of rejection but she has no choice but to respect Will’s decision. Even so, she still feels Will’s presence as she is right in her heart every step of the way. 

9. Before We Go

This is a short movie about a one-night bonding of strangers. While busking in a terminal, Nick sees a woman named Brooke. Brook dropped her phone while running to catch a train. Brooke misses the train and just returned her way to the station where Nick returned her broken phone. There it all started in just one night, a lot of adventures and revealing to these strangers. Brooke is with a cheating husband and Nick a hopeless romantic who has never moved on from his ex. Nick tried to be with Brooke as he develops feelings for her even if they just met for a quite short time. But Brooke, declined as she wants to save her marriage and wanted to return to her husband. Nick was rejected but they still end up as friends but it doesn’t end there yet. Who knows, Nick and Brooke might still end up together in the future, right?

Wrapping Up

These movie scenes about handling rejection will help a person who is experiencing too much rejection in his or her life. Whether be it in love life, career, family or even social rejections, watching films and learning how to cope and handle different kinds of rejections will build a person. It gives hope that after rejections and declines in life, everything will just be fine. Life doesn’t always end there as there will be a lot of hope in every obstacle we are facing. Believe and just chill out watching movies. Everything will just be fine in the end.

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