Moving in Before Marriage: why Couples Should not Consider it?

Moving in Before Marriage: why Couples Should not Consider it?

Why couples should not consider living together before marriage? Most couples consider living together before marriage because they believe that it is a good way to practice. Similarly, this practice is common to millennial Americans but more and more of them are not getting married in the end. It shows that everyone is practicing it but if the couple does not consider getting married, studies have proven that the chances of them getting divorced will increase. Thus, it is a strange practice. 

If you are thinking that moving together before marriage will let you spend time together with your partner more and deepen your relationship with each other, well, it is possible. When you move with your partner before getting married, you will experience the life of living in the same home. You can experience and find out his/her unusual habits and you see if you can accept it.

What could possibly go wrong?

However, things could also go wrong that’s why couples should not live together before marriage. It’s not only about committing a sin because it is a choice that reflects in every religion; we have different beliefs. If you chose to live with your partner before marriage, remember about the consequences you will face. You may end up going on a fiery pit and you may fight about things with your partner. 

Things to Consider About Living Together Before Marriage

Moreover, it is still your choice whether you are ready to live with your partner even without getting married. If you are considering to do it, things could not always get in the way you want it to be. So, here are some things that you need to consider before making a decision about living together with your partner.

Each one’s privacy should be considered.

Having a roommate or you’re living alone doesn’t matter- what matters is that you have your own space and it is only yours. Living alone or having your own space should not be taken for granted. If your bedroom is yours and there’s no need to compromise on gender neutrals or gender differences. If you are living with your partner before marriage, you might start adjusting with the things you do when you are alone with the things you need to do when you are with your partner. If your partner is the right person for you, you will live with them for a very long time or for the rest of your lives so you have to consider your privacy. Embrace the privacy you have while you can if you are really considering living with your partner. 

It gives you time and way out of it when it’s needed. 

Do you share the same beliefs? Do you want kids? Will you raise your kids in different ways? If you have difficulty sharing conversations and beliefs with your partner and you often have unpleasant arguments with these, you shouldn’t tie yourself with your partner by sharing the same space. You should think twice or thrice about why you should consider or not consider living together before marriage. Similarly, if you’re going to fight over things like these, it is easier to get a divorce. Moreover, you’ll feel like you have wasted your time and find out that you want different things. 

You have the freedom to live with your own schedule.

When you are living alone, you can go as you please and live with your own schedule. You can work as you please and no one can disturb you if you want to rest or sleep. However, if you’re living together with your partner, you’re considered to be together. You have to adjust yourself with him/her because you’re considered to be a team. It will not be possible to work for hours or do anything you want at any time because you have to consider your partner. Couples living together do things together. 

Convenience is not considered as a romance. 

Finances can be expensive no matter where you are living. When couples are cohabitating, they usually save the cost of their rent by choosing one bedroom. Living together before marriage is a big deal. It may be a big deal to show how you love each other but there are still the pros and cons; there are still the disadvantages of living together. Moving in together is a decision that ties you two together so you should be really ready to live with your partner and not only because you want to save money for your convenience. 

Why are you in a rush? 

Your love has started with an infatuation and has grown into something real. Yes, you are in love and you can feel the excitement of beginning your life with your partner but there’s nothing to rush about. You’re going to share everything with your partner once you got married. Enjoy the times you tend to miss your partner and excitement of meeting him/her while you’re living separately.

It gives you something else to plan.

Planning a wedding is a very consuming and tiring task. You don’t have to plan your post-wedding and get soaked in the ways of planning this thing. When your wedding day was done, there’s nothing else to do and you can focus on other things. You can plan on how to decorate your house and what furniture to buy. However, if you are living together with your partner before marriage, you will eventually plan for post-wedding. 

You have to split your finances and save money.

Millennials can’t move to a bigger place because they often spend their funds on watching movies, buying colorful pens, clothes, and other things. If you decided to live together with your partner, it will give you less financial benefits of cohabitation. You have to split your finances and save money for the two of you which gives you to do a few stuff and spend less. 

It will add excitement to your newlywed phase. 

Visualizing your dream marriage is such a magical thing to do especially when you are thinking about doing it with the person you truly love. Once the wedding is done, you are going to start living together with your partner and begin your life together. The hype of your wedding day will remain while you are choosing your home, move in until you decorate it which you will do together, as a team. Doing these things that are usually done after marriage is way better than just coming home to the place you already had and getting back to your old routines together. A new life with a new home would be fun, right?

Enjoy the time you have as a couple

If you are really ready to live together before getting married, you can. However, always remember that if you’re still young and you still have a lot of things to consider, living together is not yet an option. Don’t rush things because rushing things can lead to a lot of mistakes. There are a lot of reasons why couples should not live together before marriage. Thus, you must think of it a lot of times before coming up with a decision.

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