Mutual Chemistry: What do the Signs Mean?

Mutual Chemistry: What do the Signs Mean?

Mutual chemistry is always defined as being able to build a rapport but actually, good chemistry is a combination of all the aspects may it be physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Is it possible for two individuals to stay together without mutual chemistry? Studies suggested that when two individuals started because of mutual chemistry, their relationship has strong foundations because their connections are deep. 

Having chemistry with other people is not forced, it comes naturally. It doesn’t mean that when you feel you have a chemistry that is all that matters, you still need to take chances. It’s up to you how will you further ensure that this mutual chemistry that you have will last. In this article, we’ll know more about mutual chemistry and what it is all about. 

How to determine if you have mutual chemistry?

1. Inner connection

You may not have known each other for a long time but for an apparent reason, you would feel the familiar feeling that you already know the person intimately every time you have conversations or when you see each other. This is a mutual connection that is felt that will draw your attention to each other.

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2. Intense eye contact

When you two have chemistry, it is an initial reaction to stare at each other during interactions. There are some eye postures that indicate chemistry by means of eye contact, these are dilated pupils, raised eyebrows, fixed and focus gaze and a prolonged gaze that ranges between the eyes through the lips.

3. The power of a smile

When you are happy being with the person that you have connections with, you can’t help but smile even though the thought of him pops in your head. Just the thought that you have something for him can make your day brighter without him knowing. 

4. You speak the same body language

Nonverbal cues are a way of determining the real chemistry because it is more difficult to control than verbal communication where you can choose what to say. Body language is powerful in the sense that it somehow reveals what you ate trying to hide inside. These are some of the nonverbal cues to display chemistry when you are together, playing with hair, licking lips, sweaty hands and constantly crossing and uncrossing of hands. It is also where you find something in common leading to endless conversations.

5. Silence doesn’t bother you

Sometimes, silence provides awkwardness feeling but when you have connections even though you don’t have a topic to talk about you still feel comfortable and happy with the presence of each other. The quiet time that you have gives feelings of calmness.

6. You look forward to your next encounter

You prefer going out alone together rather than with groups and you plan together where would you go and your agenda for your next meeting. As time goes by, your relationship gets deeper and if you are dating on for months, you spend more time together.

7. There is sexual tension between you

The simple kiss and hugs feel so intense that it will last longer. The physical contact you have feels polite and intense. The simple connections that you have would boil down to your underlying lust for each other.

8. You get each other’s humor

One way to feel more comfortable with each other is through laughter. If you share the same humor, there will be no chances that you’ll get bored because you can talk about any topic under the sun.

9. You can be just yourself

If you have chemistry, you don’t have to be shy about your imperfections, you don’t have to hide it. Even though the other person discovers your imperfections or weaknesses if he is truly attracted to you those imperfections will turn out to be an asset. If you are comfortable with yourself those imperfections will slowly fade away and nobody will even notice it.

10. You don’t feel uneasy when you are with each other

If you have chemistry, it wouldn’t be difficult to feel comfortable. It is safe to express your ideas, feelings and future plans to them because there is little chance that you will be judged or they will be offended. T is. Aside from being comfortable with each other, you also feel secure when you are together. One of the greatest signs that you have chemistry is the feelings of comfortability with each other’s presence.

Chemistry in all aspects

  • Emotional chemistry

When you have mutual connections, both of you are willing to share the feelings of happiness, fear, sadness, loneliness, shame and being able to talk about it. Developing an emotional attachment to someone you barely know is a process that may take longer but through chemistry, you are comfortable being able to share with him what you feel even though how miserable it may seem.

  • Social chemistry

Chemistry doesn’t only pertain to the mutual understanding of feelings but it would also have an impact on how you relate to the world. If you have social chemistry, it means that you are able to do your shared passion together. Even if you have different hobbies or interests, you can still spend time without compromising each other’s wants. It also determines how well you relate with each other despite the differences and uniqueness you both possess.

  • Mental chemistry

It pertains to the intellectual level that you have. If you have mental chemistry, it is easier for you to connect with a particular idea and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to come up with a particular decision in life.  Good conversations and humor are brought about mental chemistry.

  • Physical chemistry

This is one of the most important chemistry because even if you have chemistry in some aspects if you don’t have a physical connection then the relationship may just be superficial. However, if the connection between the two of you is mainly physical, then there is a possibility that the relationship will not be authentic and will not last long.

  • Spiritual chemistry

If you share the same faith or spiritual beliefs, there is the understanding that someone greater brought you together,  it could mean a level of divine intervention or connection. 

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