My Boyfriend is Boring

There is a part of life when we grow up and we all need someone apart from our parents or relatives to take care of us, to refuge to him when we have problem, to share our secrets with him which cannot tell to our parents, someone that we feel safe and comfortable with, that person is probably a boyfriend. But what if your boyfriend is boring? In this article, How2bond will tell you signs and what to do when you are stuck with a boring boyfriend.

Warning signs of a boring boyfriend

It is a piece of good news to know that there are signs telling you that your boyfriend is boring before you go deeper in the relationship.

One of the signs is when you know that your boyfriend never had an experience before you or had an ex-girlfriend who left him because he is boring.

Also, if you ask your boyfriend about his hobbies and couldn’t have a specific answer it is a sign that he is a boring boyfriend.

What to do when you’re stuck with a boring boyfriend?

Fortunately, it is not necessary to stay with your boring boyfriend for the rest of your life, there is a lot of things you can do to avoid the boredom of your boyfriend and stay happy together.

1. Remember what drew you to him in the first place

Try to remember what the first thing that attracted you, his morals, appearance or his calm mood, when you remember these things it actually helps you to renew your feelings and focus on the first and main reason why you choose this person.

2. Find out if there’s anything personal he’s dealing with

Sometimes some boyfriends have a problem or keep thinking of something even if they are with you, what you should do is try to find out if your boyfriend has a personal problem who drives him to be boring and not ready to share the funny things with you, think to sort out the problem together. This is will help you to be closer.

3. Talk to him

This is one of the simplest ways which can use to avoid the boredom of your boyfriend, talk and ask him why he does not want going out together and why he was in a lethargic mood last time, avoid using the boring word because he may be sensitive.

4. Separate your life with him and your life with friends

Sometimes you think that your boyfriend is boring because he doesn’t want to spend much time with your friends, you should know that even you think that your boyfriend is owned by you, but he still has his private life and he is free to choose spending time with your friends or not. So do not force him and give enough time to each one, your friends and your boyfriend.

5. Start a new hobby together

This is a good idea to avoid the boredom of your boyfriend because the problem might be that you don’t do something together. Talk about interests and look for common points that you have, play games, go to a gym or travel somewhere new for both of you.

6. Time to relax

Do not look at your boyfriend as the only source of fun and happiness, instead of this try to spend more time with him to relax and enjoying of a panoramic view together, it is the opportunity to be romantic and refresh the relationship, also it helps to leave the stress away.

7. The romantic date at least once a week

The romantic date at least once a week could help you to remove any negative emotions and bad feelings that you had together, it also helps you to break the routine and not having a  boring boyfriend.

8. Spend time alone

One of the mean reasons which drive you to think that you have a boring boyfriend is spending too much time together, instead of that is a good idea to give you and your friend some space in case if you want to do something private or something that you don’t want your boyfriend to know. Spending a lot of time together will drive you to run the subjects that you are talking about and automatically feel bored. Enjoy your own life and let your boyfriend missing you.

9. Find out what he’s passionate about, and get involved

Feeling of having a boring boyfriend may come from not sharing the exciting things together, that is why is good to find out what things that make your boyfriend feeling happy and excited and do it with him

10. Do exciting things with friends

Do not stress your boyfriend and push him to be the most exciting person you ever know. If you feel that you have a  boring boyfriend you can give him some space and choose your friends to have a funny and crazy adventure. Also, your boyfriend can be the person who you can tell him about all the crazy things and what you did with your friends when you come back home.

11. Become friends with his friends

You might be wrong when you think that you have a boring boyfriend and the fact is the funnies person especially when he is with his friends. To find it out try to be a friend with his friends and go out all together and have fun.

12. Evaluate whether or not this is the relationship for you

Maybe the main reason of having a boring boyfriend is that you are not traveling at the same circle, you have different interests and different goals in life, that is why it is very important to evaluate the relationship to find out if you have to look for another boyfriend or continue with the same one.

Now you know how to deal with your boring boyfriend and avoid his boredom, if you practice just some of the twelve things above, you can transform your boring boyfriend to the funniest one in the world.

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