Obvious Signs of Virgo Man in Love with you

Are you wondering what the signs are when a man is in love with you? When we are dealing with a relationship, we want to make sure that our partner is truly in love with us. We want to ensure that we are not only assuming things. So if you are in love with a Virgo man but you are not sure if he feels the same way too, here is the list of the signs of Virgo man in love with you. 

He will pamper you 

One of the signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you if he pampers you and makes sure that he shows you how much he cares for you. When he is in love, he tends to give you flowers and ask you to go out for a dinner date to make you feel wanted. This is one of the signs of Virgo man in love with you. 

He will always make sure that you are safe 

“My Virgo man is not romantic in words, but he always makes sure that I am safe”. If this is the case; your man is in love with you despite the fact that he is not romantic in words. If he is calling you regularly to know if you have arrived in your destination safely, then this is one of the obvious signs of Virgo man in love with you. Keep in mind that most of the Virgo men are always looking forward to hearing the voice of the woman they love. 

He is loyal to you

How to tell if a Virgo man is in love with you? You can say that he is in love if he is loyal to you at any cost. His eyes are seeming to be created only for you. You are the only apple of their eyes. They are the committed type of person, so once they are into you, rest assured that he will not look at others. If they are faithful to you, you must do the same too. 

He pays attention to you 

When Virgo man says I love you, this is one of the signs of Virgo man in love with you. Once he is in love, he pays his full attention to you. He will notice everything you have, even the color of your nails and your hairstyle. Every detail of his girl will be noticeable by him and that what makes him fall in love with you every day. When he catches you smiling, he will take a photo of you. In the end, you will notice that he knows you better than yourself. 

He wants to go some distance together with you. 

One of the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you is asking you to go out of town. If he asks you for this, take note that he is planning to have a serious relationship with you. He wants to have some time alone with you to be sure about his own feelings with you. 

He will give you surprises 

Is my Virgo man in love with me? If he gives you different gifts and surprise, then he is probably in love with you. Another sign of a Virgo man attracted to you is the gesture of giving you surprises. This type of person is known for being sweet and thoughtful. A Virgo man is giving you something useful, something which will not go into waste. So instead of giving flowers, he will provide you with chocolates and other sweet treats. Another thing, Virgo man will call you by the endearment of sweetie or dear. So when a Virgo man is trying to win your heart, these gestures are some of the obvious signs of Virgo man in love with you. 

He becomes attentive and helpful 

How do Virgo’s show affection? They can show their devotion by becoming more attentive and helpful to the ones they love. They can be your shoulder to cry on whenever you needed someone to lean on. He is more than willing to give you the love and care that you need. He also ensures that he meets your expectations towards him. This is how Virgo man shows love. 

He prioritizes your happiness over everything 

Virgo man expresses feelings through prioritizing your happiness over everything. This zodiac sign is renowned for being concerned with the people around him. Seeing your smile is what makes a Virgo man satisfied. He is the knight in shining armor every girl wants to have. He is very polite and respectful to the extent that he will open the door for you. This is one of the signs of Virgo man in love with you that will surely make you fall in love with him too. 

He will ask you out for a romantic date 

When a Virgo man stares at you and asks you out for a romantic date, rest assured that he loves you. He will make sure that your date is unique and romantic and everything is according to plan. He ensures that everything is perfect. But keep in mind that Virgo man will not tell you that this is an actual date but a special occasion. When a Virgo man expresses his feelings, you will surely feel the romantic excitement. 

He will loosen up 

One of the physical signs a Virgo man likes you is the comfortability they show when you are around them. Virgo man is known for their uptight characteristic when it comes to letting loose. You will notice that he will smile a lot and more lively when the one they love is around. They will show their sense of humor to make you smile. 

Do Virgos say I love you? 

Sometimes, saying I love you is difficult for some people. But that is understandable. Understanding a Virgo man also means that you have to wait for them to say the magic words. For them, love is a big deal and should not have been said easily. If they can’t say the magic words, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They are still weighing everything, including the advantages and disadvantages before they open up their feelings for you. Just be patient with them. Rest assured that when they say the words “I love you”, they can be the real deal that you are looking for. Just wait for him because this is one of the ways on how to make a Virgo man chase you and love you. 

They can be mysterious sometimes, especially in figuring out love. But once he decided to fall in love, they will commit all their effort and their heart to make you fall for him every day. So, watch out for these signs of Virgo man in love to help you know if they want you to be part of their lives. 

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