Obvious Signs to Know if Your Ex is Over You

Obvious Signs to Know if Your Ex is Over You

How to know if your ex is over you? You might come to think of this thought after a relationship you had with him has ended up for good. 

Relationships end up with reasons but sometimes reasons fail to serve its purpose. Failure to know the reason makes it hard for both of you to accept things with an open heart. The underlying pains caused by a break up makes it hard for both of you to move forward and continue to live in separate ways.

What if he still hasn’t gotten over you or what if he has already moved on? Who knows? You find it hard to know if he’s already over you or not yet. Your curiosity feeds you up to know and confirm something about his feelings towards you. 

Feelings don’t end up after everything is over for both of you. Pain and love are still there but it’s a matter of deciding on what to choose between the two. To make things clear for you, here are some ideas on how to know if your ex is over you:

He’s into someone else.

He is in a relationship with someone else. Seeing someone else after a break up is a sign that he’s over you for good. He tries to forget all the things about you so he better off grabs his opportunity to explore affection with other girls and not with you anymore. Men are like that, they don’t want to be stepped on with their ego. Seeing someone else after a break up is hard especially if he loves you seriously but because he was in a drastic state, he keeps his pace making it sure that everything is done for good.

He doesn’t care about your feelings anymore.

Starting to do things on his own and showing actions that he doesn’t care about you anymore is a sign that he’s trying to get over you. Whatever you do doesn’t have an effect on him and it has no sense even how hard you tried to make things up with him. What’s the sense of trying hard to express your feelings towards him when literally he makes no effort to care for you? Don’t get yourself stuck in the situation! Might as well not to care about all the stuff he’s doing than be in pain expecting impossible things to happen.

You heard nothing from him.

Why do you think he doesn’t communicate with you for a month or so? A part of you thinks that he just wants to avoid you but actually it’s to heal the pain you’ve caused with each other. Being broken is already enough reason to free you from pain. 

Have you ever felt the urge to be the first one to communicate with him? If yes, have some dignity within yourself! Your ex is currently in the process of moving which your ex wants you to do the same thing as well. 

Remember, losing communication makes it easier for both of you to heal yourselves and continue to move forward.

He literally tells you he is already over you.

There’s no better sign that your ex-boyfriend is over you than hearing him saying that he already is right before your presence. He has already accepted that what’s done is already done and both of you must continue to live. No matter how long or short the relationship is, it is still a matter of how sincere his words towards your heart. 

He is there as a friend and not as a lover.

Making friends roll up to the thought that it’s already a sign that your ex-boyfriend wants you back in his life. Who says an ex-lover can’t make friends with you? Don’t get it wrong but honestly, your man has just accepted that everything about both of you is already done and it’s time to make it clear to you that he’s not after to become your lover again but rather, a true friend whom you can rely on. You both have known each other for some time. If your relationship as a lover fails, how about turn it into something that both of you can still benefit from the companionship of each other? Maybe, you will realize that friendship is way better off than a romantic relationship.

He acts like a fine man now.

How to know if your ex is over you is a thought that usually crosses your mind after a breakup. But what’s more a story to tell is about “A broken man turns into a fine man”. It takes a lot of time and effort to man up himself after feeling the pain you have caused to him. His emotional state makes him a man anyone could never imagine. Take a look at him now. He is way better than he used to be and truly becomes a fine man that even you couldn’t help but be impressed. 

Thoughts to ponder:

Reading all the thoughts in this article gives you an idea of how to know if your ex is over you and it really makes a difference in your life especially when you yourself haven’t moved on yet. 

Don’t get it simply but there are lots of signs that could be your basis in knowing if your ex-lover has already gotten over you or not. For some reason, make yourself clear that ending a relationship doesn’t mean everything has ended in your life; it’s just the role that has gone and not the memories you build. 

There is no wrong if he has already gotten over you. Indeed, it’s a good sign that you two were now open for a new and better relationship. Who would not want that? Only the heart can see brightly what it desires to have. 

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