Pros and Cons About Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

Pros and Cons About Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

When breaking up and getting back together, there is always a narrative that, Oh, they’re back again and then break up again” and the cycle goes on. There are a lot of considerations to make, whether it is just for you or the relationship to make it work. Sometimes, both of you just need a breather or a timeout to think things through. Maybe the relationship went toxic, you just wanted an easy way out. Or maybe during the time both of you broke up, you realized something. Always remember the fight for the people who are dear to you.

There are PROS and CONS when getting back together after a breakup. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of being together after a breakup. Understand and learn more if it is still worth it and advantage to get back with your lover.

PROS: You are comfortable with each other already

Getting back together wasn’t hard enough because both of you already built a foundation. Maybe both you just spoke words out of the ordinary and broke up with the right mind. So basically, getting back together wasn’t that hard anymore. This means the love is still there, both of you were just caught in a bad moment. When you’re both comfortable with each other, you speak with your heart and mind, there’s no more awkwardness, no silence. It’s easier when the other apologized and realized who caused the breakup.

PROS: Worst of the worst, you have seen each other’s

You have terrible fights wherein both of you almost went bananas. So, knowing him/her has impacted your life that whatever challenges both of you encounter, you’ve got each other back. You were there when she was the worst, that’s why you stayed. You’ve seen each-others worsts; this means that you are accustomed to this. So, it’s not hard to adjust anymore.

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PROS: The connections you have is still there

There’s always a reason why you keep coming back, the love you had with him/her will always draw both of you closer. It’s the gravity of love. The compatibility you both shared makes your relationship easier to handle. Maybe both of you found the answers to your questions that’s why you keep coming back. Maybe it’s just that you loved each other tremendously and that you don’t want to see him/her with anyone else.

PROS: Love is sweeter the second time around 

Sometimes during your breakups, you realized something that needs to be improved upon. Maybe that’s why you came back because you think you are an improved version of yourself. The breakup made you a lot more mature. Maybe you’ve learned a lot about the break-up and willingly make the necessary adjustments to make the relationship stronger.

The idea of getting back with your ex matters on the reason both of you broke up. So maybe a second chance may iron things out and flourish the relationship.

CONS: Some habits, die-hard

Sometimes getting back together, you get accustomed to things back when you didn’t break up. The option here is not to do the same things again that caused your break up. You might know where to push the buttons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a great thing. Both of you should be conscious enough to break the routines you make in your past. Remember, this is the second time already. Make things work!!!


When a couple’s fight, more often than not, past mistakes are brought to the tables. And when both have just rekindled back your relationship, that’s a NO-NO. The emotions both of you went through are still there, the memories will still haunt you. Getting back with your ex, you’ll face the rejection and hurt again. On and off relationships flounder because of these issues being brought up.

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On and off relationships flourishes because breakups serve as improvisations to one’s selves whether physically, mentally and spiritually. Breakups are a time of growth and maturity and renewal of faith both of you have with each other and applying these to the relationship could give you the relationship that could last a lifetime!

CONS:  Getting hurt again

Getting back after a breakup doesn’t lessen the probability of getting hurt again. It is reassuring that he/she will tell you he/she won’t hurt you again. But there’s no guarantee he/she won’t hurt you again. Contemplate in every way possible, don’t be a martyr. If it’s the NTH time you were hurt, leave! Breaking up and getting back together won’t work this time.

CONS: Maybe both of you have changed

During breakups, people change. It’s either for the better or for the worse. So maybe getting back together isn’t a good idea after all. Breakups affect people in a lot of different ways, you may take it this way, and your ex may see the other way too. Maybe you just both changed, that getting back together was not the best choice after all.

CONS: There’s no more room to grow

This usually happens during long breakups, when going back to old flames, it may hinder your growth as an individual. Always ask yourself if it is worth it and not a complete waste of time again. Breakups happen because two people aren’t growing with each-others presence. SO, a change of scenery is required.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of considerations to make if you want to be back again or not. Always find answers to your questions. Is it worth it? Should I risk it again? Do I still love him? Will he/she hurt me again? Always remember that we accept the love we think we deserve after all. Never settle for mediocrity. Always put God at the top of your relationship.

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