Reasons Why Guys Act Like They Don’t Care About Breakup

Reasons Why Guys Act Like They Don’t Care About Breakup

Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend doesn’t care or show affection at all during breakups? Do you often mislead yourself to these assumptions or it’s the other way around? Sometimes when guys send signals through their emotions or actions, girls often are misled and sometimes they tend to believe the wrong in this. 

If you are curious and anxious about your previous breakup, this article will give you ideas. Here are some of the reasons why guys don’t act like they don’t care for a breakup. Know the common post-breakup activities of guys and you will see that they are also vulnerable and fragile. 

Guys just don’t show it 

Sometimes after a breakup, guys don’t usually show emotion as they’re still coping up the stress and finding ways and solutions to solve the problem. Sometimes, they’re confused about how to deal with this matter, thus making girls assume they act like they don’t care but they do, after all, they loved each other for quite a while. It’s never easy for guys to cope up once they have ended a relationship. 

Guys don’t show their emotions

In general, guys don’t usually show their emotions because they feel that showing emotions makes them look weak. They act like everything is fine, but when they are alone, it’s driving them nuts. Guys, tend to hide their feelings and cope it up by doing other things such as recreational things to avoid being stressed out. For example, doing sports, binge-watching movies, having a friend to talk to. These are just some of the guys do after a breakup, so maybe girls’ aren’t getting the signal that’s why they assume that guys don’t act like they don’t care.

Guys can get fed up too 

Accumulation of fights and other reasons makes the man feel volatile about himself. It makes him question things about his life and decisions. Though sometimes, thinking it through by himself may solve the problem. Breakups are hard, you tend to pile all the pain on the weight of your shoulder that girls expect you don’t care at all but sometimes it’s the other way around.

Guys believe that it’s their fault

When guys are guilty about their mistake, they shy away from their partner leaving their partner baffled as to why they show this kind of gesture. Guys, the majority of guys are wicked sinners, so maybe guys breaking up with their partners may solve the problem as to why the relationship isn’t working. Guys feel guilty too, maybe that’s why they don’t necessarily feel the need to show their affection because all along they knew it’s their fault.

Guys are often dumped

Most relationships, guys are the ones being dumped. So maybe, they’re all fed up with these situations that they tend to not care at all. The feeling of getting dumped is painful. It scares you away from your partner, it makes you feel vulnerable to the feeling you get after being dumped. So, maybe guys don’t act like it because it hurts like hell and they’re not willing to show it.

Guys don’t have support systems as girls do

Admit it, have you ever tried getting dumped and feel there’s no one to talk to? The support systems in men are rare. As mentioned above, men don’t show emotions because they’ll think people are going to see them as weak individuals that’s why they don’t seek others’ help or opinion. Compared to women, they have a large support system that when one friend is hurt, all of them rally up to their friend. Thus, making girls assume their partner don’t act like he doesn’t care because of the attention girls have after a breakup.

Guys don’t contact after breakup

Rarely, guys don’t communicate after a breakup, thus girls assume that their guy acts like they don’t care at all. It is easy to get this assumption because it is often that you get your good morning texts every day, but when you start not to receive any text when you wake up, you assume this and that. When guys do unusual stuff after a breakup, girls try to assume that their partner is doing something else.

Guys can sometimes have a rebound

Admit it, sometimes when guys have breakups, they already have rebounds activated. This means that their attention is devoted to someone else already, leaving their partner in question as to why they aren’t showing or making them feel loved at all. Infidelity happens in all relationships.

Guys expect you to go back in a while

Basically, after breakups, you expect you’ll be given a certain amount of time to heal and recuperate. After this, you and your partner talk it through and when it’s a success, you’ll be back eventually and be happy again. So, when guys don’t act like it after a breakup, they see that both of you just need time to be alone and make a thing in check and eventually be together again.

Guys are selfish

Guys think highly of themselves. This is why some of the reasons don’t work because of the pride that’s been brought to the relationship. Guys don’t want to be demanded all the time. And maybe it piled up during the relationship that’s it too toxic to handle and guys just avoid it and do nothing about it.

Wrapping up

Men are not used to expressing their emotions/feelings after a breakup. Sometimes, there are no explanations as to why they do this. More often than not, guys during breakups don’t quite get over it in a short amount of time. They have feelings too; they just tend not to show it because they think they’re less of a man when they do. Sometimes, women are sent the wrong signals and assume things that may end up pushing their partners away. Relationships are one of the key happiness in life. Always remember to fight for a battle you think you deserve. Live life and enjoy everything in life for tomorrow’s not promised. 

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