Reasons why my Family Never Accepts my Boyfriend

In every relationship, acceptance of the family plays a significant role in having a healthy and strong bond. It is still the best when our significant other can get along with other people that we care about. But what if your parents can’t agree to your relationship with him? That’s very stressful. Can you imagine the scenario when you are torn between them? Your initial reaction might be getting angry with your family, ignore their opinion, or keep your relationship a big secret from your loved ones. In this situation, it is better to think of the best answer to the question “why my family never accept my boyfriend” and think of a better solution to overcome this.

Top reasons why they can’t accept him

  • They want someone better for you.
  • Your boyfriend didn’t pass their character assessment
  • They think that your boyfriend is a playboy
  • Other family members have raised concern against your boyfriend
  • He has past toxic relationships
  • All your past relationships are all damaging which includes bad break-up, violence, and even financial loss
  • He doesn’t pass your parents’ standard
  • He is already married
  • Other parents never accept their daughter’s boyfriend because of jealousy
  • In some cases, they are trying to project their toxic and relationship failures on you.

To deal with the situation “why my family never accept my boyfriend,” you have to act maturely. There are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow for you to close the gap between your boyfriend and your family.

Never keep your relationship a secret from them

The first thing to do to deal with the situation “why my family never accept my boyfriend,” is never to keep your relationship a secret from them. It can make them think that you are ashamed of him. Also, someone in your family can soon find out, which can make them angry and upset with both of you.

Consider their perspective or opinion

Why not, instead of arguing with them, try to listen to their advice. In this situation, you and your special someone should think of the ways to reassure them that everything works well with the two of you.

Avoid arguments

As much as possible, arguments should be out of the picture. As a daughter, you should respond to their point of view with clarity and respect. Show your respect for them, but also ensure that you clarify to them that you have made your decision. Avoiding arguments is far more effective than defending yourself with angry words.

Don’t let your emotions take over

When you let your emotions take over, rest assured that everything will come out to be completely wrong. You should properly deal with your emotions to avoid fights and misunderstandings.

Never take a side

Don’t choose between the two sides, your parents or your boyfriend? The best way to deal with the situation “why my family never accept my boyfriend” is never to take aside. Take note that everything is not about whom to win or whom to lose. At the end of the day, it is all about breaking the wall between them and reconstructing your family’s trust for him. When you have to turn down their request, make them understand that it doesn’t mean that you don’t respect them.

Understand their objection

You should try to know where they are coming from. Instead of always questioning yourself, “why my family never accept my boyfriend,” determine their reason why they are against your relationship. You will notice that some of their reasons are valid, and some are not. You have to know if they see something in him that we don’t understand, or they are just acting that way out of hate and ignorance.

When is the best time to know that your parents are right?

Believe it or not, our parents can see things that we don’t even notice in our relationship. Try to listen to them carefully and with respect. They may have heard some rumors about him or have found out some bad things about him that you possibly don’t know. If he encouraged you to be addicted to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and even using prohibited drugs, then your parents are probably right.  Your parents have all the right to confront you if you are already losing your friends, stopped doing your passion, and your grades are dropping because of him. That means that he is not healthy for you. Your parents can see those things when you cannot because you are too blind to be with him.

When is the best time to know that your parents are wrong?

Our parent’s perspective plays a significant role in dealing with the situation of why my family never accept my boyfriend. But when is the best time to know that they are entirely wrong? Keep in mind that some parents can’t approve their daughter’s boyfriend out of fear. Sometimes they are worried about what other people will react to your current relationship. This reason is wrong, but it is still based on their love for you. At the end of the day, they want nothing but the best for their daughter.

Your motivations

You have to make yourself enlightened about your motives in fighting for him. Believe me, dealing with the question “why my family never accept my boyfriend” is a tricky thing. Be honest about the reason why you are in a relationship with him. Is it because you are really in love with him or you want to piss off your parents because you know that they don’t like that guy? If your reason is the latter one, you better end your commitment. You are unfair to him. It is never a good thing to use someone to piss off your parents. Also, if you are in a relationship because of peer pressure and reputation, you better stay out of that commitment. You are unfair to both of your parents and boyfriend. You need to ask yourself if your relationship is worth it for all the drama.

Why my family never accept my boyfriend is a question that you will surely ask yourself at least once in your life. Being in a relationship is all about your love, heart, and kind of person you want to be with. In other words, it is all about your happiness. With that being said, you need to ensure that the person you are fighting for is worth it. You have to make sure that you can solve your relationship problems together and you are both clear about your motives, commitment, and the compromises that you are going to make together.

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