Recommended Good Night Quotes to End the Day Positively

Recommended Good Night Quotes to End the Day Positively

If you want to sleep with a clear and positive mind, it is best to consider some of these recommended good night quotes. These good night wishes and sayings will help you appreciate good rest. Always remember that getting enough sleep is vital. Good quality sleep is a vital factor for your overall health and well-being.

Sadly, the fast pace and hectic nature of modern life have disrupted sleeping patterns. Many people now sleep less while the quality of sleep has significantly reduced.

Just like with regular exercise and a healthy diet, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. One way to help you get a good night’s sleep is to take a short while before going to sleep to read over several inspirational good night quotes.

What are the benefits of sleep?

It is important to note that a good night’s sleep is essential to physical health and emotional well-being. Before moving on to the recommended good night messages, let us first take a close look at some of the benefits of getting enough sleep.

  • Lowers stress. Once your body lacks enough sleep, it can respond by releasing a high level of stress hormones which is considered as a natural result of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Getting enough deep and regular sleep can prevent this.
  • Memory improvement. Did you notice that if you are tired, it is difficult to recall or remember things? This is how the brain tells you that it is not getting enough sleep. If you can sleep well, the body is resting but your brain is preoccupied with storing and organizing memories. It is vital to get enough good quality sleep to help you easily remember and process things better.
  • Lower the blood pressure. If the blood pressure rises, it increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Getting enough sleep helps in promoting a constant state of relaxation that can lower the blood pressure as well as keeping it under control.
  • Maintain your weight. Remember that sleep will not directly make you lose weight but it can help keep it under control by controlling the hormones affecting your appetite. It also reduces your cravings for high-calorie foods.
  • Better mood. Lack of sleep can make one more agitated, thus one is more likely to snap or be grumpy, neither of which is a good thing. Getting good sleep at night can keep you in a calm and reasonable state the next day.
  • It lowers the risk of diabetes. Based on studies, prolonged lack of sleep can put one at risk for developing type 2 diabetes by affecting how the body processes glucose. Nevertheless, it might not be conclusive by any means, but it simply shows that sleep is important to general health.
  • Improved heart health. A regular sleeping pattern can lower the strain on the cardiovascular system. This, in turn, reduces the chances of a heart condition or a stroke.
  • Improved brain function. Aside from getting a good night’s sleep, grabbing a quick nap during daytime can contribute in making your brain function more effective and productive.

What are the standpoints towards sleep?

Remember that everyone sees sleep in the same manner. For some individuals, it is a gratifying time of the day, while others can do without it. Let us now take a look at some of these inspirational night quotes.

As a retreat and escape

Trials are an undeniable aspect of life that all of us experience. For some individuals, they value sleep as a nourishing gap in reality. It is a time when one can lie down in a comfortable bed and disconnect from the world even for just a few hours. For some, they consider sleep as a necessity for its regenerative properties.

In most cases, you can go to sleep after a physically and mentally hard day at work and wake up feeling refreshed, physically healed and with a fresh perspective. Before going to sleep, it is best to check out some of these good night quotes.

  • “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” – Thomas Aquinas
  • “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” – Ernest Hemingway
  • “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – E. Joseph Cossman
  • “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” – John Steinbeck
  • “No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” – Carrie Snow
  • “Living is a sickness to which sleep provides relief every sixteen hours. It’s a palliative. The remedy is death.” – Nicolas Chamfort

As pleasure

Sleep is generally considered by many as a pleasurable experience. It is something to look forward to after an exhausting day at work. It is truly a prize for all your hard work.

Getting a good night’s sleep is solely dedicated to relaxation which allows us to disconnect from the busy world. Before sleeping, check out these quotes about sleep and dreams.

  • “Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama
  • “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  • “True silence is the rest of the mind and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment, and refreshment.” – William Penn
  • “A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting.” – Terri Guillemets
  • “I count it as a certainty that in paradise, everyone naps.” – Tom Hodgkinson

As a necessity

For those who suffered from the effects of sleep deprivation, sleep is something to be truly respected. Lack of sleep results in a variety of not only health issues but can also affect us mentally and emotionally. Simply staying sane or able to handle simple cognitive tasks throughout the day can be difficult if you were not able to get enough sleep. Let us now take a close look at some quotes about sleep deprivation.

  • “There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” – Homer
  • “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker
  • “I’m always on the go. I love doing things until I hit rock bottom. Then I need my 12 hours of sleep, and I’m on the go again.” – Maria Sharapova
  • “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” – Irish Proverb

Final thoughts

With the help of these good night quotes, it can help your mind as you start your own dreamland. Remember that sleep is a vital activity in our lives that can provide a variety of health benefits. At the end of the end, it is time to take a break and disconnect from the busy world and close your eyes. By getting a good night’s sleep, you will wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

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