Relationship Goals: Dieting With Your Partner

Relationship Goals: Dieting With Your Partner

Dieting with your partner might seem a simple task. You have a constant exercise partner and someone who can get you going. In studies, couples who practice healthy lifestyles together are likely to lose weight and stay fit.

Effective tips on dieting with your partner

If you are dieting with your partner, it is worth it if done properly. In case you are both aware of the pitfalls of getting in shape together, you can make it through to a healthier and happier side.

Let us now take a close look at strategies to make dieting with your partner a successful endeavor.

Setting up realistic goals, both individually and together

Just like anything else in a relationship, communication is a vital component when it comes to practicing a healthy lifestyle, especially when dieting with your partner.

The initial task is to discuss what you want – whether to lose weight, tone up or have more energy. This must be followed by a discussion on how both of you like to go about it together. There is no need to have the same goals, but you must be clear on your expectations for yourself and your partner, so you can be encouraging without being a nag.

Avoid being a drill sergeant

Having a bossy attitude will get you nowhere. It is recommended to create an exercise chart and post somewhere you and your partner can easily see.

You can invite your partner to exercise with you or ask if he/she will stick with the gym date for that night, but do not push more than that. Remember that it is not your job to keep everyone in check. Doing so might throw off the power balance in your relationship.

Remember that one of you will lose weight slower than the other

It is sad to say but women are likely to lose weight at a slower pace. Men generally have elevated testosterone levels and more muscle mass which makes their metabolism 5-10% faster than women.

Luckily, if you continue with the right exercise routine and dieting with your partner, the figures should even out by the 6th month. Remember that taking it slow and steady will surely win the race or at least make it even.

Create a menu for the week

Generally, you and your partner are more likely to eat properly when you have the meals planned and all ingredients are purchased and ready. It is vital to take equal responsibility for your food choices as well as the cooking so that no one will feel unappreciated.

Try to be competitive

Remember that a little competition between you and your partner can be motivating, healthy and even fun, but make sure that it stays light-hearted. If there is too much teasing, it can divert to a different path especially when body issues and self-esteem are part of the play.

Always make sure that you are being as supportive as possible and keep most of the “funny” comment to yourself.

Being considerate to the weaknesses of your partner

Each of us has their share of weaknesses especially when it comes to food. With this in mind, it is time to discuss a list of approved, mutually agreed-upon food items that you can keep in the house without derailing either of your diets.

Date nights must be a priority

If both of you are on a diet, it does not have to dampen your couple time. It is recommended to change your perspective on what a night out looks like. Instead of having a heavy meal at a restaurant, you can cook a healthy dinner together. Find ways to make dinner a special event.

You should also look for non-food related bonding sessions that both of you can enjoy such as bowling, going to the movies or strolling down the park.

Give out compliments

Dieting with your partner can feel disheartening when there is not much progress. With a few positive words and encouragement, it can work wonders. It will not only keep both of you motivated, but it can also help improve the relationship.

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