Relationship Guide: Tips for Women Looking for Husbands

For women who are eager to find love, there are useful tips for women looking for husbands that can help out.

If you are single and in search of love, maybe it is time to find the right one for you with the help of several tips for women looking for husbands out there. Whether you find it hard to meet the right one or have difficulty in finding a love connection, you might end up discouraged or simply believe the destructive myths on dating and relationships.

Are there obstacles in finding the right one?

For those who are enjoying life being single, it has its share of benefits. One of these advantages is being free to pursue your interests and hobbies, appreciating the quiet moments of solitude and learning how to enjoy your own company. Nonetheless, if you are still single, it can be an exasperating ordeal when the time comes where you are ready to share your life with someone and eager to form a lasting relationship.

For most of us, the emotional baggage that we carry can make it hard to find the ideal romantic partner. If you grew up in a household that does not have a role model that shows a solid, healthy relationship, you will surely doubt if such a thing truly exists. In another case, your dating past involved short-lived flings and you do not know how to make a relationship last. You might find the wrong type of individuals attractive or making undesirable choices continuously, due to an unresolved issue from your past. In some cases, you do not put yourself in the right environment to meet the ideal person or if one does arrive, you do not feel confident enough.

Regardless of the case, do not lose hope since you can overcome your obstacles. Even if you have been down when it comes to relationships repeatedly or have a poor record in dating, these tips for women looking for husbands can put you on the right track in finding a loving, healthy relationship that will surely last.

Components of a healthy relationship

In a healthy relationship, two individuals establish a connection or link that is based on the following:

  • Trust
  • Mutual respect
  • Support
  • Honesty
  • Good communication
  • Equality
  • Separate identities
  • Fondness or sense of playfulness

What are the common misconceptions of dating and relationships?

The initial step for women to successfully find love is to reassess some of the common misconceptions about dating and relationships that might be blocking you from finding the right one.

  • Myth: I can only be happy and fulfilled if I am in a relationship or it is better to have a bad one than no relationship at all.

Fact: Although there are several health benefits that one can enjoy while being in a solid relationship, being single has its perks. Many can enjoy contentment and be fulfilled without having a partner. Despite the shame in some social circles that goes along with being single, one should not enter a relationship with the only purpose of being able to “fit” in. Take note being alone and lonely are different in their terms. Furthermore, being in a bad relationship is unhealthy and disheartening. As one of the tips for women looking for husbands, do not stay in an unhealthy relationship.

  • Myth: If I do not feel an immediate attraction to a person, it is not a relationship that is worth pursuing.

Fact: This widespread myth should be terminated especially if you have a past of making bad choices. Remember that immediate sexual attraction and lasting love do not always go together harmoniously. It is important to note that emotions are likely to change and deepen over time. A good example is a friend that oftentimes turns into a lover. This is true, especially if these relationships are given a chance to blossom over time.

  • Myth: Women are different than men when it comes to emotions.

Fact: Both men and women feel the same things but oftentimes reveal their feelings differently. This is often done based on the customs of society. Both experience the same core emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and joy.

  • Myth: True love is continuous or physical attraction is likely to diminish over time.

Fact: Although love is often misunderstood, it is rarely static but this does not necessarily mean that love or physical attraction is destined to weaken as time passes by. As part of the aging process, both men and women have diminished sexual hormones. As for motions, they continue to influence passion more than these hormones. Essentially, sexual passion can grow stronger over time.

  • Myth: I can change the things that I do not like about a person.

Fact: Remember that you cannot change anyone. An individual will only change if and when they will accept change in their lives.

  • Myth: I did not feel any intimacy with my parents, so closeness will always be something awkward for me.

Fact: It is not too late to make modifications to any pattern of behavior. As time passes by, along with enough effort, you have the power to change the way you feel, think and act.

  • Myth: Disagreements will always result in issues in a relationship.

Fact: In most instances, conflict does not always have to be destructive or negative. As long as you have the right resolution skills, any type of conflict can serve as a chance for growth in a relationship.

What are the usual expectations of dating and finding love?

If you are in search of the right partner or ready to take your relationship to the next level, most of us do so with a programmed set of expectations. Sadly, these expectations can be unrealistic – how the individual should look and behave, roles each partner must fulfill or how the relationship should progress. One of the tips for dating for the first time is to avoid having high expectations.

Remember that these expectations have their basis. It could be your family history, past experiences, peer group influences or even the morals depicted in TV shows and movies. If you are going to stick to these unrealistic expectations, any potential partner can be seen as inept and a new relationship feels unsatisfactory.

Try to consider the factors that matter the most

As one of the essential tips for women looking for husbands, try to differentiate between what you want and what you truly need in a partner. Take note that “wants” can be negotiable while the “needs” are not.

When it comes to the “wants”, it typically includes elements such as intellect, occupation and physical attributes such as hair color, weight, and height. Even if certain traits seem vital at first, you will soon discover over time that you were needlessly limiting your choices.

As for the “needs”, they are different from the “wants” since these are qualities that matter to you the most such as ambitions, values or objectives in life. In most cases, these are not usually the factors that you can find out by looking at them, reading their profile on a dating site or sharing a drink at a bar.

If you are looking for lasting love this time around and how should a woman act in a relationship, try to forget what looks right, what must be right and disregard what your family, friends or others believe is right and ask yourself – Does this feel right?

Effective tips for women looking for husbands

Let us now take a close look at some of these useful tips for women looking for husbands, especially for those who are looking for a lasting relationship. This relationship advice for long term relationships can help you find the right one.

Try to keep things in perspective

Once you decide to find the “special” person in your life, do not make the task as the center of your life. Continue to focus on the activities that you enjoy, your health, career, and relationship with friends and family. While you are fixated on keeping yourself happy, your life will stay balanced and make you an attractive individual once you happen to meet someone special.

  • First impressions are not always dependable, particularly if meeting someone online. It takes time to fully know someone and it is vital to experience being with someone under various circumstances. You must how this person responds if under pressure when things do not go his way or if he is tired, frustrated or hungry.
  • Try to be honest with your flaws. All of us have shortcomings or flaws. If you want a long-lasting bond, the person must love you for who you are, not the person you want to be or the one they think you should be. Regardless of your flaw, it can be something that the person finds appealing. It is time to shed off all the pretense. This will also inspire your partner to do the same. This will result in an honest and truly fulfilling relationship.

Establishing a genuine connection

For most, dating can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. It is normal to be concerned with how you will come across and if your date finds you attractive or not. Regardless of how nervous or awkward you are in social settings, there is a way to conquer your fears and self-consciousness and form a good connection.

  • Try to focus outward, not on the interior aspect. This is one of the dating tips for new relationships that you must always consider. One way to deal with the “nerves” on your first date is to focus your attention on what your date is saying and doing as well as what is going on around you, instead of your internal thoughts. By being completely present at the moment, it can keep your mind off any insecurities and concerns.
  • Being curious. If you are truly interested in someone’s thoughts, experiences, feelings, and opinions, it can be seen and the person will be grateful for it. This will make a good impression and being more attractive than focusing your time on promoting yourself to your partner. If you do not genuinely like the person, there is no need to make any effort anymore.
  • If you are trying to build up a connection, remember that showing interest in others could not be faked. In case you are simply pretending to care or listen, your date will pick it up. No one wants to be manipulated or placated, thus your attempts to make a connection and make a good impression might backfire.
  • It is vital to pay close attention by truly listening to your date. Do not forget to pay attention to what he is saying, how he interacts and his actions. Even simple things can go a long way such as recalling his preferences, stories being told and what is currently going on in his life.
  • Set your phone aside. The best way to stay focused on your date is to put your phone away. Take note that nonverbal communication which includes expressions, subtle gestures and other visual cues can tell something about the other person, but they can be missed unless you are tuned in.

Fun must be a priority

Singles events, online dating and matchmaking services can be enjoyable activities but it can feel like high-pressure interviews for some. Despite what the dating professionals tell you, there is always a variance in finding a job and meeting the “right” one.

As an alternative to checking out dating sites or hanging in pick-up bars, consider your time as a single individual as a great chance to widen your social circle and engage in new events. At this point, one of the tips for dating someone new is to try to make enjoyable activities as your main focus. If you will pursue activities that you truly enjoy and exposing yourself to new environments, you will meet new people who share the same interests and values. Even if you are not lucky to find someone special, you had a great time and can pave the path for new friendships.

Let us now take a close look at tactics on finding enjoyable and fun activities as well as like-minded individuals:

  • Volunteering for a favorite charity, political campaign or animal shelter.
  • Register for a cooking, dance or art class
  • Take an extension course at a local university or college
  • Join a film group, theater group or take part in a panel discussion at a museum
  • Join a hiking group, running club, sports team or cycling group
  • Look for a local book group or photography club
  • Attend local food and wine tasting events or art gallery openings

Handling rejecting in a graceful manner

There will come a time when you are faced with rejection – both as the one being rejected and the one doing the rejecting.

Sadly, this is an inevitable factor when it comes to dating. As one of the tips for women looking for husbands, simply keep a positive mindset and being honest with yourself and others. This will make it less frightening to handle rejection. The key is to accept the fact that rejection is an unavoidable aspect of dating but do not dwell on worrying about it. Just move on.

Let us now take a close look at some of the tips on how to handle rejection when dating.

Do not take it personally. If you have been rejected a few times, the other individual might be doing so for superficial reasons that you cannot control. Some might prefer certain physical attributes while others could not overcome their issues. Try to be grateful for the early rejections in your life since this can spare you from much pain down the road.

Avoid dwelling on the rejection but learn from it. All of us make mistakes but do not drown yourself. In case this occurs recurrently, though, it is time to reflect on how you deal with others as well as any issues you must focus on and then let it go. Once you experience rejection, utilizing a healthy tactic can improve your overall strength and resiliency.

Recognizing your feelings. It is normal for one to feel down, disappointed, resentful or even sad after a rejection. You must acknowledge your feelings without suppressing them in any way. If you will carry out mindfulness, it keeps you in touch with your feelings. Additionally, it also allows you to quickly move on from the negative experience.

Watch out for the red flags in a relationship

The so-called “red-flag” signs might indicate that the relationship is not a healthy one. It is vital to have faith in your instincts. Do not forget to pay close attention to how the other person makes you feel. In case you tend to feel insecure, undervalued or ashamed, it might be time to think about your relationship.

Let us take a close look at some of the usual red-flags in a relationship.

  • Dependence on alcohol. In this type of relationship, both or one of you only communicate well – talk, laugh, make love – if under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Difficulty in committing. For some individuals, commitment can be considered as an ordeal. Some find it difficult to trust others or to understand the benefits that can be gained in a long-term relationship. This might be due to previous experiences or unstable home life while growing up.
  • Poor non-verbal communication. Instead of finding ways to connect with you, the attention of the other person is on other things such as his phone or the TV.
  • Being jealous of outside interests. One partner does not like it if you are spending time with family and friends outside of the relationship.
  • Controlling behavior. In some cases, the person wants to be in charge of everything. This person aims to govern the other and prevents them from having independent feelings and thoughts.
  • Relationship is purely sexual. The person has no other interest in the other, only on a physical level. Remember that a fulfilling and meaningful relationship depends on other factors, more than just the sexual aspect.
  • No one-on-one time. In this type of relationship, one partner uses the other to be part of a group of people. A prominent danger sign is when the person does not want to spend quality time with you.

Dealing with trust issues

Always bear in mind that mutual trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. Trust does not develop overnight. It requires time as your link with the other person intensifies. Nevertheless, if you have trust issues, especially those who have been traumatized, betrayed or abused in the past or have an insecure attachment bond – it might be hard to trust others and finding long-lasting love.

Let us take a close look at some of these tips for women looking for husbands when it comes to trust issues.

  • In case you have trust issues, your relationships might be plagued by fear. This is the fear of being deceived by the other person, afraid of being in a susceptible state or fear of being let down.
  • Nevertheless, it is possible to learn to trust others over time. If you will see a therapist or join a support group, it can help you identify the cause of your mistrust. Once identified, you can explore ways to establish a meaningful, fulfilling relationship.

Fostering growth in your relationship

Even if you found the ideal person, it is just the start of the journey. The best way to switch from casual dating to a committed relationship is to cultivate the newly established bond.

Let us look at some of the ways to nurture your relationship.

  • Investing in your relationship. Generally, a relationship will not run smoothly if it is not given regular attention. The more that you invest in each other, the more that both of you will grow. Try to participate in activities that both of you truly enjoy. Make sure to spend time with these activities, even when stressed or preoccupied.
  • Open communication. Remember that your partner cannot read your mind, so you must tell him how you feel. If both of you feel freely express your fears, needs, and desires, the bond between you both will grow stronger and deeper.
  • Managing conflict with a fair fight. Regardless of how you deal with the differences in your relationship, you mustn’t be scared of conflict. You must feel secure in voicing out any issues that are troubling you and being able to manage conflict without degradation, embarrassment or asserting on being right.
  • Being open to change. In any relationship, there is a tendency to change over time. Your primary wants in a relationship at the beginning might vary from what you and your partner want after a few months or years being together. When you accept change in a healthy relationship, it will not only make you both better off but also make you both healthier individuals – kinder, more generous and emphatic.

Final thoughts

For those who are eager to find love and establish a meaningful and long-lasting relationship, these tips for women looking for husbands will surely come in handy. Let these tips serve as a guide in finding the “right” one as well as helping you establish a strong and lasting relationship over time.

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