Relationship Issues: What are the Hidden Challenges in Every Relationship?

Most relationships especially the new ones can easily mask hidden challenges in every relationship. Hidden challenges in every relationship can also be called as deal-breakers. Most new couples only focus on the magic of their intimate relationship rather than the things that can possibly arise to a problem in the future. What does deal-breaker mean in a relationship?

When the intimacy in a new relationship subsides, there were issues that were bound to arise and potentially challenges the connection between the couple. If these issues or hidden challenges in every relationship are not resolved right away, they can be long-term relationship deal-breakers and then potentially destroy the relationships; some of which are the issues about money and relationship. Relationship deal-breakers can trigger negativity on the couples’ behaviors and feelings that can become more intense. If this continues, the anger, resentment, impatience between the couple can increase and last longer. Thus, it takes them more time to heal. 

What are the hidden challenges?

Different experts have a different perception of an ultimate deal-breaker in a relationship. However, if those hidden challenges in every relationship have been talked about and resolved right away, the couple might have been able to overcome them and the love between them could still be saved; it could also grow deeper. Some have listed the top 20 relationship deal-breakers but here are some of those that are often ignored by new couples. 

Differences or dissimilar desires

Each couple faces the challenge of dealing with each other’s differences especially when their relationship lasts longer. Surely, there are differences that you will argue about and will end about fighting. If those differences really bother your relationship, it is a must that you talk about it and make an agreement so you won’t have to fight over it. This can be a red flag or deal-breaker in a relationship. Over time, resentments and disappointments can lead you to a bigger problem. 

Past relationships issues

In a relationship, it is normal that most people do not confess any past relationship issues that they have especially those which were unresolved and this may be one of the top things at the relationship deal-breakers list or the hidden challenges in every relationship list. Some issues that will lead to a fight in a relationship is that when they saw an angry or seductive text from an ex or their partner’s phone or get a call from someone unknown. On the other hand, there can also be friends or members of the family that are not welcoming to the relationship or who are disapproving of the relationship. This can happen to a married couple and it’s one of the top things on a marriage deal-breakers list which can put the relationship into a rough patch.

Shifting of priorities

At the start of a relationship, new couples do everything that they can to show their partner how much they love each other and they are focused on their relationship which is their top priority. However, as the relationship lasts longer, there are new responsibilities and new obligations that come and require the couple to reassess their commitments and priorities. There are times when dates will be canceled, plans will change and your partner will have to focus on his/her career more while you want to start a family already. Sometimes, you will feel like your partner is not serious about your relationship anymore so it is better that you solve and talk about it together to avoid it from destroying your relationship. 

Change in physical attractiveness and fitness

In some relationships, physical attractiveness and fitness are actually important. At first, you may be equally devoted to improving your physical fitness but as time passes by, one may drop his/her commitment to it and change their mindset. Love and attachment may still be there but the desire may subside and it’s one of the obvious deal-breakers or hidden challenges in every relationship. Lastly, health issues can also be one of the relationship deal-breakers. One’s health issue can change their behavior and sexual desire that can lead to sexual issues that happen most of the time, especially to married couples. 

Irritating habits of one another

Certain behaviors can trigger emotional reactions in a relationship that seems to be more acceptable in the past. At the start of your relationship, you might be able to endure it for times but as time passes by, it may become more and more irritating. For example, when you are still dating, your partner becomes late all the time but you have to endure it. You thought it would change at some time but you noticed that he/she was already making relevant excuses. It can be one of the dating deal-breakers but if that continues in a relationship, it’s already an issue that you need to talk about. 


Most of the time, new couples prioritize their decisions in favor of what each other wants. They put aside their indesirable behaviors and make their partners the center of their lives in the early stages of their relationship. However, if your partner’s addictions resurface at a certain time, they will take over your relationship. Most think that addiction is the abuse of substances and can be a major deal-breaker to a girl but there are a lot of behaviors that can also be addictions. One of these is being a workaholic which you often put your career first instead of your loved one. Once addicted, a potential deal-breaker is going to arise. 


One of the hidden challenges in every relationship is concrete thoughts and opinions. An argument or issue may arise if the couple does not see things or think in the same way. Most of the time, these differences can happen when kids enter the family, like which parent’s religion should they take. Moreover, others may be sexual preferences or desires which can be a major problem if it’s not resolved right away.

Undesirable surprises

As the relationship lasts longer, most couples have shared most of their past experiences with each other that could affect their relationship. However, there are still times when people have done things in their past that they could not tell their current partner. They never expect that this past will reappear so they choose to hide it. On the other hand, if this past would emerge unexpectedly, it would have a huge impact on the relationship. If this happens, your partner may think that you lied to him/her and would probably have trust issues towards you. 

Unexpected events

One of the saddest deal-breakers in every relationship is the unexpected situations that may have a huge effect on each couple. This may happen out of the partner’s control but they could still exhaust the relationship and it can also be stressful. Some of which are financial losses, death of a family member, illnesses, betrayals or cheating, or disappointments. 

For those new couples out there, be courageous enough to face all of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with each other earlier. Do not let these hidden challenges in your relationship resurface and destroy the love you have. Your positive affection towards one another is more powerful than these deal-breakers. Face them before they can destroy your relationship. 

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