Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

Bedtime stories are known to be a great hack and technique for someone to have a good night’s sleep. Stories in this phase usually consist of lessons and values that a child may have gained the stories. Afterwhich, you expect them to sleep well or while you’re still in the middle of telling it. When you’re reading stories, you have to have a keen knowledge of emotion. Emotion brings out the best in stories mostly in fictional books. Emotions can modulate your voice and intonation which may sound so real and usual. But little did we know that bedtime stories are not only for kids?

There are a lot of bedtime stories not only about fairytales, little red riding hood or whatever book you may see in the children’s section. There are stories for romantic bedtime stories. And you can read it to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, you probably won’t see that in the kid’s section nor the fictional section of a bookstore. These romantic bedtime stories are stories for partners to read to have a good night’s sleep. 

Often, we are used that women or our mom usually read our bedtime stories to us. But romantic bedtime stories can be the other way around. Boys could do the reading this time. Who can ever resist a boy’s modulated strong, sexy and naughty voice? You will not fall for this kind of matter but eventually, fall out of your bed! Funny how this goes but this may lead you two into something intimate than just storytelling. 

Bedtime stories: long-distance couples

This could also work out for those couples who have a hard time seeing each other. Long-distance relationship couples could take a moment and dig beyond the moment. Instead of cuddling in personal, why not tell her a romantic bedtime story. It can change everything. It’s very unusual these days to tell bedtime stories for your girlfriend. It might be weird at first but maybe your girl will find things like this sooner or later. 

In all aspects of every girl’s life, they have dreamed of entering into a fairytale scene rescued by their prince charming or battling with some enemies whom the protagonist cannot defeat. Wait, this feels like Mulan. But for sure, your girlfriend more than brave and courageous than Mulan!

RomanticBedtime stories for your Girlfriend

Whether your girlfriend’s a Disney princess or not, we’ve got you a list of Bedtime stories that you can read for your Girlfriend!

  • Time Traveler’s Wife: it is a story about a man who’s able to travel through time and uses his power to go back to the important things in his wife’s life before they even met. Sounds like back to the future huh? Kidding aside, this story was written by Audrey Niffenegger and you might want to read her this story. If your girl’s personality is quite adventurous, for sure somehow this will fit her and let her realize things and contemplate it. Incorporating her life in the story can let her think that you are into her and you wanted to know more about you. Boy, you’ve got big points for that already!
  • Calm the F Down: Asterias we’re not shown in the F word because we certainly think that you what it is. Well, this story is something every millennial’s experience. The one who felt anxiety. Most Millenials deals with the kind of issues in their life. It might not be a big deal but it might lead to a bigger problem sooner or later. Going back, This is every millennial’s life. All about debt, social media, gossip and any other problems and challenges that you might think a Millenials have been encountering. For sure, everyone’s been through this kind of scene. 

Well, thanks to the author Ms. Knight, this is really can be an eye-opener to teenagers who’s been crumbling down their lives and having a hard time to push through life. Isn’t it sweet? Imagine a guy telling this story to you. That would probably be the best feeling in the world

  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: 101 Stories of Life, Love, and Learning: The stories quite long but I’m sure you’re girlfriends gonna be into it. This kind of story is good enough if both of you are finding a touching story, validation or answers to such things in this world. Thanks again to Jack Canfield who’s the author of the book. You can talk easily about anything under the sun. It’s more like an open topic to be discussed by both of you. 

    Enjoy each other’s companies by telling stories and learning about love and life. It’s a 2-way communication for both of you. It’ll give you healthy reasons to be in a relationship and keep that fire burning to each other. What a great romantic bedtime story, a great technique for your girlfriend to get a hook and to know you better. What a nice and smooth move you get there!
  • 3 Billion Under 30: How Millennials Continue Redefining Success, Breaking Barriers, and Changing the World:Is this even a romantic bedtime story or what? We all have different kinds of stories that we wanted to be heard. We too are different types of people who enjoy different kinds of things. So for those people and couples who are into finance, this might be a good topic for them. It’s all about rolling the ball on your future and earning a multi-millionaire dollar career. 

    Reading this one to your girlfriend can make both of you inspired and push through your romantic dates without bothering for money because you are financially stable. This is written by Jared Kleinert and this might be a good start for both of you if you wanted to be a billionaire minded millennial couple. What a different kind of romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend! Being in love means knowing the future too and this might be a possible way how to turn a girl on!
  • the Princess and the Pea: Well okay, for sure she’s gonna fall for this one. Before going to bed, make her feel like a real princess through this story. It is all about a princess who is put to the ultimate test by the parents of her prince. Oh boy, this could be a great test for both of you. This story should put your relationship into the test if it might work out or not. Kidding, she will love this story because she will remarkably see the real-life situation of such a story. Like proving yourself to your mom which might be a little hard thing to do. How about that? Very realistic and ideal. 

Wrapping up 

Now there it is! Romantic bedtime stories that might work if you read these stories to your girlfriend. Just don’t forget to change the tone of your voice to have a modulated and powerful aura. You may also create your own bedtime story to tell your girlfriend depending on what your interests are. You may experiment in stories that can have seductive words or phrases that may lighten your mood up or just came up with a usual princess thing. Do what makes your girl happy for your relationship to be healthy. 

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