She is Not Over Him: 6 Signs Your Man’s Ex Hasn’t Let Go

She is Not Over Him: 6 Signs Your Man’s Ex Hasn’t Let Go

Have you ever experienced dating a man and suddenly his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife suddenly appear in the picture? You feel that her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship is okay with her, but she suddenly shows the signs that she wants him back? To help you deal with this situation, it is best if you know the 6 signs your man’s ex hasn’t let go. 

1. She is always aiming to go out with your man 

It is sometimes easy to tell if a guy is over his ex, but it is sometimes a little bit difficult to know if a girl is over with her ex. With that being said, it is best if you know one of these 6 signs your man’s ex hasn’t let go. When she is always asking and aiming to go out with your man, rest assured that she wants him back. At first, she just wants to go out for a coffee break with him, but when you notice that she wants to be with him every day, you need to be careful. She is trying to win your man’s heart again. Remember she has other friends too, so why does she need to bother your man? You definitely need to raise an eyebrow! 

2. She is always communicating with him 

One of the signs she’s not over her ex is having frequent communication with him. If you notice that she is still present in his inbox and social media accounts, then it is time to raise your awareness. This is one of the 6 signs your man’s ex hasn’t let go. Calling and texting him during late hours is not normal! These late hours are supposed to be for you. You should be the one communicating with him. Late hours should only mean two things: 1. He is already sleeping or 2. He is communicating with you. Watch out, girl! 

3. She will comfort him when you and your man is fighting 

When his ex is cheering him if you are fighting, it is one of the subtle signs of a jealous ex. She is jealous of what you have right now; that’s why she is trying to win him back by means of comforting him during his lowest moments. She will offer help by being his shoulder to cry on. This is a perfect opportunity for her to prove that she is better than you. So just a reminder girl, watch out for this one of the 6 signs your man’s ex hasn’t let go. 

4. She will criticize you 

Criticizing you is a sign that your man’s ex is bitter. When your ex has moved on and you haven’t, you will surely feel the bitterness, and this is exactly what she feels. She sees all your flaws and will judge you about it. Saying bad things about you will be her hobby. The way you dress, and the way you take care of your man will never be good at her sight. You should teach her to overcome an obsession with your man.

5. She will do her best to be friends with your man’s friends. 

If your man’s ex is having a hard time moving on from past relationships, then she will be more likely to bring back your man in his life. As part of her plan, she will try her best to win the hearts of his friends. Even though his friends don’t want to hang out with her, she will still make another way to be with them too. Facebook invites, or group texts can be her way of getting their attention and sympathy. What is her real agenda? Simple, she wants them to help her win him back. 

6. She will post their old pictures on different social media platforms 

 Its throwback time! This is one of the signs a relationship is not over for her. What is the worst part of this? Well, she will just post pictures of their cuddling moments with a caption of “reminiscing good memories with my #friend”. Omg! Seriously a friend?!! This is an alarming, very alarming girl! I’m sure you don’t want to deal with a cheating relationship.

There you go! You are now aware of the 6 signs your man’s ex hasn’t let go. This can be a great help just in case you are experiencing such a situation where your boyfriend’s ex-wife or ex-girlfriend is trying to win him back. Since your man is showing the signs he is moving on and the signs he’s over the relationship with his ex, then it is best to fight for him and protect him against his bitter ex!  

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