Signs a Female Friend has Feelings for you

She regularly takes a look at you. She laughs at all your crack jokes. Your presence around her makes her nervous. You’re not sure you understand her behavior and her reactions. She might just be friendly or she might actually start to have feelings for you. How to be on track? And, uh, how do we know if a girl loves us? Sometimes you have a crush on a girl for ages and you wonder if it’s the same for her. Similarly, a girl’s behavior can attract our curiosity and lead us to ask several questions about her potential feelings. There are some tips to understand the nature of a female’s feelings.

How do we know if a girl loves us? The 10 steps

The majority of girls use body language to communicate their feelings for you. To respond to the inquiry, ” How would we know whether a young lady cherishes us? “You must be cautious about what you do. Here are ten techniques to adopt in these cases.

1-All means are good to be as close to you as possible!

How do we know if a girl loves us? When a girl is truly infatuated, she will very often try to touch you as soon as an opportunity presents itself. She’ll accept the open door to break down your response. She will take advantage of moments of wild laughter to touch your arm, to tap your shoulder or knee or lean against you. However, a shy and reserved girl will not touch you easily. Don’t think she’s not interested. Your presence certainly makes her nervous. It’s up to you to break down the barrier and see if it gets any closer. Thus, she will gradually find discrete ways to be close enough to you. Even if it’s with little gestures!

2-Her position when she comes close to you says a lot:

A girl who likes you will always try to place herself in a position in front of you to observe you well. Your presence certainly makes her happy. If you talk to her, she’ll be standing right in front of you and listening to you. It is also a way for her to give you all her attention. However, some girls are shy and reserved in nature. They usually become nervous as the boy they have a crush on approaches them. If this is the case with the girl in question, then the girl will withdraw a little bit during the conversations. For example, she will cross her arms and feet when she is with you. She will still cross her feet towards you so that she can observe you well from time to time.

3-Your presence makes her smile:

Did you ever notice that a girl smiles every time you’re together? She probably can’t hide the joy you’re giving her. It’s a sign that she’s comfortable and happy with you. She’ll even smile for stupidities. She’ll laugh at all your jokes. If she’s usually the only one laughing at it, then that should confirm your doubts.

Likewise, if you are interested in a girl, it would be best for you to make her smile.

4-She will always create space for you close to her:

How would we know whether a young lady adores us? Maybe you think it’s fundamental, but if a girl makes room for you in one form or another, you better see it as a signal. It proves that she wants and appreciates to be near you. Once you’re next to her, she can lean towards you or lean back on you or touch you.

5-She gets restless in front of you or becomes nervous:

Some girls get restless when they want to draw attention to a boy. She’ll make repetitive movements and tricks in front of you. She’ll try to interrupt your conversations for no reason. Conversely, others become nervous at the idea that they are being observed. You’ll notice how upset she looks.

6 – Focus on eye to eye connection:

How do we know if a girl loves us? When a girl loves a boy in secret, she takes every opportunity to look at him and observe him. If you sneak a peek at her, you’ll surely catch her staring at you. However, if she is shy, she will look away as soon as your eyes come into contact with hers. If not, she will maintain eye contact for a period of time. In either case, it could mean she’s attracted to you. If she withdraws quickly, it often means she’s nervous or not ready to tell you what she’s feeling. In any case, it’ll simply affirm her affection for you.

Additionally, accept the open door to watch her analytically. If her heart beats very hard, then her pupils will be dilated. Focus and maybe you’ll see it.

7-She will embrace you without any justified reason:

A girl who particularly likes to hug you should get your attention. It can be a way for her to touch you and get very close without you paying attention. She’ll try to make you think it’s just friendly. But don’t let it distract you. Even if she is cuddly, see if she does the same with her other friends. Nevertheless, turn the hug back if you like it and are also interested or refuse it delicately.

8-She will try to do everything as you do:

When she is in love, the girl carefully observes your actions. In the long run, consciously or unconsciously, she will begin to do certain things like you. She’ll go so far as to adopt some of your gestures. Also, it may happen that she uses one or more expressions you use regularly.

9-Girls flick their hair when they are embarrassed:

Staying with someone you secretly love can sometimes be awkward. Shyness can make a girl look away. However, if she starts playing with her hair while you talk, then your presence probably disturbs her.

10-Context can be misleading:

When interpreting the body language of a woman, always consider the context in which she acted. A girl’s touching isn’t always the same thing as flirting. During a conversation, she can touch your arm or shoulder in a friendly way. Likewise, a girl can look at you for a long time and stare you straight in the eye just to break down the barriers between you or show you that she is not afraid of you. A drawn outlook does not really demonstrate fascination. It could be a way to get a message out. However, if she takes her eyes off every time you catch her, it must put you on the spot.

Pay attention to the signs of coquetry

“How would we know whether a young lady cherishes us ? “. This inquiry stays in our brains. Body language could fool us. It is important to look for Complementary signs.

1 – The compliments:

Be receptive to compliments. If a girl tells you nice things very often, she may have a crush on you. It’s a way of saying she thinks you’re special. She can comment on your physique, personality or performance.

2-The conduct of your friends and family:

Girls usually share their feelings with their friends. How would we know whether a young lady adores us? If you have any doubts about a girl, watch her friends ‘ reactions when you’re around. Most of the time, they will tend to laugh, smile or comment on you. On the other hand, if you see her with her friends and they are aware of your presence, then they will probably be talking about you. Get closer and see if they keep quiet or change suddenly. If that’s the case then you were probably the subject of the talk.

3 – Her style:

Many girls rely on their style to impress boys. She will choose clothes that will draw attention to herself. She’ll do everything in the hope that you notice. If she knows your preferences, then she won’t hesitate to adopt them. She will become more and more rigorous in her way of dressing.

4-Gentle and friendly teasing:

When a girl has feelings for you, she likes to see you happy and smiling. How would we know whether a young lady adores us? If you are very calm or serious for a long time, she will try to twitch you a little about some things you have done or said. To tease you, she can: remind you of a joke that wasn’t really funny, make fun of something you wear or delicately tell you that you’re too serious.

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5 – She discovers reasons to converse with you:

Whether it’s on social media or face-to-face, an interested girl will always be looking for a reason to talk to you. If she stays a long time without talking or seeing you then she will surely send you a message to check on you. Likewise, it is a way for her to get to know you better.

However, this is not enough to conclude that a girl loves you. A girl who just wants to be friends can also try to talk to you. But if she has a tendency to want to start conversations or send a number of body signals, then she’s plausibly in love.

6 – She gets some information about your intimate life:

If you are interested in a girl, she will seek to know if your heart is still available. It will allow her to be sure and to know if it is worth letting her feelings for you to grow. More often than not, she will ask you indirect questions whose answers can help her. For the bravest, they will ask you directly.

She can do this by asking questions like: “will you come to the ceremony tomorrow with your girlfriend ? “. She will deduce information from your answer or reaction. If you are also interested, take advantage of such opportunities to show her you care. You could say, ” I’m not in a relationship, but I should go with someone. Will you be my date?  »

7-Her moments of distress are important:

For how to know if a girl likes you, these moments are key elements in evaluating a girl’s feelings for you. When a girl loves you, she can pretend to feel embarrassed or faint to see if you care. She’ll specifically tell you she’s cold and hopes you give her your sweater. If you offer her your sweater at once, she will find it very considerate. It will develop the interest it has in you. Likewise, she can play a stupid or incompetent girl so you can steal from her. She can, in this case, pretend not to understand duty. She’ll wait until you offer to help her with them.

If you’re the first to offer her help, she’ll probably be very moved if she has feelings for you. Nevertheless, if she has no interest in you, she will thank you in a friendly way and move on.

If she almost always reacts indifferent, it shows that she has no feelings for you. It would be better for you to move on.

8-Is she quick to help you?

How would we know whether a young lady cherishes us? If she loves you, she will have great pleasure in helping you in all circumstances. As soon as you show her any need, she’ll respond immediately. She will always look for ways to make you feel totally comfortable and even more, pampered. A girl in love with you will find time for you even if she is very busy. However, avoid complaining very often. Don’t always ask for her support. It might make you look like a lazy, weak boy: an individual who can’t handle his responsibilities. Or she’ll think you’re trying to take advantage of her kindness. It could degrade the quality of her feelings for you.

9-Does she treats others as she treats you?

How would we know whether a young lady adores us? If a girl who is courting you is not necessarily in love with you. She may just like flirting with boys. The same is true of the services she performs for you on a regular basis. She could just be a very helpful girl. To know if she has any special consideration for you, you need to be careful about these relationships with other boys. If you notice a big difference, you can tell a lot about her feelings for you. You can, for example, notice that she is more smiling, gentler, and cuddlier with you than with all the others. All things considered, rest guaranteed, she cherishes you.

Express your interest

It can happen that none of the above tricks works for you, especially if you are attracted to the girl. You may not be able to understand the different signals the girl is sending you. If so, then perhaps it would be better to move up a gear. Take the first step and show your interest. It will make you feel much improved. Also, you can be set based on his answer or his reaction. And who knows? Feelings for you could be born in her. How to proceed?


Let her know you appreciate her company. A natural and regular smile is perfect to convey such a message. That way, you’ll also make him feel like a happy boy. It might develop a certain attraction in her. Be sure to have a smile in return if she is also grateful for the time you shared

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2-Start a conversation:

How to tell a girl that she is loved does your best to break the silence or distance between you and the girl. This will make it easier for you to analyze observe her behavior. You’ll most likely see more indications of potential love. How would we know whether a young lady cherishes us? How can she address you? Is she shy or romantic? Does she admit everything you say? Does she smile at all your jokes? Does she look happy in your company? If you answer ” yes ” to all these questions then she’s probably in love with you.

To make the conversation, you can ask her an open question about her daily life, her work or her culture. Ask for simple things. You can ask her opinion on a topic, information about her, her day or her interpersonal relations.

Girls are usually afraid to take the first step towards a boy. It’s even worse when they’re in love. They become shy and nervous. They fear being offended once they open up. They, therefore, prefer to avoid any situation that would make them vulnerable. That’s why if a girl has a crush on you, she will very often hesitate to come near you. For her, you are a weak point. Nevertheless, she will be receptive if you start the conversation first.

Don’t hesitate to make the principal move. Remember to observe her behavior and reactions well during the talk.

3 -Give her attention:

How would we know whether a young lady cherishes us? Do you have affection for a woman? See if you can find out anything about her. You can use them to seduce her. All you have to do is pay close attention to what she says or does while you are together. You will remember one or more things.

For example, if you are talking about music, try to find out her favorite style, her favorite artists, etc. Do not hesitate to mention these details during another conversation. She’ll be very complimented by this little consideration.

4-React to her signals:

We’ve already talked about several signs that a girl is interested in. If you notice these clues, you should respond in return. If you are also interested, engage in flirting with her. However, she may start to react differently when you do. It could mean you were wrong about her feelings for you. Go back. You’ll be able to analyze better next time. In addition, if you are not interested, it will be kind to make her understand it.

5-Avoid over-analyzing:

It is not easy to deduce whether a girl is in love or indifferent. This can be a tiring and uncomfortable spot. The time you spend trying to understand her might develop in you a desire to possess her at all costs. And yet, it would be better to get to know her. Don’t spend all your time thinking about the nature of her feelings for you. Enjoy the time you spend with her. However, please do not become very close to her. She might consider you a friend over time.

It’s time to act

Ask her out

An invitation would be a good way to assess a girl’s feelings for you. Offer her a ride with you and watch her reaction. How would we know whether a young lady adores us? If she gladly accepts and expresses her joy, that is a clue. Her reaction during the release will confirm some doubts. This tip is more valid if you are also in love with the lady. However, please remain calm.

Tell her you to love her

How do we know if a girl loves us: if you have feelings for a girl for a long time, then tell her!. It would be better if you first reassured yourself of the nature of the girl’s feelings for you. So you can be psychologically prepared for her answer. It will save you any frustration. If she answers you favorably, take the opportunity to ask her to become your girlfriend. Do it subtly. Tell her, for example, that you appreciate her company and you will like to become more than a friend to her.

However, avoid lying just out of curiosity. Girls are very sensitive. She won’t forgive you easily. It will also destroy the trust she had towards you.

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