Signs and Body Language that Mean he does not Like You

Have you ever been in a situation where you like a guy, and he seems like he could probably feel the same about you because of the signs he has been giving you, but then one day, he just decides to go date someone else who is not you? Or just when you thought everything was going really well, he suddenly drops the friendzone bomb at you. Heartbreaking, I know. But to save our little hearts from a possible terrible heartbreak, I have a treat to all the ladies out there! I have done some research and created a list of signs and body language guys do that could tell you that he doesn’t like you. Let’s begin!

10 body language guys do that could mean that they probably are not that into you:

1. He does not make eye contact.

Do you know how when we saw a really cute bag, or a delicious-looking cake, we keep looking at it? The same applies to us humans—we are programmed to look at things that we like! So if you keep catching him looking at you, and just pretends not to, chances are he has looked at you more than once which means he probably likes you. But if not, then there is a good chance that he might not be interested in you that much.

2. He treats you like how he treats everybody else.

You blushed because he called you beautiful today, but he did so to 25 other girls, too. That can mean that he’s just trying not to be obvious about it, but that could also mean that he sees you like how he sees all the other girls he is friends with. If a guy likes you, you’re bound to get special attention and get noticed more often by him compared to the other girls, but hey, this is just a possible sign.

3. He interrupts you when you are in the middle of saying something.

Yes, that’s right. If you are in the middle of saying a really funny story or just have something to say, and he cuts you off, that is a red flag, ladies. If a guy likes you, he is going to be all ears, he will pay attention, and make sure you get to finish your sentence. If someone else cuts you off, he might even cut them off just to make you continue what you were saying. This body language shows that he probably does not like you.

4. He gives you brief answers.

Yes”, “no”, “haha”. What do these tell you? That they might not really be interested in talking to you, or what you two are talking about. A guy who likes you would give you long answers, or he can give you short replies but open a new topic you can talk about to keep the conversation going. If he likes you, he will want to keep the conversation alive!

5. He takes too long to respond.

Of course, he could have taken a while to reply to your messages because he did something important like picking his younger sister up from school, or maybe he just doesn’t want to keep talking to you. I know, that hurts, but that is a big possibility. A person who likes you would take his phone with him wherever he goes and replies when he is available because he likes talking to you! That is what we should look for, ladies, take note!

6. He has bad posture around you.

Of course, guys who like you will want to look appealing to you too, right? They will most likely straighten their back, and suck their stomachs in, sort of like what peacocks do when they want to attract female peacocks. So, if you see him slouching in your presence, that actually a body language that tells you that he does not like you that much.

7. He does not open up to you that much.

As much as I’d hate to say it if the person you like does not open up to you about his personal life, his experiences, his problems, he probably does not feel the same towards you. A guy who likes you would want to be intimate with you, and by intimate, I mean to be more vulnerable around you. He will share his thoughts with you and tell you about his most fond memories of him during his childhood.

8. He remains in a bad mood even in your presence.

Say he had a bit of a rough day, but once you set foot in the same room he is in if he likes you, he’s probably going to be in a better mood.

9. He does not ask that much about your problems.

Harsh, but true. If a person is not interested in you, he will surely not care about what bothers you. If a person feels something for you, he’s sure to ask if you’re doing okay, or if you need help, or maybe offer a shoulder to cry on. If he likes you, he should care, if not, I’m so sorry to break this to you but he might not feel the same.

10. When it is always you who initiates interaction. 

Oh, and when I say, ‘it’s you who initiates interaction’, I mean, it’s you who does the pursuing like texting him first, always the first one to walk up to him to start a conversation, always the one who asks them to hang out with them. I have no problem with girls making the first move—that is actually a very confident move! But the problem here is, he is not reciprocating what you do! If he does not start the conversation, chances are, he might not one to talk to you. If he does not ask you out, he probably is not that into you.

The Geist…

Body language can say a lot, that is why it is important to pay attention to how he acts around you. If he slouches, does not make eye contact, does not make an effort to connect with you on a deeper level, you might be up for heartbreak. Of course, he might just be the shy, quiet type, but if he isn’t and he displays these, he probably might not like you like how you like them. If so, that’s alright, you don’t need someone who does not see your worth. Like what Ariana Grande said, “thank you, next!”

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