You’ve been dating a man for several weeks, and though you think it’s okay, you’re looking for a sign that he’s talking to someone else. You are afraid to be too emotional in this Situation until he is convinced that you and only you are interested.

If you suddenly find that an interested man is no longer interested in you, it seems as if you had taken a Track. It is such an Ego and a heart attack if your boyfriend loses interest in you and let you carry a bag. It seems that everything was very good! Everyone is above all on one side! There was no sign that his attention was focused on someone else!

Maybe you’re pretending because you’ve been betrayed. Maybe he has an action that gives you a good reason to ask him what is happening. The facts must be investigated if you are not sure.

The following are some signs that maybe he can be seeing someone else:

He is not texting you often

It may not have been strange 10 years ago, but often the first sign of not being committed 100% in 2017. Of course, it depends on the person. The person you’re dating is probably texting bad, but you should pay attention to this when you get close to the ghost stage.

He protects his phone a lot more than the usual

Of course, he has the right to receive a personal life. But why does he protect so hard, while he’s gone all the way to make sure you don’t put your hands on his phone? He throws you a card with the inscription “You don’t trust me.”He started taking his phone to the bathroom and is still password protected.

He does not mention any future plans 

His birthday is within a month or two and every time you ask him what he wants to spend his birthday, he changes the topic. There is no mention of planned weekends, holidays or anything else. If he doesn’t plan for the future with you, he probably lost interest in you.

Both of you aren’t serious

He will make it a point to confirm this point to you. He will also do that in front of everybody else. Words such as “We are just having some fun”, “It’s something casual” or “Not so serious” are often in his vocabulary. If you’re on another side different than him, talk to him about it. He’s having trouble with his commitment or trying to make himself less guilty about his latest actions “deceive and cheat on you”, this is one of the most subtle signs that he sees someone else. Most women often ignore it (Signs He Is Seeing Someone Else).

Texting a lot when he’s with you

It’s a big problem. He can barely reply to your “How is your day going so far?” Text, but he is in the Bar and sends thousands of text messages like a storm to someone else. It’s not even worth knowing if he is talking to other women because it is really obvious.

New habits?

That is fine, we all change. But be careful when his actions become inexplicable, confusing or unstable. It’ll probably mean that he’s hiding something from you. And you have the right to ask him what happened. Do not let him feel guilty and think that you are obsessed or suspicious. Women’s instincts are rarely wrong.

Canceling a lot

If he uses (“I’m not feeling good,” “I’m really tired actually”.), it’s likely that he has other plans that he’s trying to hide from you. It is fine if it is only for a few times, but if it becomes a habit, try to figure out what is going on.

You don’t know anybody from his side

Of course, the new relationship means that the presentation remains inactive for friends and family. But be careful when you’re together for several months and he did not introduce you yet to someone. Maybe he doesn’t take the relationship seriously or has introduced to his friends another girl as his girlfriend. And more likely he tells his friends that you are just a friend. What is the absolute Problem? Nobody goes out with his friends, so drop it right away (Signs He Is Seeing Someone Else).

Someone else’s name in bed?

He’s trying to avoid that by not saying mentioning your name! The ultimate sign that the Person you see speaks to other women is flub. If he says Joana and you’re called Emma, What do you think? Of course, it may be the name of a former girlfriend or his ex, but still, you are in a strange situation.

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