Signs she Wants a Relationship but is Scared

The relationship nowadays are seen in a different way

The man and woman are meant to be together, and this topic was controversial throughout the ages. The problem within this is that in our current societies, people have more opportunities of getting engaged easily with one another, thanks to the new technologies that facilitate those random connections.

Relationships with dating no longer necessarily go hand in hand. Relationships are no longer something people are looking for as long as people keep dating because of how long it is considered a must so that no one wants to be lonely makes a dating relationship last? None of us seems to know the reasons why.

Our job now is to analyze some factuality’s in order to make things clear for all of us, depending on some real facts.

The digital age has changed a lot, and quotes are no exception. We tend to explore bigger friend’s zones due to social networks and internet applications in general, the latter makes it a lot easier to connect and interact with others. It would be irresponsible to say that there is no positive side in online dating.

Having the fact that many opportunities to know people from all over the world are a coin with two sides. Its advantages are to be more sociable and have access to know all genders and make friends as well as partners straightforwardly. Yet, you realize that you are only living in an artificial area, also you have many partners at the same time, unfortunately, you are engaged in many relations which is not what you are seeking for.

With regard to the fact that the app Tinder-like ERA makes it worse. If a date fails, you will always know that there is someone else on the list for today. As a result, do not take the date seriously. To be able to keep you busy with a partner, you need to always choose.

FOMO / fear of getting lost

FoMO, or fear of getting lost, is a result of seeing and exciting event or having many choices at a time, and this is one of the disadvantages of our modern world that rely deeply on social media.

 According to the computer of human behavior, the fear of getting lost is the widespread fear that ” others may have a beneficial experience that is not there.

FOMO believes that the many dates one can have are more essential than the relationship itself. Every time you have a meeting with someone you’ve encountered on Tinder, you have to go in order to allow you to meet and date other people quickly.

Fear of compromise

FoMO often leads to fear of participation.

People lately become afraid of commitment, and it results in many reasons. Having the fact that people are afraid to be trapped or cheated on is one of the main reasons. That’s why people get involved in making out sites that allow anyone to have as many partners as he can without being so attached and committed to one another.

We often prefer to continue our fascinating tour of the power of dating and that is why we can pass on the opportunity to find our ideal partner.

She wants the relationship to be a sign but she is too scared to admit it.

Is it obvious that your potential partners really love each other because you learned about the fear of getting lost and the fear of getting involved, and the chance to stop her?

Who knows! To make sure if she wants a serious relationship or just you’re one of her partners you have to check the following indications

1. She will ask you a lot of questions:

one of the common signs about her thinking about a serious relationship with you is that you will be asked many questions that had a relation with your life as well as your gone by in time and no longer existing period.

If she does not think about the possibility of building a relationship with you; she will not waste time studying her detailed biography. These inquiries, like her, do not have to be addressed to those who belong to them.

2. Body talk:

those little gestures can actually let drop many words and subtle aims. If she accidentally bites her lip every time you talk to her or touch your hair when you talk to her, it means that she is interested in you.

3. She’s joking.

Jokes alone are not signs that she wants a relationship, but do you remember that you were joking at school to get the attention of a girl you love who has “unintentional” physical contact when she jokes about you? In this case; it works much the same way.

4. If she is making you emotionally moved.

She is trying to show off her sexuality or see if you are jealous and want to raise up your jealousy feelings caused by inviting them to tell a story that is meant to make you feel jealous and regret that they’re not together. The best way is to play by your own rules.

5. She’s suffering in the past.

Does she delve into your past and reveal her past to you now? It turns out after she has wounded in the past some romance? I can assume that she thinks that you are the one for her. She reveals that she does not know how to behave with a man and that she will explore that with you.

6. She has a question:

If you have any questions about whether or not I can help you. As a partner, I mean to make a commitment to you. If this conversation went between you, it means that she really cares and thinks about you seriously.

7. Your friends joke about your feelings:

When you hear her friends joking about her feelings for you; it is one of the signs that she wants a serious relationship. This means that she often talks with friends and, perhaps, touches on the possibility of participation. Her friend is joking because she is discussing it with them while she should discuss it with you.

8. She’s messing with you.

She is teasing and starts teasing you?

Is a definite indication that she really wants you? Making fun with mean that she acts naturally and feels very comfortable with you to be in her normal mode with you. Mockery and mockery are not typical for her? It means the two of us are getting serious.

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9. You are invited to family gatherings.

Those celebrations you pass with your family? If she really takes you there, then it is a definite sign of thinking about you seriously. It is the case where she wants you to get involved and feel free to be around them whenever you want, it means in other words, that you become one of the family

10. Asks you about meeting our friends and family:

you certainly wait for the moment to acquaint her with your pals, aren’t you? If you have not shown people’s interest before in your life and have not shown those interests from anywhere, you are almost ready to compromise. She’s yours.

11. She shares her future plans:

after sharing your past stories, now you moved to future plans? Well, she is definitely interested in you and is ready to plan her future together. Those conversations you are having about your future dreams and plans are only to make her let go of her insecurities. Here you have to be careful and you have to be as honest as you can. If you want to be with her; but your plans are very different and you don’t have the chance to find a mutual solution, then why don’t you leave it to share a plan for the future?


We all expected the digital age to simplify the relationship. It is so easy to find someone to talk to or even consider as a partner. Yet, people should develop their way of thinking about those kinds of relationships and consider them real and not play with people’s feelings. If you have any questions; please feel free to contact us It seems like all the tricks have started to become more direct (and even more likely to happen during a non-profit organization). So, all that remains is knowledge of reading the signs of a person who is afraid to admit his past experience or desire to commit for FOMO.

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