Signs that tell your Wife Loves you

Being in love is one of the most amazing things that you can feel in this world. You get attracted to a person, you try to woo her and eventually you get to have her with all those efforts you’ve put in to make her yours. As the day goes by, your feelings for each other grow until one day you decided to propose to her and make her your wife.

And then you got married and things started to change. Both of you have different routines and roles inside the house since you are now husband and wife. There are instances that you are both working and have less time to spend with each other. That is where you start to think if your wife is still in love with you.

In marriage, being together will no longer suffice. Both of you will need to make a lot of effort to get the spark going. Both of you will need to make time for each other. Both of you will need to make your relationship a top priority if you are aiming to grow old together.

Sometimes we get busy that we no longer keep track of our partner and her feelings. Sometimes the more busy we get, the less time we have to spend with her, and that’s how things get a little bit complicated. You will eventually feel that her feelings for you are slowly fading and when you realize its too late.

So here is a list that would determine if your wife is still in love with you.

Things Still Get Done

If you wake up in the morning and you still have food on the table, chores done when you get home, make an effort to impress you, then clearly she is still in love with you. You will surely notice if your wife is no longer in love with you as you will see it in her actions. 

She Still says Favorable Things About You

If your wife still loves you, she will most definitely brag about you and how you are a wonderful husband. If that happens then make sure that her effort is appreciated. Always make your wife feel that she is the most special girl in the world if you don’t want to lose her.

She Forgives You

No matter what you did she will still forgive you. You told her a white lie that you will be working a little late but instead, you went out with your friends and had a drink but she still forgives you, then she is still in love with you. If this happens then make sure to not make her upset again, you will never know if you’ve reached her last straw.

Your Needs are all Met

When your wife is still in love with you, then you should not be worried about your needs. She will still be able to give you all that, and make sure that you make her feel appreciated and get out of your way to make her feel special too.

She is on Your Side

You will know if your wife is still in love with you if she is always on your side. Meaning she will support you with every decision that you make. She will always be supportive in all your endeavors. 

She Finds Ways to Make You Happy

She will always find ways to make you feel satisfied. She will definitely always do things to make you happy. She will make all the efforts in order to fulfill your needs. From simply making you your favorite food you will definitely know if your wife is still into you.

When You Need Her, She Puts Her Anger Aside

No matter how angry she with you, she will always put her anger aside in order to help you with anything. Heck, she will stop what she is doing in order to help you look for your favorite socks and other things that you needed her. Even if she’s hungry and you try and ask her nicely to make you a sandwich, she will. Always make sure that you also get out of your way to make her feel that she is appreciated with everything that she does for you.

Her Threats are Always Empty

You’ll know if she is still in love with you if she makes empty threats. Pretending that she is going to leave you only because she just wants you to comfort her, then do it. Put your ego and pride aside if you care for her as she is doing everything that she can in order for you to be happy with her.

She Nags You About Your Health

When she keeps on telling you that you need to go to the gym or if she keeps on insisting that you need to eat healthy more, then she is still in love with you. And make sure that you do exactly what she is telling you to do, as she is only looking out for you because she still cares for you.

She Puts Up with Your Family

No matter how harsh your family is to her if she still loves you she will put up with how negatively your family will treat her. She will always respect your family, even if it means putting up with their shit every day.

She Sacrifices Herself for your Needs

She will always put you first before her when she does then its a sign that she is still in love with you.

Being in a relationship takes two people to fully commit that they will make each other happy. If one strays the other should guide the other to get back on track. Always keep in mind that it takes two people to make a relationship work.

Always treasure your partner, always make her feel special, always put her first above all else.

And when you do you will definitely see how she takes care of you and the family that you will build with her. 

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