Signs That You are Not Handling the Rejection Well

Rejection is an inevitable and painful experience in human life. Everyone has experienced it at least once or twice in their lifetime. One of the most painful kinds of rejection is rejection in love.

This excruciating feeling can last for a while depending on someone’s capacity. When you first realize that you are rejected, you may not want to speak, eat or feel physically sick. That is absolutely a normal reaction due to rejection.

You may even don’t want to get over it yet for a moment and just stuck in the misery. When you are finally deciding that it’s about time to move on, you also need to be careful. While you’re thinking you are moving forward, there are signs that you may be doing it the wrong way and may come back right at you. So to avoid that trap, some signs are there as a warning as to what you should avoid.

“Here are some signs that you may not be handling rejection well and tips on how to change them”

 1. You don’t acknowledge your emotions well

You don’t acknowledge your emotions well

Rather than accepting the truth and admitting that you are disappointed, you try to suppress, deny or ignore the pain. You are not confident of the uncomfortable feelings and you don’t face it head-on. You just try to minimize the pain you are feeling by telling yourself it’s no big deal when deep inside you know that it was your whole world. When you don’t face it and slowly accept it, it will only prolong the pain.

 2. You punish yourself

Rather than treating yourself with compassion and understanding about what you are going through right now, you self-talk yourself with negative thoughts. You feed yourself with ideas like “You are not enough for her”, or  “You don’t deserve to be loved because you’re stupid.” If you beat yourself up, you will only feel more down and miserable. Try to speak to yourself as a trusted friend would. Get rid of your own inner critic and be more compassionate about yourself. 

 3. You let rejection define you

When you are rejected by a love interest, you already concluded that you’re unlovable. You don’t keep rejection in its proper perspective. Others’ opinions and feelings toward you will not define who you truly are. Don’t make sweeping generalizations about the matter. Your self-worth does not depend on other people’s opinions about you. Just because someone thinks that way about you doesn’t mean that it’s true.

 4. You decide to go back to your comfort zone

You decide to go back to your comfort zone

When you are never rejected, you may be living too deep inside your comfort zone. So when you receive a rejection, you feel that was a long shot outside your comfort zone. You now feel afraid to try next time and you think that you should just stay inside.

The fact that you are being rejected means that you are living your life to the fullest. You are putting yourself out there and that is a good thing. When you go out of your comfort zone, that is when you grow and magic can happen. So don’t think of going back to your comfort zone and stay low-key in fear of rejection, push yourself to your limits. 

 5. You don’t view your rejection as a learning experience

When faced with rejection, you are just plain bitter about it. You don’t realize the areas that you can improve or use it as an opportunity to be better. Rather than simply mending the pain, turn that rejection into something beautiful such as self-growth. As they said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Use rejection to grow stronger, to become better and to have more wisdom and understanding in moving forward with your life.

 6. You took for granted the good things that are still in your life

You get stuck in dwelling unto negativity and self-doubt. You’re so miserable that you don’t notice the good things in life that you still have. You are not grateful for the positive things that are happening in your life at the moment or the things that have always been in your life that are worth thanking for. For example, your family, friends that love you, you have your job, the roof above your head, and the fact that you never have to go hungry. Your focus was just on the love rejection you receive. Try to take some time for your thoughts to arose because you’re mending, but don’t be stuck in it. Move forward, and realize that she was not your everything. 

 7. You think it’s all about you

You think it’s all about you

You try to figure out what went wrong. Are the clothes that you wore on the date, or the things that you said, that made her say “No”. You think it was all about you, and the problem is you. But that is not always the case. The other person may simply be looking for something or someone else rather than you. Don’t put everything that happened on yourself.

Those are just some of the signs that you may not be handling rejection well. Try to evaluate yourself and recognize if you are noticing some signs. Of course, some feelings and signs here are normal because you don’t know what to do. Humans don’t have an in-born manual as to how to deal with rejection that’s why we need to learn sometimes. The 7 signs above also gave some tips as to how you can bounce back from the wrong way of handling rejection. You can still make a change and move forward in a healthy way. The results would be better and helpful for your whole being if you do. You may not be able to control how and why you receive rejections especially in love, but you will be able to deal with it nicely. 

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