Relationships are quite unpredictable, you will never know the relationships going to end and whether it will be successful until the end of not. Each relationship has a unique value of showing how they run their cycles and has a different way on how to deal with situations. On this day, both of you might be loving each other so much and the other day you might get shocked because of signs that your ex is miserable to have been flowing down through your online feed. Unlike the other days, You are both proud of what you have accomplished together and both of you are sailing unto your paths in the right way. 

Some couples often post pictures on social media happily like they don’t have any problems at all. Nonetheless, some couples may only seem to have a lowkey relationship wherein they do not intend to show anything and everything to the people. You won’t see them posting on social media, updating status with sweet messages, tagging one another on posts and memes and other things. 

A Break in the Relationship

On the other side, relationships than to grow strong and stable when two partners are always communicating with each other and always willing to grow into such challenges and trials that might come their way. The relationship grows stronger when partners decided to learn and accept the changes in their relationship. However, the sad part is that not every relationship is successful. Some may end even in the longest span, some end because they learn they have different beliefs and different paths to take, some end their relationships because they knew they found someone else better than the person they’re already with and as most of the people that are breaking is because of long-distance relationships.

At some point, when the break-up happens there are always two people who are in pain and who are hurt. The one who cannot fully move on and the one who is guilty beyond their conscience. There are definite signs why people end their relationship and that is usually the decision of both sides. Unhealthy relationships can no longer be addressed that’s most probably they have ended things up and decided to take a different road path.

But after breaking up with one another, there will always be a person who’s going to be miserable and a person who has fully healed and move through the process. That could be you and that you could be your ex. In life, you’ll never know when are you going to get hurt and when are you going to be fine. Just like in a relationship, you’ll never if you’re going to be the one who’s going to get hurt or not. But what are the odds if you’re the person who has definitely healed and your ex is the one who cannot move and is miserable. 

What are the possible signs that your ex is miserable right after your break-up or even months and years of a break-up? What will you eventually do to help or ease their pain? Will you go back to them and reconcile with the things that you have possibly left, considering that they might still be single and you are still available by that time? Here are some signs that your ex is miserable with their life without you.

Signs That Your Ex is Miserable

They are always online – One sign that your is miserable is that they are always online. You’ll eventually see this person posting around social media and sharing memes a lot, love quotes, broken quotes and they could possibly take a quiz like “is my ex over with me quiz” or “has he moved on quiz” or drawing your attention to some articles topics like this or signs he has moved on to someone else. People who are usually miserable find their ways through social media when can make them feel comforted and not alone. Some say that when someone has seen them sad online they actually tend to feel less sad and comforting. Of course, if you’re not unfriending your ex you will possibly that kind of updates. 

Seeking sympathy is their way to connect – Often, you’ll see them seek empathy through forming new friendships and exploring some things around with their friends. On the other way around, you may see and feel that your ex has already moved on with but actually that are just signs your ex is pretending to be over you. When you are longing for sympathy, you make yourself believe that there could be possible signs that your ex will eventually come back. Seeking sympathy is not a way to move on or to make yourself better. In some ways, it might help but is will not make you heal your wounds. When we are in pain, we are the one in-charge in dealing with our own shadow 

No directions in life – It is not only you who might be searching for answers, but your ex who might be miserable is also finding solutions too. You might be surprised knowing he or she is finding of: signs your ex regrets dumping you, signs ex is confused, signs he feels guilty for hurting you, signs she feels guilty for cheating (even if you did not) or signs he regrets rejecting you. Eventually, this kind of search portrays that he has no direction in his life. There might be some useful advice in handling rejection online but he cannot move further after your break up or after what has happened. At some point, he will realize this thing but for now, he’s or she could be busy searching that is all your fault. This happens in real life and an eventual sign that your ex is miserable. 

Always unwinding – You will always see him or her in bars, drinking with some people and partying. This might be one probable sign that your ex is miserable and that he or she cannot move on. It can also be one of the signs your ex doesn’t really want you back and thus he or she is celebrating freedom with her friends. Note also that it might be signs your ex is over you for good. You’ll never know not unless he drunk called you.

In summary 

You’ll never really know if there are signs that your ex is miserable or not. In some cases, even though you are over with one another there are instances that one of you may still show signs that you are not fully healed. Thus, signs that your ex is miserable could come to the conclusion that he or she is still in love with you.

When your ex is moving on, you can definitely see the signs not only through with his actions when you meet but the easiest way to know is through social media. Always remember, that signs of your ex are miserable is sometimes not always about not being miserable. But whether it might be the real reason behind or not, it is not so bad to ask how your ex-partner is going through. Who knows? You might be the reason for them to move forward even if as a friend. 

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