Social Media Flags and How it Affect People’s Relationships

Social Media Flags and How it Affect People’s Relationships

Social media has affected the lives of people nowadays. The effect on social media on people’s lives may be positive but most of the times negative. Social media and relationships are highly connected. The internet can give a lot of stress or complications on relationships these days, whether it is towards friendship, family or romantic relationships. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms that can affect most relationships.

With the privacy settings of these social media platforms; we can see how social media destroys relationships or how social media affects relationships negatively. For example, it’s impossible not to think whether your partner might be inappropriately liking someone’s else photos on Facebook or Instagram; whether your partner is sending messages to others. If you’re dating someone, you may think about their social media habits most of the time. However, if your partner has his/her social media accounts; posting about your relationships on social media or showing love on social media may draw people’s attention.

Social media is undeniably important to our lives but it’s a must to know the pros and cons of this area. People must take a look at how social media affects our lives. You must also remember the important social media effects on family relationships and how social media makes relationships stronger. Moreover, if you are aware of the social media red flags, you can easily determine what to avoid or continue. It’s better to be aware than to be in denial. 

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1.Inappropriate Activity. One of the flags associated with social media and relationships is when there’s an inappropriate activity happening on your partner’s social media accounts. You may feel uncomfortable if your partner is liking someone’s pictures, then it’s time to talk to him/her about it.

 Social media and cheating may also be associated with each other. For example, if you are catching flirty comments made by your partner or other unlikely behaviors; it may be considered as an inappropriate activity. Similarly, it is important to let your partner know that you feel uncomfortable about him like a picture of someone wearing something sexy or adding random girls on Facebook. You must ask him about it and be specific about what makes you feel uneasy. He may question what you are feeling but don’t let social media ruining relationships, happen. If it makes you unhappy, you also have the right to talk about it.

2. It is too private. Setting your information or your social media accounts to private is okay. However, if your partner is too private in his/her social media accounts; it may be a flag. For example, if your partner refuses to change his/her relationship status on Facebook from “Single” to “In a Relationship” with you, you must talk about it. Moreover, if your partner also refuses to post any photos of you together anywhere, it is something more serious. Social media helps relationships in a way that it can make the relationship stronger because if you are excited about someone; you want to show it to the world-first thing the Internet. If this happens, it may be a warning sign for you and you must talk about it with him/her.

3. There’s too much PDA. On the other hand, too much PDA on social media platforms may also be questionable. Social media and couples are often connected because they find it easy to show their relationship to the world through social media. Sometimes couples who post too much on their accounts are trying to overcompensate and hide their uneasiness that makes it appear the other way around. You must always remember that it’s nice to leave a little privacy towards your relationship because there are people who might find your posts or pictures annoying. Some couples enjoy posting about each other because they love their partner so much but if you are in a relationship and you know it’s not going well; and your partner is still displaying too much PDA on his/her social media accounts, talk about it.

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4. Attention-Seeking Activities. If your partner is constantly posting statuses or photos of him/her, here and there, you must take a second look not on the photo but at your relationship itself. There can be an instance that social media is harming our relationships; it can’t be avoided but it can be solved. It’s fine to have photos with your partner or post photos of yourself but if it’s too many; you may be seeking attention already. If ever you feel that your partner is posting too much on social media to receive people’s attention or doing oversharing on social media; you may feel weird about it so you must talk to him/her. Your partner should always feel fulfilled within your relationship; instead of gathering likes on his/her photos to boost his/her confidence.

5. He/she is always on. Social media can be a problem if it’s already taking your partner’s time with you. For example, your date night is becoming a lot like you’re the only one talking and your partner is looking at his/her phone a lot, losing the human communication you might want to stop it. Most of the time; people can be obsessed with this false sense of reality and lose their sight of what’s actually in front of them. If this happens, you may talk about it or shut it down.

6. There are suspicious photos. A photo can represent a thousand words. Thus, a photo posted on social media which you don’t like can say a lot more. If you are seeing your partner posting weird photos or unlikely photos on his/her social media accounts, you must talk to him about it. For example, you saw a bunch of guys doing body shots of your partner and posting it on social media; and you don’t like it, you must act on it. Moreover, if you see photos of your partner meeting up with his/her ex which makes you feel uneasy, you must open it up to him. If you aren’t happy about what you see, it’s time to confront your partner about it.

People would always yearn for connection and belonging and studies have shown that social media support positive mental health. Furthermore, additional studies also show that there are positive effects of social media on relationships. It may improve a person’s socialization skills or communication skills. However, there are always limitations because too much is also dangerous; too much social media can also harm our relationships. With the rise of social media, there are a lot of concerns appearing so we must take and use everything with moderation.

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