How to bring romance back in a relationship? Relationships are not perfect. Couples sometimes experience ups and downs throughout their months or years together. They sometimes argue or fight with each other that may come up with most decisions of ending their relationship. When you have been with the same person for a lot of years, it’s not impossible that the passion in the relationship or the excitement in the relationship will be lessened and you or your partner will feel less intimate towards each other. 

Reasons why romance is gone in a relationship

You might wonder how to bring the excitement back in a relationship or how to bring the spark back in a relationship. You might think that there’s nothing left to do to bring back the romance in your relationship. However, it’s still possible. You just have to believe and make a few changes. But first, you have to determine what caused the romance in your relationship subside. When the intimacy is gone in the relationship, reasons might be:

  • You found out about your partner’s deepest secret and you can’t handle it.
  • You or your partner might have a history of physical or mental health issue and you or your partner can’t handle its after-effects.
  • You really loved someone else but your relationship with him/her didn’t work and chose your present partner to help you move on.
  • Your partner is pulling away while you push for intimacy or your love styles just don’t match.
  • You are depressed, disappointed, frustrated or hurt at some things that affect your relationship with your partner. 

What to do when the intimacy is gone?

How to rekindle a relationship? The lost intimacy in a relationship can be revived. If your love for each other is still there and you know within yourselves that you don’t want to leave each other, you just need to know some techniques on how to bring the romance back in your relationship. Here are some tips on how to spice up your relationship with each other.

Always notice your partner

Most of the time, when we are with our partner almost every day or we are on a long-term relationship, we forget to ask our partner about simple things like how their day was or how are they feeling. Always remember to notice your partner even if you have been together for a long time already because that’s one of the best ways on how to bring romance back in your relationship. Even if there’s nothing to say, it’s important to share how was your day is to your partner or simple things like that. It’s will make your partner feel that you always care for him/her. 

Go on a retreat or travel together

Why not go to some places together when the passion fades? You and your partner can book a weekend treat to a spa so you can both relax after a tiring week. You can also go on camping together or visit a farm where you can challenge yourselves on doing something that you are not used to. Maybe, a change in your surroundings can be the solution to get the excitement back in your relationship. 

Don’t use gifts as a ticket to your relationship

It’s undeniable that girls love gifts especially flowers and chocolates. However, if you get used to giving gifts to your partner when you did something wrong as an apology, your relationship will become transactional. Also, if you made her rely on the gifts that you are giving her, you are throwing the opportunity of talking about the real issue away. Next time, give your partner your attention if you feel that you are disappointing him/her. This is one of the best ways on how to bring back the lost love in a relationship. Save those gifts for a real surprise. 

Practice physical contact

The best way to bring intimacy back in a relationship or bring romance back is through physical contact. Physical contact can make your partner feel that he/she is loved and secured. This can be done by simply holding his/her hand, playing with his/her hair or resting your head on his/her shoulder. You can also rest your hand on his/her leg and it can make your partner feel that you enjoy the company he/she brings. Physical contact doesn’t only involve sex. Don’t expect that every time you touch your partner, sex will follow. This can be done to show affection to your partner.

Take your partner on dates

You should go out often with your partner. Dates shouldn’t be done on special occasions only. Simple dates like going on movies, eating at a restaurant, walking on parks, or going on amusement parks will do. You will find the excitement back in your relationship and you can get your relationship back the way it was because you will find it easier to talk. Your dates don’t have to be expensive. It just has to somewhere both of you can have fun and have a good laugh. 

Surprise him/her

Surprising your partner can bring back the lost love in a relationship. You can plan something for your partner with or without an occasion to make him/her feel that he/she is really special. Surprise your partner with something he/she may not expect to bring the spontaneity back in your relationship

Give time for yourselves

Sometimes, one of the best ways to rekindle a relationship is to give time for yourselves. It is not bad to give some time for yourself even if you are in a relationship. You must give your partner time and space to satisfy his/her passion and hobbies or meet up and hang out with his/her friends. This will help your partner complete themselves that your relationship can’t actually satisfy. After some time, they will come back running into your arms excitedly. 

Always remember that there is no certain schedule to being romantic. Making your partner feel that he/she is loved by you by just doing simple efforts is what will keep your relationship with each other strong and romance will surely not fade. As Hurst said,  “Ask your partner what they need, what they want. Then include those little things every day to keep the romance going.”

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