Staying in Love and Falling in Love Definition

Staying in Love and Falling in Love Definition

When it comes to love, many have loosely used the word throughout the years but when it comes to staying in love and falling in love definition, there are differences that you need to know.

Falling in love and staying in love – both are joyful and thrilling parts of your life once you encounter and experience them. The only problem arises once you think of them as the same.

When you expect the addictive, infatuating haste of excitement that arises during the “falling” in love phase to last forever or if you accept that the peaceful, contented, trusting stage that occurs in long-lasting relationships will happen the minute you fall for someone, they are both notable experiences. This will not last until you completely understand how and their differences. This is where you will truly appreciate what you have and how to make it last.

Staying in love vs falling in love definition 

There are evident differences in the staying in love vs falling in love definition. Let us now take a close look at the differences between the description of falling in love and what does it mean to be in love with someone.

  • When one falls in love, everything that they do is delightful even if it is a random act such as the way he/she holds a book or sneezes. Staying in love means learning to get over the “small” things that drive you mad and still loving them.
  • Falling in love involves treasuring every new adventure being shared. When staying in love, it involves treasuring even simple moments being together. You are truly thankful that the person is sleeping safely besides you at night after a stressful day at work.
  • When you fall in love, you will do everything to make the person happy since their smile brings you so much bliss. As for staying in love, it involves making several tough and altruistic choices. The reason for this is because happiness as a team is a priority than your desires.
  • Falling in love involves discovering how you are attracted to the person, both emotionally and physically. When staying in love, it involves an appreciation of all things about the person that he/she consider as imperfections since these flaws show his/her true self.
  • When you fall in love, it involves the urge to introduce them to all your friends. Staying in love simply means you will find a way to be close to the person. The difference is it is at a stage that is distinct from any best friend you had in your life.
  • Falling in love involves enjoying the time being in a relationship where you expose the layers comprising the person and showing yourself piece by piece. As for staying in love, it involves learning how to open up the vulnerable, fragile aspects of your life to another. These are the aspects of your life that you keep buried the most. You will later realize that it only makes you both fall harder for each other.
  • When you fall in love, you wholeheartedly welcome the head-over-heels way the person makes you feel. Staying in love simply means that you deeply love a person. This love truly goes beyond including times when you find the person unappealing.
  • Falling in love involves allotting a window or gap for the special person in your life. When staying in love, both of you interweave your stories and make choices based on its effects on your relationship as a couple, instead of thinking only for yourself.
  • If you fall in love, you want to be with the person throughout the day. Staying in love involves learning how to continue individually even if you are already a part of a bigger whole.
  • Falling in love happily embraces the easy, sweet laughter that is part of a new relationship. When staying in love, both make each other laugh even during the “dark” times.
  • When you fall in love, you want to spend all of your time alone together. Staying in love involves finding out ways on how to be contented but still maintaining normal lives outside of the relationship.
  • Falling in love involves being excited for a night out together. When staying in love, you feel your best self even in pajamas and resting your head in his/her lap.
  • Falling in love means looking onward to your next hang out or date together. Staying in love involves discussing the not-so-distant future without any uncertainty in your mind that the person is still the one right next to you.

Signs you are falling in love based on science

Aside from staying in love and falling in love definition, there are several signs you’re falling in love that is based on science that you must be familiar with.

Knowing that you are in love is different for every person. Take note that some have been in love often and are familiar with the feeling while others are uncertain if it is love or just a deep infatuated feeling.

Luckily, the body has some ways of providing hints. These signs can tell whether these feelings are more than just a fleeting phase. It is time to watch out for these indicative signs if you catch yourself speculating if you are truly in love.

Staring at them

If your partner caught you staring affectionately, count it as one of the physical signs of love that you are head over heels. Eye contact is an indication that you are fixated on something. Once you find that your eyes are focused on your partner, you might be falling in love.

Based on studies, couples who lock eyes have a stronger romantic link that those who do not. It also goes the other way around – in a study where strangers lock eyes for minutes at a time, they reported having romantic feelings towards each other.

Feeling high

It is considered normal to feel out of your mind if you are falling for someone. In one experiment, it was disclosed that the brain of a person who is falling in love is similar to the brain of a person taking cocaine. Being in love makes one do things that oftentimes do not make sense.

Always thinking about the person

If you are falling for a person, you feel that you cannot get them out of your mind. The reason for this is that the brain releases phenylethylamine or the “love drug” when you fall in love. This hormone is responsible for creating the infatuated feeling with your partner.

Most of us easily recognize this feeling since phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate. This is why you cannot stop the urge to eat more after a bite.

You want them to be happy

Love is an equal partnership, but you will find that a person’s happiness is the priority when you are falling for them. In most cases, you are willing to find a way just to make your partner happy.

In case you find yourself going out of your way for your partner, it is a clear sign that you are falling in love.

Let’s wrap it up

Now that you are familiar with staying in love and falling in love definition as well as the signs of falling in love, you can easily differentiate the two feelings from one another. This way, you know whether you are just in the “falling in love” phase or the “real” thing.

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