Step-by-step Guide on How to Impress and Please Your Man in Bed

Step-by-step Guide on How to Impress and Please Your Man in Bed

Pleasing a man sexually is a form of art and could also be a form of science. Frankly, most men want to experience foreplay and the woman has to make a man happy and satisfy him in some ways. In a relationship, sex is always healthy, and it’s not a big deal. It is a form of intimacy and communication between the couples and it is essential. If the couples are doing it, so bet it. It’s just a very small percentage of their life. It should always be love and respect that must be on top.

As a woman, do you know how to please your man in bed sexually? Do you want to spice up your intimate moments to make it more exciting and passionate? If you are looking for some new guidelines and want to know more about how to improve your performance during lovemaking, then you better read this article. These guidelines will let you learn exactly how to please your man in bed step by step to the extent that he will go crazy over you and look for it all the time. 

Steps on How to Please Him 

Always remember that in a relationship, having an exciting sex life can contribute to keeping the romance burning. It will give a long term commitment of love into a steaming passion, romance, and also affection. Sex will always bond the couples together rather than traveling and going partying.

Are you always in the mood to have an intimate moment with your man? Does your man complain about needing more? Discover these new secrets in pleasing a man in bed. Let go of your old sex routine learn this step-by-step guide on how to please a man in bed.

Step 1: Tease him with your body and let him enjoy it

Rule number one; let your man worship you. Always fix yourself up and tease him with your flirty gestures. Let go of your body issues. Be confident enough and aim to feel sexy all the time, most especially when you are around your man. Always look good by your standards, because in that case, your man will appreciate what you look like. Just be naturally attractive and wear clothes that flatter your body shape because men are not all about perfect bodies. They care about how confident you are presenting yourself. 

Step 2: Learn how to talk dirty 

There are five stages for dirty-talk. These are pre-foreplay, sexy chat or video calls, sexual foreplays, lovemaking and afterglow. You can’t all do the five stages yourself. Just learn to show your desires and feelings. The best way to talk dirty with your guy is to start slow and whisper through his ears. This will leave your guy breathless. 

Step 3: Start then foreplay and prepare him for sex 

Pre-foreplay is what we might call for dating. When you date and then you come to tease and flirt with each other are ways to become intimate with each other. When you come to a point to be intimate, you should already have built the possibility of having sex. Then you as a woman must do her job to turn him on.

Step 4: It’s not just about the foreplay. You must also learn the art of kissing and touching 

Kissing doesn’t always happen during sexual intercourse. Kissing is a unique expression of love. When you are a good kisser, you slow the intimacy every second. You are building passion and sensation. You are being mindful and tolerating sexual stamina and orgasm. You do it slowly but slowly. You are not in a hurry for penetration. You explore different touches and kisses. The power of the lips is satisfying.

 Step 5: You do the oral. You must learn the act of giving and receiving

Your man will appreciate it if you perform the oral. Sex is not just about giving, but also receiving. Surely your man will do orals for you too. Oral sex is about teasing and part of foreplay. The practice is always good but learning about different touches and kissing techniques will surprise your man. They will highly appreciate if their girlfriend knows how to give him orgasm during the foreplay just like what you are doing when you are giving a head effectively. 

Step 6: Take time to learn the soft spot of yours and his

Foreplay is much easier if you remember the soft spots on your man’s body and yours. Aside from breasts, genitals, and butt, don’t forget the front and back of the neck, lips, ears, elbows, tummy, and legs. You can kiss those spots continuously to make him more aroused and hurry to put it in. 

Step 7: Surprise your man by being hornier than he is 

Being adventurous in bed is the best way to make your man keep coming back to you. Regardless of where you are doing it or even tying him up or asking to be tied up or everything. All of these experiments are best. Most men love the idea of getting to deal with a woman who is hard to control in bed. In other words, being wild in bed will not scare him, but delight him. It will turn him on or might be asking for another round.

 Step 8: Be dominant and always give the ride

The power of always being on top is another great sexual body language. Your man can see your body move on top of him. He can see that you are in the mood to spice and he can see your breasts moving in front of you. They can always grasp and play with it which is a turn on. Women’s body is the man’s weakness. Flaunt it in front of him, you’ll see he will have his best orgasm. 

Wrapping up 

Sex is not just about bumping or coming, but it is about attitude. The sensation and the romance are ways to connect on a more intimate level. Stop thinking that sex is just a habit or a necessity in a relationship, instead keep in mind that sex is a way to make your man fall in love with you. Great sex is a satisfaction to both men and women. Couples should never ignore their feelings and desires. Always remember that your partner wants you also to enjoy yourself as much as he does.

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