The Art of Intimacy: How Important is the Intimacy in a Relationship

There is no doubt that intimacy plays a significant role in keeping and building a healthy and strong relationship. It is essential to keep an emotional connection between two people in a commitment. Despite this fact, many couples are not aware of how important is intimacy in a relationship since they only knew that intimacy is all about sex. To give you a clearer perspective about this matter, here are the importance of intimacy in keeping a stronger commitment. 

What is intimacy in marriage?

Intimacy is the closeness and bonding moments that you and your loved one share with each other. Affection, attachment, and sex are words that are often associated with this word. Also, some people believe that it is a way of impressing and pleasing your partner in bed. But keep in mind that was beyond those words. Intimacy is also about your love, understanding, and confidentiality. It is also about a feeling of being ecstatic, and vulnerable. Intimacy is not a kind of thing that you can achieve overnight, and it takes a lot of time and effort.  

Here are some of the reasons why is intimacy important in a marriage and every relationship: 

· Intimacy is a great way to express your love 

How important is the intimacy in a relationship? Well, this is an excellent way to show and express your love for your special someone. During your intimate moments, you can feel the romance and thrill needed to create a strong commitment. The feeling that you will feel will help you express your feelings towards them.  When intimacy is gone in a relationship, rest assured that love is fading away slowly. 

· It is said to be a stress reliever

Restoring intimacy in marriage is essential because it can serve as your stress reliever. Intimacy is vital in keeping lower blood pressure and lower the risk of being stressed. There are different types of intimacy, and it is not only about sex. According to research, physical intimacy in marriage like holding hands and cuddling can help you reduce the stress you feel since these things can trigger the oxytocin release. This is how important is intimacy in a relationship. 

· It can help you build trust with your partner

Another addition to the details on how important is intimacy in a relationship is that it can help you build trust with your boyfriend or husband. Trust and intimacy are often associated with each other. When two people are sharing intimate moments, the release of oxytocin takes place. This hormone is essential in making people to be open with someone and build trust with them. Trust is a necessary ingredient in keeping a happy relationship. 

· There are lots of health benefits associated with intimacy 

Intimate moments in a relationship is significant because it has a lot of benefits that you can gain from it. Sex is one of the examples of intimacy in marriage that can help a man reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Some examples of physical intimacy are also a great tool to reduce the pain and headaches that you feel. Did you know that intimacy can reduce the chance of a man experiencing a heart attack? This is why physical and emotional intimacy is important in a relationship! 

· It can help you have more intimate moments outside the bedroom 

The more intimate moments you have inside the bedroom like making love with your partner, the more intimate moments you can share outside. You have a higher chance of holding each other hand, cuddle, and walking arm and arm after your intimate moments inside the bedroom. 

How important is the intimacy in a relationship? Well, it is very important. Intimacy is important in creating successful marriages. In order for us to have a stronger relationship, we need to maintain physical and emotional intimacy.  This is what every couple crave for, and it should be something that we can fulfil.  

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