The Benefits of Latex Screeding

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A popular choice for floor surfaces that require a quick and easy application, latex screeding is poured and trowelled on to a flat surface. The compound is hardwearing, flexible and durable leaving a smooth finish that’s also easy to keep clean. It’s also heat, shrink and abrasion-resistant, a great solution for repairing damage to hard floors or covering an existing flooring surface that may have become worn or damaged over time.

Latex screeding is an ideal solution for the installation of a range of final flooring solutions including carpet, vinyl, wood and tile. It helps to level the base layer of a concrete or substrate, preventing any bumps or dips from showing through the final flooring. This is particularly important when laying thin floor types such as vinyl as this can be seen and felt underfoot. It’s also vital for glue down lvt flooring as it ensures the adhesive has a good bond to the subfloor and prevents peeling.

Mastering the Art of Latex Screeding: Tips and Tricks

One of the key benefits that latex has over other screeding materials is its protein-free composition, which makes it suitable for environments that demand a high standard of hygiene and safety. It’s also a great option for locations that experience a lot of foot traffic or lightweight vehicles and trolleys such as airports, manufacturing warehouses, and train stations.

The main way that bonded screeds fail is through delamination, this occurs when the bond between the screed and substrate weakens. This can be caused by a number of factors but often it’s the result of a combination of issues, including the use of polymers or high admix levels in the screed mix.


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