Are you getting over your first love? Or are you struggling in your relationship right now or you’ve just got out in a relationship and you’re looking for a movie that essentially fits your current situation? We know how it feels and we also know the best of the best movies relation to broken relationships, break up and power struggle within heterosexual relationships.

If you’re feeling brokenhearted or depressed about your current relationship status, then grab some popcorn and find these movies on Netflix and binge watch on our best breakup movie guide:

Worry no more as we have got the top picks for the best breakup movies!

1. The break-up

A typical New-York Apartment scenario of an estranged couple becoming hostile each day.

It is one of the obvious choices you should watch after your break up! This movie is one hilarious laugh ride if you want to be happy because you’re sad about your actual reality breakup!

The break-up is a 2006 comedy-drama film starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston. The film is essentially about this couple, Brooke an art dealer and Gary a bus-tour driver who just can’t take their relationship anymore and has broken up leading to a series of hilarious and fun to watch scenes that will make you teary-eyed!

The film also essentially tells us a plot of an unloving couple who have broken up and in return have become hostile roommates because they have nowhere else to go. Although there are a lot of scenes that will make you happy, this film is also very realistic with the modern-day perspective of couples, and it can sometimes be relatable and depressing to watch.

2. Midsommar

Now let’s move on to the dark side!

Sun-drenched, all in white and flower crowns, splashed with blood.

Midsommar is a fantastic 121-minute movie of the year 2019. This movie is one of a kind, with a pagan cult dressed in all white, doing some weird pagan nordic rituals that are mind-boggling and sometimes hard to watch and not only that teaches you how to bewitch your crush by letting them eat your pubic hair. (Yikes!)

Midsommar essentially is a folk cult film about an American couple traveling to Sweden to visit a supposed to be “hippie” festival in hopes of making their falling into pieces vanilla back together and as it turns out becomes a vanilla lush cult ride.

Dani the main character of the film has been in this 4-year relationship with Christian although Christian wants to break with Dani. Although he doesn’t have the guts to do so because he terribly feels sorry for Dani’s family who just committed murder-suicide which is the main driving force of the film.

Midsommar is a spectacular film that has its bizarre, unusual and horrific moments because it is a horror-thriller movie after all but the underlying theme of this is the main character’s break up to her uninterested boyfriend. If you are a girl who had just gotten out of a relationship you will surely feel the pain and the inability of Dani (the main character) to get out of the relationship which does her no good anymore.

This film is a dark fantastic ride that you should watch, it is seriously one of the best breakup films of all time and the plot is impressively crafted. The film also proved that the director and writer Ari Aster is a force to be reckoned with in the Horror film industry.

3. Call me by your name

Classic, summer vacation in a sun-drenched place where people blossomed romance and love and peaches.

Call me by your name is a 2017 romance film who has one several major awards due to its outstanding coming of age plot and superb acting by the cast.

This film is one aesthetically pleasing film to watch that deals with the coming of age of a beautiful teenager Elio Perlman who meets and falls in love with a handsome student who is working as an intern for Elio’s father.

At first, Elio seemed to be uninterested and even annoyed by the intern’s presence but as soon as he discovers his unique sexuality he begins to be drawn to him creating a series of events that would just lead to a massive hard-hitting breakup that would stick a needle into your heart! (ouch!)
Call me by your name is an attractive and well-written film, boasting its beautiful scenery of the 80’s life in an unknown town in Italy, it is becoming a new cult film following its great classic amplification of the 80’s culture and visual aesthetics since the film is set in the year 1983, watch this film if you want to be in love all over again.

4. Under the tuscan Sun

American girl impulsively moves into a foreign country who under mysterious circumstances falls in love with the local man.

This 2003 romantic comedy film has our favorite actress Sandra Oh from Grey’s anatomy. Not only that this breakup film is one hard to miss film, but it also exemplifies the great media background of the ’00s.

This film has a great similarity to call me by your name considering that it is also filmed in Italy. Although its plot is entirely different, Under the Tuscan Sun is about a depressed Diane Lane who just recently discovered her cheating husband was encouraged by her supportive and loving best friend to travel to Italy.

The recently divorced Diane then impulsively buys an exotic, beautiful and magnificent villa in Tuscan where she finds the color of life and the beautiful sun. Amidst all the terrible things that have happened to her, she begins to be drawn closer to the handsome Italian named Marcello.

5. La la land

This romantic and at the same time depressing musical film will surely dench you into sobs and cries. These 2016 musical drama film stars are favorite Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian with noteworthy guests appearances of our favorite singer John Legend.

The story starts as our two main characters struggling to find fame in the city of Los Angeles. Sebastian is a handsome jazz pianist while Mia is an aspiring Hollywood actress. The two begin a relationship amidst their struggling goal to break out of the reality.

The film is a magnificent tour de force musical that forces out our hearts to sing and laugh and cry. This film is a touching, heartwarming, and magical film which also shows us a great deal of purple gorgeous visuals.

6. How to be single 

How to be single is a hilarious and inspiring rom-com film of 2016, it follows a young woman named Alice who wants to get out of a long-term relationship. This then leads to a number of exciting and even romantic flings that make her question her individuality and relationships in general.

This movie is a great comedic relief to all those depressing heartbreak films with the same plot and commonplace. It has a great ending that teaches us that you don’t need to be in relationships to feel the love and excitement of life and instead lets you understand the flow of relationship and that it should not be forced out considering how terribly complicated the modern dating scenario is.

This film is a great feminist rom-com film that subverts your expectations of typical rom-com drama films. Add this one into your bucket list!

7. Legally blonde

If you’re looking for a power-ploy after you have just recently got out of a relationship or worse if you have been dumped by your ridiculously unworthy boyfriend, then this movie is good for you!

Legally blonde is a 2001 film starring our favorite Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods. This funny film breaks the stereotype that blondes are all dumb and love pinky pink as it shows in the plot. Elle Woods is dumped by her ridiculously good-looking but an asshole boyfriend for being “too blonde”.

Elle at first was out of touched by reality and forces herself into Harvard, determined to have him back in her life, instead she finds herself stepping in a different outlook and pace and becomes enlightened enough to empower herself and become a strong and independent woman of herself not only that she becomes a wonderful lawyer dressed in all pink! And not only that she finds a loving man who loves who she is no matter how blonde she might be! This breakup film is no depressing! No sob story for Elle Woods!

8. Everybody loves somebody

Everybody loves somebody is a great rom-com chick flick movie of the year 2017, it is a great feel-good movie if you’re missing your ex or you want to get over to a terrible relationship.

The movie follows a financially well Clara Barron that has all of her things put together, her career, her house, her bank account, and her family, although she seems to be missing out one thing and that is, of course, her inability to get a romantic love life.

Clara was then forced to go to a wedding ceremony in Mexico where she explicitly asks her coworker to be her ” fake” boyfriend to put up a show, this then gets more troubling when her ex shows up in the event, this makes Clara’s heart in trouble. Will she go with her former boyfriend or her coworker who insists on taking their relationship to the next level?

This movie offers a refreshing dialogue, and heartwarming scenery that will make your heart melt, this movie is one charming and attractive romcom that will surely give you the feels.

9. Crazy rich asians

Crazy Rich Asians are undeniably one of the most-watched and loved 2018 films. It is a rom-com drama film that depicts a Christian grey Anastasia Steele kind of dynamic except without the explicit BDSM or raunchy scenes.

Crazy Rich Asians follow the story of an Asian girl raised in the U.S getting engaged unknowingly to a powerful and filthy rich man coming from a powerful family tycoon. Surely you will fall in love with the opulence and elegance of the characters and the places they have been and you will surely enjoy this wonderful ride!

Crazy Rich Asians will give you a number of good values and traits all Asian families values and possess, and it is not only the honey and milk genre of this film that made people madly in love but it is also a chunk of good fashion advice from filthy rich Asian fashionistas, eye-candy places and travel destinations they’ve been to! Crazy Rich Asians is a great rollercoaster film to watch and you will surely believe in the power of true love, powerful enough to get over to your crazy not so rich ex.

10. Heathers

The cool boy in all black fabrics and leather falls in love with the dark-haired princess.

This can be classified as one of the best teen movies of all time. It is classic and thrilling to watch, it is also a great breakup movie to watch, it is full of dark and sardonic humor and lots and lots of power-struggle between the character’s emotional and clique setting. 

Heathers is a 1988 dark comedy film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The story follows Veronica (Winona Ryder) who is recent recruitment of the coolest and wanted social clique her high school. She relentlessly joins because of the social status it brought her but it made her hate her friends due to their rude and mean-spirited ways especially the clique leader Heather Chandler.

She then finds herself attracted to the new transferee J.D who becomes her boyfriend. The two poisons Heather and then a series of following murders have been framed up as a suicide by the new couple. This is an act of revenge for the asshole students of their high school.

The movie will you laugh and you will realize how fickle teenage love is and how quickly a passionate romance can turn into a school-bombing breakup! (No pun intended