The Best Sexual Questions to Ask a Girl

Have you ever felt this intense feeling when you meet someone new? It’s like that every inch of you believes that this is the right person for you. Loving someone is a precious feeling, and you need to live it to the fullest.

Part of the fun of meeting someone is flirting with them, there are some ways you can fool around here, either in an attempt to level them deeper or completely fill things up to the next level


Girls love to be blessed! This will not only make her feel better but also let her know that you will fall in love with her!


Make gestures and hints to make her believe that you do like her! If it is to you, you will make it clear!

Subtle touches are to be considered

Those tiny touches are to show how grateful and loving you are to someone, don’t you ever underestimate their magic. Woman in general, love to hear how beautiful and gentle they are

Text messages

Sending sweet text messages in the morning or evening is a good way to flirt when they are not talking together or on the phone.、

Flirting is a great way to get to know someone and their boundaries, and what a better way than to ask some flirty and dirty questions!

She will totally answer your questions if she has the same feeling for you too, so don’t be too hard on her. Once you are able to tell that she is ready to play her game, you can blow those butterflies and smudge them to ask the girl.

Questions of frivolous quality

These little suggestive questions are fun and flirtatious, and they are a great way for lovers and friends to see if there may be a little warmth between the two of you.

  • How do you feel when you kiss in public?
  • Pleasure before food or food before fun?
  • Can you grab my hand
  • Can I cuddle you?
  • Snuggle?
  • Do you prefer to have a good appearance and intelligence?
  • Do you have any thoughts about me when I’m away?
  • What do you think of me with three words?
  • What if you call me a pet?
  • What do you think of our future together?
  • Do you think that you like me as I do?
  • What do you like best when we are together?
  • Did you practice?
  • What if I kiss you now?
  • Who needs to take the first step in the relationship?
  • Have you ever had a skinny drink?
  • Can we make it ou
  • Is it your fault?
  • What’s my favorite part?
  • 6 pack of wine glasses or beer?

Dirty questions:

Let’s level it up a bit. Oh, these questions to her! Try not to be surprised if you get rejected, put all the possible reactions in front of you.

  • Another game?
  • Have you ever used slavery?
  • Would you like to make it anywhere as well as on the bed?
  • Are you sure you won’t get it until you move?
  • Are you a regular sexy woman or unexpected
  • Do you like to have in other places than the bedroom?
  • What are the three places where you get out of the House?
  • Elegant or washed underwear, pink handcuffs and blindfolded?
  • Do you like chewing?
  • What is the most favorite thing in my body?
  • Have you seen me change?
  • Can I be one of them (after asking the previous question)?
  • Would you do that if I asked you to make a list of the things I would meet in my room?
  • Can you help me
  • If we were buying clothes, would you enter the tester with me?
  • How do you love me?
  • If I whisper something bad to your ears, do I freak?
  • I’m in the shower, will you join me or will you catch me when I leave?
  • Will it Flash?
  • Do you have control or would you prefer to be controlled?


Thank you for your reply. When was the separation? Here is no dirt problem! …. Then send!

  • Do not you feel solicitude?
  • Can you send me a naked picture?
  • Did you miss him
  • What would you do if I were at your house?
  • What is it that you are too nervous to tell me directly
  • Want to go somewhere later?
  • My house? Or yours?
  • Can you give me a hug?
  • What would you say if you came back to my house and were waiting for you naked
  • What do you want with you now, if we were together?
  • Want to see me shirtless?
  • Wanthange photos?
  • What are your clothes like now
  • What words describe how you feel now
  • Once you have come home, what can I do to help you relax, stress-free?
  • Ribbed or studded?
  • Especially thanks for what you can do?
  • Were you lucky later?
  • What are you going to wear for me?

Now you always want to ask the girl what the dirt is on your time to charm her. If you have an answer to your question, please enlighten me, I will be interested in you!

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