The Meanings and Effects of the Word “What If” in a Relationship

We all think that our life depends on love and relationship, but isn’t faith that complete everything? Faith in the good in somebody without pretensions. We owe it to our heartaches and those who have wronged us because it teaches us the meanings and effects of the word “What if” in a relationship. What you don’t understand is that fear and skepticism can also wreck you and rob your possibilities at knowing true love. 

Here are the meanings and effects of the word “what if” in relationships: 

What if he’s just like the last guy?

You must return to the blank canvas judgment. Don’t assume of someone before knowing them personally and looked in their eyes. No one is sure to be another person, especially between the lines. 

What if… he lies or cheats?

Keep in mind that it’s an impression of him and not you.

Time and time again, it’s another one of those facets of relations you have no control, apart from your sense of conviction about integrity, values, morals, and character. You can help this by establishing limits.

What if… he is not who he says he is?

Sadly, knowing someone is an element of the dating course that is inevitable. If you’re constantly questioning and worrying if he’s too good to be true, this contemplates on your past relationships and triggering you to distrust your capability to appreciate in character.

What if… I don’t have faith in him?

About the trust, you have two options: to forgive and give him room to be better and grow or to completely move forward. We are living in a world where people have a hard time forgiving because forgiveness or reconciliation is thought of as justifying faulty conduct. You should forgive yourself and not the deceiver. It’s about letting go of the pain and moving forward with no limitations for bad feelings.

What if… he meets someone better?

There’s a quote – “In your lover’s eyes, you’re to be the main symbol of true beauty, and all that is.”

The thing is that beauty isn’t a norm, it is special. Every woman is wonderful in their exceptional way and the eyes of somebody else.

What if… he does not want to get married?

Or the other way around. This is something you discover earlier in the connection instead of later. If he asks, great, but if not that’s also not your hint to be in a relationship because of wishful thinking. Whether he wants to marry or not has no connection with you, personally, essentially as it may be his own choice.

The determination to be in the relationship (understanding either result) must be made with the knowledge and acknowledging of his qualifications, and not to assume you or his attitude will change over.

What if… he doesn’t love me anymore?

Though it’s an ugly truth, this what we all fear when we love someone? Are there days when you fear that your partner will suddenly stop loving you? Yes, absolutely. Because, in the end, you have no power in how your spouse thinks nor can you force him to love you.

That means without saying you influence the rapport, via the eagerness to recognize and pay attention to your spouse’s desires but love is still a give and take process.

What if… I can’t move on? 

Trust yourself, because you will. When or if life throws an undesirable curveball in the relationship, moving on the feelings from the time of memories you created with someone was never meant to be easier. If it were, then the connection genuinely never meant that much to you from the beginning. And if that was the case, you would have an extremely hard time getting over and learning from the relationships as well as understanding the meanings and effects of the word “what if” in relationships.

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