The Most Heavily Commended Men in Thailand

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With the number of exceptional drama series and movies that are sweeping across the internet lately, it’s no surprise that some of these celebrities have captured hearts both domestically and internationally. With their captivating acting skills and enviable good looks, the stars from Thailand are definitely making waves in the industry. Whether it’s the charming James Jirayu from Club Friday The Series 5 or the sultry star of He She It, these actors have their loyal fans and fellow celebrities swooning over them.More info

Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree is the epitome of sexiness wrapped in talent and versatility. From his starring roles in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers to TharnType, his dedication and on-screen chemistry with his co-stars has earned him wide recognition. On the fashion front, he is an eclectic dresser with a fondness for prints and colours. He has even dipped his toes into the world of luxury, becoming a brand ambassador for Burberry.

From Heartthrobs to Heroes: Thailand’s Top Ten Most Handsome Men

Win Metawin is another rising star with a magnetic charm that tugs at the heartstrings of audiences. The sexy star of 2Gether: The Series and He She It has also made his name as a model and a talented musician. He can pull off a variety of roles, from the brooding Prikkang in Ingredients to the sweet-natured Nani in He She It.

Zee is one of the older men on this list, but he proves that aging like fine wine has its perks. The sexy actor is known for his expressive eyes and sturdy body that he’s not afraid to show off shirtless or at the gym.


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