The Most Romantic Marriages in the World

The Most Romantic Marriages in the World

Whenever the words romantic and weddings come up, the wedding scene from the movie Crazy Rich Asian would pop on my mind first hand. This famous fictional couples married in a breathtaking atmosphere, indoor Garden of Eden in an ancient chapel venue, water carpeting the aisle as the bride marches to a love song, everything was just so dreamy! You just can’t help but daydream about your own wedding someday.  Now, before you google that scene up, here are some romantic weddings from all over the world that did actually happen in real life.

Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua, Caribbean

Are you up for a boho-adventure wedding concept? Well, this is for you. They are not the top 100 famous couples but The couple Melissa Bruckman and Reid Covington easily decided to have their wedding celebration in Mill Reef, Antigua.  With 80 guests to witness them exchange vows, it was a beautiful and intimate wedding making it one of the most romantic marriages in the world. 

A weekend-long celebration filled with fun activities such as a barbeque party and wedding Olympics kept the whole event festive and super exciting. Catamaran cruise during the sunset filled the Caribbean air with romance and the all-night after-party was perfect to end each day. 

Florence, Italy

EvelynaLeferink and Nicola Protasoni were already married in a civil ceremony but wanted to celebrate it one more time, with friends this time! With 100 guests in mind, Evelyn wanted to plan out this wedding to be more spiritual where everyone would participate and feel involved. The place itself speaks for its class and simplicity at the same time. 

The ceremony was held at the beautiful grounds by the stunning Tuscan villa, and wooden bistro chairs were adorned with arrangements of baby’s breath.  The couple and their guests continued their celebration in the garden in an Italian-inspired dinner party overflowing with champagne and live jazz. Plus the overlooking Florence view was magical at night and the fireworks definitely made it to the guests’ favorite moment. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Chelsea Chau and Justin Kuok dated for 7 years before they both agreed to step up a notch to their relationship. Wedded in Hongkong with a guest list close to 700, they decided to keep the celebration on going 6 months later with 100 guests in Amanjena resort in Marrakech, in a more adventurous style this time. 

Arriving at their destination exceeded their expectations and all hard work in finding the “perfect exotic destination” paid off. The four-day epic celebration was definitely unforgettable as they had the whole place all to themselves, no outside guests. Just before the celebration even began, the Chelsea and Justin slipped away for a moment for a romantic photoshoot party at the scenic gardens filled with bougainvillea. 

After the fun-filled shoots around the various sights, they headed back to their resort to celebrate in an Oriental-themed party. After dark, thousands of candles lit up the resort garden and the music of a folkloric band ruled the room. The next day outing was in a traditional Berber camp in the Agafay Desert where they wore Moroccan jackets as the outfit. Lunch was set and eaten in a tent. The couple spent their afternoon enjoying camel rides after the celebrating and toasting over delicious Moroccan menu, Falconry exhibitions, and quad biking. 

That night guests meandered through the square in Jemaa el-Fna, enjoying the highlights and sounds of ancient Medina on their way to their romantic dinner at the resto. The main ceremony itself was held during the sunset in the resort surrounded by the grand architecture, as the bride walked down the aisle with her dad to meet the groom at the end of the aisle rained by rose petals.

The feast was officially over the next day in a poolside brunch where the couple thanked their guests for making the trip with them in Morroco a destination they will treasure forever. Truly one of the most romantic marriages in the world.

Iranian Wedding in Long Beach California: Iran

Ghazal Ghaysar and PayamDoostzadeh finally tied the knot for being together for nearly 15 years. Everything in their wedding embraced the concept of geometric shapes plus art deco, from the invitations to the decorations with the hint of emerald green as it ties for their color palette. The traditional Iranian ceremony took in a sofrehaghd (symbolic items set on a table) and palm accents. They also did and honored rituals significant to an Iranian celebration. Then later followed their heartfelt exchange of vows. 

Colorado, United States of America

Who could think a barn reception could be on the list as one of the most romantic marriages in the world? Definitely this couple thought of it way ahead. Whitney Mufson and Alexander Shashou were all for rustic, romantic and whimsical feels. They wanted to achieve an enchanted forest feel and be one with nature. The ceremony was set up by the lake, where the aisle was lined up with flowers and wild grasses. They then exchanged super personal vows both silly and sweet that it was so real and emotional. After few cocktail drinks at the lawn, everyone was led inside the barn for dinner.  Where everything was decorated enchanted forest style, with prints of Aspen and evergreen trees silhouettes and arrangements of various flowers including the floral chandelier above covering the entire ceiling. The night ended with lots of dancing and partying. 

Mykonos, Greece

Actress Krys Marshall and her significant other Ted Dolan decided to tie the knot somewhere far away which makes them in the list of the most romantic marriages in the world. Their magical wedding was held in a private yacht welcomed by the spectacular view of the Grecian city and ocean

The bride wore a simple and crisp gown that complimented the iconic Greek palette while the groom’s look was ravishing in an off-white suit and a blue shirt. They explored the nearby ruins around the ancient Mykonos castle. Their guests celebrated with them as they cheered and tossed the rice in the sound of classical Greek music in the background. 

The reception was then followed at a restaurant where everyone enjoyed eating, drinking and dancing. The restaurant was at a perfect set up with its design combines with rustic elements and a stunning ocean view. One thing that really marked their night a success was the Greek meal each one consumed heartily, as it was made with full fresh local ingredients with their signature cocktails. Overall their actual wedding celebration exceeded all their expectations. She then ended with the advice for brides-to-be to just do what feels right for you and your fiancé, even if it’s far from the initial plan.

Isn’t this all felt unreal and can only seem to be found in fairytales? Well, this is all a reality for these lovely couples. If you imagine yourself being in the most romantic marriages in the world, you can experience it. It’s more than the fancy and extravagant ceremonies, what’s important is that we will be sharing this with the love of our lives surrounded by the people we most cherish.

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