The Most Romantic Words Associated with Love and Romance

“A Many Splendored Things” is one of the words associated with love and romance. It was defined and used in Academy Award-winning songs by Paul Francis Webster and poems by William Waterway. The same expressive slogan has been used for TV soap opera.

The popular phrase “A Many Splendored Things” came from the poem of Francis Thompson in the late 19th century. He was an English poet, so he probably added “u” in the words “splendor” when he coined the word in The Hound of Heaven as he devoted his 182 lines studying Christianity and God’s quest for a lost spirit. The 182 lines, of course, would describe the idea of divine love. But the word that has endured him is not a sure description. Instead, it’s an explanation. 

In the film “Love Story” in 1970, Erich Segal applied the catchphrase “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” and at the same time in our old days of notebooks, kitschy-cool and stickers swamped the marketplace showcasing drawn profiles of a boy and a girl, and honey-sweet “Love Is” speeches.

Indeed, action speaks louder than words, however, there are times words associated with love and romance are powerful too. Romantic words of love can brighten up someone’s day, change a person’s mind or even relax the toughest of hearts. However, the right words often avoid us when needed most. It can result in doubts, confusions and worse, heartbreaks. If you’re searching for the deep words for love for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, you are in the right article. 

We know how difficult it is to find words to describe love relationships. As when heart rules, weren’t always courageous to express what we feel. Particularly, if our feelings are too high that no words can summarize them. There is a to z of love words and ideas in this blog. Sure, you can find for every situation, regardless of what point of the relationship you are in.

Finding the best words to describe love for someone

Almost all are always looking for the best phrases to define love and affection for years, decades and maybe a lifetime. Possibly, they’ve been looking since the times when barbarians began snatching cavewomen by their hairs before pulling them inside the cave as a sign of pure love synonym. It would’ve gone off well for them to begin thinking about something aside from grunts to explain those emotions they were feeling. Pulling somebody by the hair could be a difficult task, and grumbles could be misinterpreted. A cliché or two, it could save lots of effort. 

Hollywood movies, poets, websites and fairy tales, tracked centuries later discovering thousands of ways to pursue the search for the best expressions to define love. The fact that they are always discovering new words or expressions implies that it’s not that easy, the best, most perfect description hasn’t been found yet. 

What is love?

Anybody who can create a perfect answer will have learned something valuable. Perhaps, it might have more weight than other scientific discoveries that earned professionals Nobel Prizes throughout the years. This might ensue because it would affect individuals’ daily lives and interactions in a sense that could be world-changing. Then, people could have a benchmark when looking for words to describe feelings of love.

As things stand now, no words, perfect or else, that will describe love in one sentence that will appease everyone. There are no catchphrases that will give everybody a lightbulb moment and a motivation to answer, “That’s it! I know it’s love. Now, I have fallen in love, be in love and be loved.”

Parts of many languages

It’s no surprise that it’s not easy. The keyword “love” creates many kinds of language. It can be a noun for emotions, feelings, and sensations. It’s also a verb when it comes to feeling it. Also, love works as a noun transformer in “love affair,” adverb in “He stared at her affectionately” as well as an adjective in “affectionate relationship”. 

Further confusing the thought of describing a great relationship is that there are a plethora of different kinds of love. Like it isn’t already unviable to define love skill in words, we’re projected to discover more phrases, more adverbs, nouns, and other adjectives, to connect to that great idea. This will simplify into more precise groups, but perhaps even trickier to explain.

Adding to the puzzlement

Thus, the following unique romantic words, more are being tossed in: romantic, free, divine, unconditional & conditional, selfless, playful, brotherly & sisterly, endless, passionate, maternal & paternal, eternal and self. It’s meant to support if we combine these to the phrase, we learn hardest to use, and nearly impossible to refer to. It’s supposed to make the extreme more convenient by dividing it into minor classifications.

The impact has but is to create lots of mysteries and questions. Now we haven’t only once idea to define and to learn, but quite a few. Maybe once we discover the romantic words puzzle to refer to unconditional or maternal affection, we can go back to depicting romantic phrases. Then we can fully understand the amazing, passionate, scary and all-exhausting feeling that is love. Certainly, it is a “many splendoured things” but sometimes it’s a many trap thing. Expression of love in words can make you the happiest and luckiest person in the whole world, especially if you feel it as a verb of doing and feeling. Also, it can crush someone’s heart or world if a person is always being in love or, out of love.

Beautiful word for love

For people who are on the search for the best list of romantic words and deep love thoughts, below are some of the most famous that all can use:

  • wife
  • warmth
  • trust
  • tenderness
  • sweetheart
  • angel
  • amour
  • fondness
  • family
  • affection
  • adorable
  • sweet
  • sex
  • inspiration
  • infatuation
  • happiness
  • God
  • fun
  • friendship
  • forever
  • endearment
  • devotion
  • darling
  • concern
  • compassion
  • romance
  • relationship
  • passion
  • husband
  • hugs
  • companion
  • chocolate
  • caring
  • heart
  • happy
  • marriage
  • desire
  • dear
  • loyalty
  • kisses
  • kiss
  • joy
  • intimacy
  • bliss

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