The Selfish Partner Test: are You Ready for it?

Having a relationship is a serious gift that not everyone has. You are head over heels or each other, you will think that they are the ones you are going to marry, and life will be incomplete if they are not by your side. Not all relationships are felt on cloud nine. For some couples, it is the same as walking on a hanging tight rope. One of the reasons why a relationship can’t thrive and survive is if one of you is selfish and doesn’t want to compromise. Being selfish in a relationship destroys the chemistry built between two persons in love. Take a look at The Selfish Partner Test: Are You Ready For It? To see the signs that you are dealing with a selfish partner.

How Selfishness Destroys Relationships

When someone wants things so bad, a person can do things he never did before. All persons can have a selfish side, and that is normal. Being selfish at times is not a bad thing. Being selfish means you are just scared to lose the precious things you have in your hands. But if you find your partner being selfish all the time, anywhere and no matter what circumstances, then you must pay close attention to this.

Every relationship thrives on a certain balance of power. Dominance and submissiveness go along two ends. It is a perfect balance between two persons exchanging roles at a time. Inserting selfishness in a relationship can turn that bond into a downhill. If a partner notices that she is always doing the giving and her partner does all the talking and never gives back, a major problem occurs. This can be a sign of a self-centered husband, a self-centered boyfriend or even a self-centered wife. Never expect anything in return they say, but if a partner failed to provide the needs of his partner, she will surely find another who will be able to give her what she needs.

This is how selfishness destroys relationships.

Symptoms of Selfish Personality: Take the Test!

Selfishness is more on self-gratification. Being selfish means someone is taking care of their needs and wants more than they view the needs and want of other people around them. There are things that should be considered to find out if your partner is selfish and you can finally say that “my boyfriend is inconsiderate and selfish.”

Does your partner never apologize?

You two are having the most heated conversation you had ever have. You, as the gentler one, understand that your partner was just busy and don’t have time to discuss fully the things that he forgot and things that he must have done. You are the one who apologizes even when it is not your fault. You forget about what you want and settle on the things that they wanted to do.

This could be detrimental to the relationship. Even when you say that it is okay, there are these little grudges forming in your heart and can be a painful lump in your chest when several times past.

Is your opinion important to your partner as they are to you?

Does your partner believe in your perceptions of life? Or does he value his opinions more than he values you? Well, that is a sign of narcissism. He thinks that his opinion is more valuable and is more important in building your relationship. This is a good sign that you are dealing with a selfish lover. 

Does your partner take full responsibility for his doings?

At times partners will do things without the permission of their lover. This is an important and emergency situated setting. But when things go wrong, does your partner take the blame on his mistakes? Or do they point fingers at you for not responding to their query in the first place? If your partner loves you more than anything in this world, he will do everything in his power just to set things straight in your relationship. And that means, having some balls to stand on his own.

Do you feel like your partner is changing you just to suit their standards?

Can you feel the pressure on his words when he dictates what things, what hobbies, what career you should take and do? You are the one who understands him and thought that maybe, he is doing this or your own good. While in fact, he is only doing this to satisfy his dreams and his ego. You begin to question everything in your head, is it love or control? This is not healthy. This is a self-centered marriage or relationship.

Do you feel like you are in a competition in your relationship?

A little competition in a relationship is healthy. This can be the avenue to improve yourself as a person to increase your stability for your partner, for your relationship. It begins to become a selfish love if he constantly underestimates your capability and skills and points out that he is much better at you at things. He tends to take all the credit for all the relationship milestones you two have shared. He acts as a hero, only that, he did not do anything at all. When from the beginning, he just dictates everything he wants the relationship to be. Maybe, he is not the one after all.

The Selfish Partner Test: Pass or Fail?

Every relationship must be an outlet for partners in love. Your partner must be the one who you can rely on when you are in doubt, anxious or feeling lonely. They are your strength, guide, and love. In a relationship, a partner must always learn to compromise. To be able to do that, one must be flexible to handle things that may not be in his or her favor. Learning to accept that you are both flawed and handling it maturely is one of the best ways to show how much you value your partner in your life. 

If you pass this test, then do your move. It is not too late. If you truly love your partner, you will do everything in your power to make them stay and for the relationship to thrive and prosper.

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