The Suprising Real Reasons Why Dont Guys Text Back

The Suprising Real Reasons Why Dont Guys Text Back

In this mad world when a relationship can start or blossom by simply swiping right instead of left and can just end with a quick press of the send button, we have seen an alarming thing: why guys don’t text back the way they used to. It’s the modern version of “why don’t guys text back right away?” Since we are no longer in the era where people sit by the phone for hours, calling and texting is the most preferred way of people today, for better or worse.  

He doesn’t respond to my texts

The following are the reasons for some men of why guys don’t text back for days. Their replies were honest, heartbreaking, funny, reassuring as well as unsure. Here’s what they stated, enjoy reading!

“If a guy doesn’t text you for a week, they are scared to express their true feelings. Nobody wants to get hurt, so we take responsibility for being a coward, which, in the end, hurt the other person. It’s better to disregard them than to say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry I’m not into you.’” – Matt, 27.

“I have not replied to her text because I don’t feel like talking to her. Sometimes I foresee that if I reply to her then there will be hundreds of follow up texts and I don’t like getting myself into it. If I identify it’s one and done text, then for sure I will reply, but if I know it will be a long series of text and conversation of nonsense, then it’s not worthy of my time. However, women do the same. We are like “why won’t she message me back” and it’s likewise as disappointing.” – Bradley, 25.

“Sometimes when a guy doesn’t text back for days, we want the girl to like us more. It’s about the ‘be less available’ technique. We like to pull this thing when the woman is being friend-zoned, so as we consider ourselves as jerks, we don’t text them back. – Robin, 28.

There are three reasons “why do guys delay texting back” one is, people don’t like giving bad news, two – texting back means that you’re accepting the recipient, which obliges consider her, which might give you the feeling of a bad person and three, it’s a cue of the time being spent on the date, meeting, interview, etc. It’s an appalling trend that even nice people fall in the trap, and it applies to everything. I like to think that women do it as much as men do as well. – Jay, 39.

“We are hooked to playing our favorite video game and we don’t check our phones every minute and by the time we use our phones, it’s too late, so prefer sleeping and say will reply tomorrow but we completely forget it and I think this is the reason girls say, “he never answers my texts”. – Aryan, 25.

“I don’t agree with you. Based on my experience, it has been the complete opposite. I realize that lots of women are the ones who fail to keep communication. My guess is maybe Austin dating and LA dating are dissimilar which makes you think that what’s happening in the relationship. – Joah, 31.

“Why do guys delay texting back” is because many things can be misinterpreted in the text. Yes, think about it. We don’t text all day long as women do. We are not used to conveying ourselves to anybody. And so, we take careful warning to reply. Texting should be for hellos and plan-making only. Flirting should be done personally. Also, if you choose to text all the time, you disregard yourself for nonverbal interaction and show a lack of commitment and dedication.” – Clarke, 25.

“[He hasn’t texted back in 24 hours]” because she texts too much and it’s annoying to report to her all the time. – Heath, 45.

There are three messages that we trigger us to become “he said he forgot to text back” 1. A question with no sense. For example, ‘What are you going to do next Tuesday?’ The context of the text is like you’re going to help them move. 2. Guilt Texts – “Hey, I know you have been busy to hang around and you missed my birthday, so when are you going to hang out?” So, there’s no way to start the convo but “I’m sorry’ and men are horrendous at that. 3. Just a wink emoticon and nothing else. We are annoyed by this kind of text. – Jack, 40.

“He doesn’t call or text for days because we send our text with less emotion than women. They like to explain everything for the clever shadings of connotation and intention. We are just looking for food and/or sex.” – Jesse, 29.

“We are sometimes anxious and actually into you, but we like “guy read my message but didn’t respond” because we want everything to become perfect. I have put off replying to someone that I liked for the silliest reason ever. A zit, gas, nerves, I cut myself shaving and I don’t want her to think that I’m clumsy, or because she wants to order food and I’m nervous to admit that I already ate half of the box of Jack In The Box. I have had many times where I don’t get that my partner was waiting for my reply to a text like an hour ago because I decided to play basketball or watch television and time passed. – Tony, 32.

“For me, I always reply when I’m not busy. It is when I’m not preoccupied with something that the girl would wonder why “he ignored my text for the first time.” Boone, 24.

“I texted back immediately if it’s my friend”. But if it’s someone I just knew or I’m dating I usually hang around 15 minutes between receiving, reading and answering the message. In my experience, I answer immediately when I read the text, they lose interest because for them I was like needy or something. And since I learned to restrain myself and used the “why don’t guys text back“ technique. I always stall for a few minutes before texting back, the interest of the other person wasn’t lost as easily anymore. Today, I’m in a relationship with someone I do reply immediately I receive a text. – Marck, 28

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