The Temperament Types and Marriage: How Can You Deal With It?

The Temperament Types and Marriage: How Can You Deal With It?

What is temperament? Temperament is the disposition of a person or character. It is a person’s nature and it permanently affects their behavior. Temperaments and relationships go together as well as temperament and marriage. There are actually four types of temperaments. Every day, many people go on sites to answer a temperament test to know where temperamental class they belong. These temperaments are the Choleric temperament, Phlegmatic temperament, Sanguine temperament, and Melancholic temperament. You can also read a lot of books and articles to understand your temperament.   

Temperament types and marriage are often an issue because most married couples don’t understand these types. Temperament types and marriage can be better if the couples are aware of themselves and their partner’s personalities. 

Temperamental types and marriage

A choleric wife

The Choleric temperament of a wife can be quick, determined and decisive. Throughout the marriage, the husband is the one who does the leadership and he wants you to put him off. If you have this kind of personality, you must remember that you must not make decisions without consulting him or asking him because if you do, he might feel that you don’t need any of his opinions. It may also make him look unimportant and you are undermining his authority. 

A choleric husband

For a Choleric husband, you are a great achiever. You also tend to do commendable projects but your expertise to your certain career may not necessarily make you an expert when it comes to your married life. If you want to deal with this personality yourself, you must be willing to learn the principles of living and must know how to relate with your wife. 

A Sanguine wife

Now, we will go to the sanguine personality’s strengths and weaknesses. Being a Sanguine wife, you have an unusual temperament. You are fun to be with, you have bright eyes, jolly and you are amazing. You simply love to join people and love them. You love to be around a lot of people and that’s what makes you one of a kind. However, you have to learn how to balance things in your marriage with your husband so your relationship will be joyful. 

A sanguine husband

If you are a Sanguine husband, you also love people and you enjoy their company. You are really fun-loving and you are a delight to be with. However, you must remember that your wife is not just one of your friends. She is the person you are going to be with for the rest of your life and she is special. She must not compete with others for affection. 

A phlegmatic wife

For your phlegmatic personality, you are easy-going and you will do your best to be supportive of your husband as long as you can. You find compliance with your husband easier and you are ready to allow your husband to do his own way and you don’t mind putting his needs above yours. 

A phlegmatic husband

Being a Phlegmatic husband, you are easy-going and you would do anything in order to have peace. You can easily adapt to many situations and you are not a complainer. You do not mind to deny yourself of things you would rather have if that will bring you repose. 

A melancholic wife

You are introverted, easy-going, very careful, and sometimes fearful. You tend to reflect on your thoughts deeply before acting on it. You are also intelligent and creative. However, you are also sensitive, caring and can be hurt easily. 

A melancholic husband

You are intelligent, reserved, thoughtful, and patient which makes you peaceful and quiet. You like a quiet environment more and you don’t always want people intruding your world. 
With this temperament types and marriage, we hope that it helped you understand your partner more for a healthier marriage and relationship. If you want to know your dominant temperament, you can take several temperament tests and compare each result. This will help you come up with a way to communicate well with your partner. Do not always settle for less in your marriage. Work with each other to make your relationship work smoothly.  

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