Things You Should Do When Dating An Emotionally Damaged Man

Even though you may think so, not every person is the same. Everybody can be dramatic as much as they want to, especially when a man got his heartbroken. In some way, we’re all troubled. Nobody is fine on this planet. We all have skeletons in the closet, dirty laundry to air out, and every day we bear luggage with us. That’s part of life. That’s what happens when you get older and the world still continues to hit on you. But for men, what does it mean to be broken inside? Can a guarded man fall in love again? Well, we may not know the reason why until we fully get to know them and gain their trust and as we all know, It is not an easy task to love someone who is depressed or broken. It takes time and effort to help them heal completely. You know that there are problems you’re not going to be able to fix for him, no matter how hard you try; just because you’re not the one who caused it pain.

If you were in a relationship with an emotionally broken man who left you and said that he couldn’t love anyone, how can you repair things and make him feel safe enough to fall in love again?

Be honest with him. 

A man likes to date a girl who never puts a mask to hide her true identity. He wants to be comfortable enough to rant about what happened to his day. He might at least want to share with you the details about his co-worker who he had a small fight with, or a client who he had an argument with. All these tiny little things can help him release all the negativity he is battling inside. To gain his trust, you must also be honest with him by telling how exactly you feel about him. Also when a broken man falls in love, he needs more time and energy to be able to evaluate again if your intention is clean and that you’re not going to hurt him anymore, and when you are inside of his heart, he makes sure that he won’t forget about you easily.  

Be patient.

Helping a broken man takes a lot of patience, love, and support. They need a lot of reassurance from you when he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be taken care of. When insecurity gets in their way, they tend to be laid back and not talk to you for a while because he already assumed that everything will not fall into place. This scenario usually happens when a guy has been hurt before. So, take good care of their fragile heart because what they really want is someone who can embrace their imperfections and can support them without any limitations.

Do not ask a lot of questions.

When a man has a broken heart, he is sometimes in denial about his feelings because he doesn’t want to be teased about being weak or being too in love with a woman. He doesn’t want to have this kind of impression to others so as much as possible, they avoid answering too many questions about his recent break-up and the reason why he got hurt in his last relationship. So to respect his privacy, do not ask a lot of questions. Eventually, when he feels comfortable with you, you wouldn’t have to ask anymore because he will be the first one to share it with you. But the question is, when can a broken man love again?

Understand that you cannot fix him right away.

If a man wants to change, he will definitely do it. Not because he needed it, but because he wants to prove to you that he is the right man for you. But if you bumped into a man that is not yet ready to pull himself together, then don’t force him. It’s not your job to fix a broken man. And when things are getting out of hand, just leave him alone for a while until you managed to influence his decision. He probably wouldn’t change when you pressure him. When he sees that you always want to talk about his past relationships, then there’s a possibility he might be going to leave you.

Embrace his problems, too.

Loving an emotionally damaged man can be exhausting sometimes. You have to be really cautious about how they feel because most of them suffer from mood swings and tend to be very sensitive just like other women. Yes, it is part of their healing too especially to a man who is unable to love again. But showing him that you can be their go-to buddy when everything in his way gets complicated is something they will highly appreciate. Show him that you are capable to listen to any problems he encounters and you must do the same too. Sharing thoughts and feelings with each other is a good tool to build a foundation in your relationship.  

Appreciate him a lot.

Note that every day he deals with these demons; most days he won’t recognize his own accomplishments so having a partner like you, will encourage him to do great in everything he does because simply, he can. There are times when your bipolar man is in a bad mood and tries to pick a fight with you when in fact, everything is going smoothly between the two of you. But just set it aside; step back and give him the space that he needs, and let him relax. There’s so much that you can do to help. Let the man set the pace. 

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things when dating a broken man is not to be pushy. So how to win an emotionally unavailable man? A woman who is on his side must try to understand him a lot because It is not easy to fight with those demons living inside of him. He wants to feel things just like normal people do but ends up feeling empty. He wants to open up with everyone he comes in contact with but his fragile heart is more important for him. He learned that it is okay to only allow those people who are concerned about his feelings rather than having a large circle of friends. So take these steps above to help heal a damaged man.

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