Have you at any point pondered which nation has the most attractive men? That is to say, it’s every one of the an issue of inclination and individual taste, yet we believe it’s amusing to theorize. On account of Hollywood we’re very acquainted with the most attractive American men.

They’re everywhere throughout the media and it makes this feeling American men are the most sizzling ones.

In any case, we should not overlook that America is a nation of settlers, so chances are each one of those acclaimed on-screen characters and models and artists have roots everywhere throughout the world.

So we figured it is intriguing to discuss 13 countries with the most attractive men.

1. South Korea

South Korea has the prettiest men out there, if its all the same to you us saying as much. Truly, “lovely” isn’t a word that is regularly utilized when portraying men, yet South Korean folks are so immaculate and attractive, and enchanting and charming and simply beautiful. It’s only a word, you know, get over it.

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