Top 3 Reasons Why Adopting a Cat Can be Good for Your Marriage

Top 3 Reasons why Adopting a Cat Can be Good for Your Marriage

Cats are cute not until they scratch you and unleash the beast in them. Cats are known to be human’s feline friend. They are cute depending on their size and attitude. They are closely related to the King and Queen of the Jungle. The Lion and a Tiger. Well, have you seen these animals played? They look like a small cutie cat rolling over and wanting to cuddle them right at the bottom of their cheeks. Actually to some people cats are the perfect pet. You don’t have to give them too much attention, they don’t really like that all. They just want to spend some time on their own and their territory (which was yours beforehand) and some piles of boxes and a small box. 

Cats are known to be capable of cleaning their own body, intelligent, elegant, sometimes weird, occasionally brat, but sometimes calming and can be your companion for the rest of your life. While others prospect cat as an independent and cool pet. They are cool when you hear them snoring and sleep. You might want their tongues to pull out and took a photo from it. (Just kidding, don’t do that. Cats are nice).

Over the course, cats have been beloved by so many people not only as family pets but as husbands and wife’s pet. Actually, in real life, even couples who are just living together get a cat pet as the same amount every people are getting a pet dog. Cats are nice and they can be your friends, that’s why some married couples prefer to have cats rather than dogs. But in all seriousness, why adopting a cat can be good for your marriage? Or you might wonder what it will just cause some marriage problems? Some of you might be afraid because the cat might ruin the marriage or worries than when a pet comes in between partners, or your boyfriend is allergic to cats, or eventually, your partners want a cat but you don’t? So here’s the deal, we’ve got some reasons why adopting a cat can be good for your relationship. Ready? You bet! Because you might just rush to the pet store and get one after this!

1. They can make you happy

You can’t possibly see this thing but they do make you happy. Some people ought to say that cats are causing relationship problems, or is making relationship choose in between. Whether they will break up over a cat, or something like a relationship has ended because of cat or worse you can divorce over a cat. That may be silly things but it happens in real life, and sometimes it is unusual. Unusual in a sense of cats can make people and partners happy. As we all know, the cat’s presence is too dominant and doesn’t even care about their owners. If they will scratch you, they will scratch you with no reason at all. 

When you have a kitty and sees it playing all the while through that ball of yarn, you will find yourself filming and grinning all the time. You might upload it on Facebook stories or Instagram stories. With this cat at home, you will always feel entertained and feel loved by their cute little moves that can make your day. With the simple objects you and your partner have at home, your kitty can bond with you and make you happy in the most little way. If you want a pet, you should get a kitten first and wait for it to grow over time. Sure, it will be clingy and so close to you!

2. Cats can remove stress

In partnerships and relationships, there will always be fighting about cheating in a long-distance relationship and shouting and yelling with one another. One reason and a possible way to avoid arguing in a relationship are to get a cat. Cats help and ease stress to both partners and even individuals. In all fairness, did you know that when you are petting a cat, you’re blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones drop? That’s amazing. The cats purr is also a sign that they are comfortable with you.

If your boyfriend hates cats or your husband hates cats. This is the best time for you to get one, who knows you can change his mind afterward? He might not like pets in his house but one of these days he will be the one who’s going to love that for the rest of his life.

3. You can be sociable if you have a feline friend

Surprising isn’t it? Get the thought out of she loves her cats more than me or your wife has too many pets already. Start by trying and just diving in to being parents of a cat. For sure, your wife will do anything to convince you to get a cat. She’ll send you some too many pet memes and mock you over messenger if that’s what she needs. But according to a study, couples who own pets are usually more sociable than those who haven’t owned one. They connect deeper romance with their owners and the people who surround them. You may not see it, but your feline friend loves you and protects you at all costs.

Did you know that when we pet our cats, our brain releases oxytocin hormones when kissing and touching something or someone that we like? Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone which incorporates feelings empathy, trust, tenderness, and generosity. It is also responsible for controlling your stress hormones which lower blood and heart rate. So maybe that’s one of the reasons of “awww” emotion when you suddenly pet your cat. Well, that could be one good reason why adopting a cat can be good for your marriage you can avoid stress and be loved by your feline cat! Plus entering into a marriage could with a pet be a great thing!

Feline conclusion

Getting a cat and adopting a cat can be good for your marriage, it can support not only you but your partner as well. You might be having some problems and encountering trouble in your relationship (might be a toxic relationship one though) or having some toxic relationships with your family simply because when one spouse wants a dog and the other doesn’t or someone is choosing a pet over a partner. That might be a big problem, but cats are just like us humans that want to be loved too. If you’re still not trying to adopt, you should try first and identify if it is the right pet for the both of you. In the end, it is still up with you two if the feline friend will help you grow together. But for sure, it will. Pets are lovable and they need companions too. 

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