ToP 5 Things do when a Guarded Person Loves you

Guarded people are the people who restrained and careful enough about their love relationships. They do not easily fall in love with words or any drama a girl or boy might bring into their lives. They are much more concerned about what does a person does or how a person acts. Guarded people often lack trust. They’ve been hurt many times and have been betrayed. They are the people who usually give everything out and surrender anything to their loved one until nothing is left to them. 

Guarded people at times, don’t want to mingle and socialize. When they are at the party, most probably, they are the last people you could talk to. Their trust cannot be earned easily. Yes, in a straightforward manner they are hard to reach out to. It is not that it is their real characteristics. But it is more of the happenings that lie behind the truth. The truth that someone hurt them, someone abused their feelings and someone took them for granted. 

It is not a good feeling after all. Being a guarded person is hard. You don’t know who you’re going to trust after all the heartaches and miseries you’ve been into. It’s a natural and common way to understand people like this. As much as they wanted to express themselves, others cannot simply voice out while others can. Still, these kinds of people have different characteristics. Like the others as well, we have distinct approaches in our lives. 

But there will come to a point in life where we meet people in an instance and fell in love with them. Not in their physical aspects, but more on who they are inside. Of course, there’s no assurance with whom you’re gonna fell in love with. Admittedly, we just fall in love the way things are supposed to be, right? If you’re serious in finding love, you do not look in their bodies, their height, their hair or whatever physical it is. You look straight right into their eyes and deep within their hearts. So, what if a person suddenly loves you but he is a guarded one? Would you take any chances and would you even care to understand? What if you love him or her back? What would do? We’re giving you reasons and things to do when a guarded person loves you. 

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  • Appreciate the things they do – Appreciate them in the best way you can be. Let them share any experience with you whether it is positive or negative. Learn how to value them by appreciating the simple things they do and how they love you. Being loved by a person who is guarded doesn’t necessarily mean that you should love them back. They’ve been hurt. Not only once but a lot of times. They’ve been betrayed and they’ve been taken for granted. Always know that time heals wounds. It is not easy for them to stand up and be the best version of themselves again. Like everyone else, they need someone whom they can trust and someone who can appreciate them for being themselves. 
  • Be with them – when a person got hurt, that person needs a fresh start. A fresh start from everything and every person she or he may have encountered. As we know, guarded people don’t trust that much. If they don’t like you, they won’t show any affection right straight into you. They won’t even bother talking to you or opening up topics further. But when you knew that a guarded person loves you, don’t be afraid to hold back and be with them. Maybe you’ll be the one who will unlock their guarded hearts. Sometimes, we need to be with the right person for us to feel safe and secure. If you know deep within yourself that you also like that person. There’s no harm in trying, we all got hurt in our ways and so do they. 
  •  Be sensitive enough – Guarded persons won’t show you if they need help. They won’t like to see them vulnerable and dependent on other people. Although the truth is, they need you a lot. That’s the real deal when you got hurt big time. You’re too afraid to ask for help because you think you’re getting too much of their time and attention. Guarded people don’t like that. If they think they can make a way, probably they’ll do it all by themselves. Being sensitive won’t cost us harm. If both of you have a connection within yourselves, for sure you’ll be sensitive and careful enough on what you’re going to say and to act when you are with them. It doesn’t have to be obvious, you just have to be mindful.
  • Don’t rush things – We all know that rushing things is not a healthy option. When we tend to rush things without thinking about the possibilities, we always fail. When you think a guarded person loves you and you feel the same way. Don’t rush things out for them. Remember, they’ve been rejected many times. In an instance, when people fall in love and feel the same mutual commitment and understanding, affection happens. This affection is not effective when you’re in love with a guarded person. Even though she or he might be the one falling deeply in love you, they don’t give in that easy as what you think. They don’t like the idea that you know them too much. Being in love with a guarded person is like a loving person full of mysteries. So they hope that gives them a lot of patience, understanding, and space for the matters they’ve been into. 
  • Love them at their worse – Don’t push guarded person too hard. They can love you when they are ready. They will open up when they’ll feel comfortable and secured enough for you. You just have to believe them too as you believe in yourself that everything might work out well. Love them at their worse, ‘cause nobody else will. The first time they felt something for you, it only means that you are trustworthy enough for them to jump in again into that kind of challenge in life. 

With this, the decision lies upon your hands. If you think that you really can love them after all their circumstances and trials, you better follow all these simple rules and guidelines. At some point in our lives, we became a guarded person too. Aren’t we? Well maybe, the only difference would be we have found that right person for us. 

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