Unmatched –Worst- Zodiac- Sign- to Marry

Unmatched –Worst- Zodiac- Sign- to Marry

The best and healthy kinds of marriages are those which are composed of matched and compatible people. Those are the couples who are said to be compatible with their interests, beliefs, skills, perspective and even zodiac signs. With that being said, it is essential if we know what is the worst zodiac sign to marry based on our own zodiac sign. 

  • Aries 

Since you are independent and passionate, the worst male zodiac sign for you is Taurus. As an Aries type of person, you are passionate and in love with the thought of chasing a relationship while Taurus is a total opposite. Taurus wants to have an assurance in where they stand in your commitment. 

  • Taurus 

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, the worst zodiac sign to marry is a Sagittarius. Taurus is known for being loyal, determined and honest. They are always aiming for a happy and practical life. Since you are in love with the thought of being at peace, Taurus and Sagittarius become the zodiac pairs that make the worst couples. Sagittarius is your opposite. They are aiming for a playful mind game rather than being at peace in a relationship. 

  • Gemini  

Capricorn is the hardest zodiac sign to date and to marry for you. Gemini is known for having a loyal and fun-loving attitude. They are also aiming for an exciting life which makes Capricorn as their worst zodiac sign to marry because they can’t give the Gemini the excitement that they want. Capricorns are also said to be a too honest type of person which can make the Gemini more upset sometimes. 

  • Cancer 

Aquarius is not the best husband material zodiac for you. Since people with Cancer zodiac signs are renowned for being too emotional and helpful, Aquarius is the worst zodiac sign to marry for them. As a total opposite of Cancer, Aquarians are very independent, which can make the Cancerians feel that they are not valued, loved, and they don’t matter to Aquarians. Cancerians are always aiming for a feeling of being loved. The quality of being overprotective, clingy and too sweet is what it makes the Aquarius feel that they are belittled. 

  • Leo 

Who makes the best husbands for Leo? That is definitely not a Scorpio. Leos are very famous for being too charming, very confident, mentally strong, but they hate the feeling of being misjudged. Scorpio, on the other hand, is said to be stubborn and mentally strong. They are said to be fun to socialize with, but they are not the type of person who is always giving compliments to other people which makes them the worst zodiac sign to marry for Leos. Leos are always craving for compliments. Since Leos are also renowned for being flirty while Scorpios are too jealous, they have a lower chance to be one of the most successful zodiac marriages. 

  • Virgo

For Virgo, Sagittarius is not the best zodiac sign to marry. Sagittarius is said to be into chasing a relationship while you are the total opposite, you hate this idea. Virgo will see them as a carefree type of person to the point that they can affect other people who can change the relationship that Virgo and Sagittarius have. 

  • Libra 

Virgo is not Libra’s best match for marriage. Since you are known for being friendly and quirky, you might feel that you are trapped when you are committed to a Virgo man. You always want someone who is always ready for your crazy side, and it is not a Virgo’s nature

  • Scorpio 

Aries is not the best zodiac sign to date and to marry for you. Aries are aiming to do things on their way, which is not okay for you. You also want someone who can open up and share their innermost feelings and Aries is not that kind of person. It is okay that the two of you will remain friends or business partners, but you are not advisable to become a couple. 

  • Sagittarius

If you are a Sagittarius girl who is looking for a husband to be, Taurus is not the best male zodiac sign to marry for you. Taurus is not as spontaneous as what you are. They are very calm and practical while you are a bit of carefree sometimes. When it comes to making decisions, they don’t want to go for drastic changes while you are very into it. 

  •  Capricorn 

Gemini is the worst zodiac sign to marry for them. Unlike you, they are very hard to change, which can you feel upset and think that they are too stubborn. 

  •  Aquarius

Cancer is not the best match for them because they are said to be too emotional for you. Because you are too independent, they can feel that you neglected them and you don’t value them. 

  • Pisces 

Virgo is not your perfect match. Since you are known for being romantic and sensitive, Virgo is a bit opposite because they are too critical. 

Successful and most romantic marriages require a lot of effort and love. Zodiac signs compatibility can also contribute to a happy married life. This guide of the worst zodiac sign to marry according to your own zodiac sign can be your basis in choosing the right one for you. But you also have to take note that this is just a guide, you don’t need to question yourself if you should break up with him if he is not compatible with your zodiac signs. The decision will be up to you. 

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